No More Guesswork? How I Find The Right Plays

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on May 4, 2023
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Do you find it a struggle to find the right symbols to trade?

Your trade selection could be the make or break factor between achieving consistent profits and feeling like giving up.

But there’s good news.

You are in control of the trades you take…no one else is pushing the buttons for you.

That means you can make changes instantly.

I’ll show you how I traded two of the biggest movers this week…(despite a big market sell-off, the banks melting down, and traders reacting to the FOMC)

Using a simple tool that’s essential to my success.

If you’re constantly finding yourself in the wrong trades…then this one’s for you.


Narrowing Down Thousands Of Stocks To Just A Handful

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There are over 3,000 stocks listed on the Nasdaq, 2,800 listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and more than 11,000 securities traded on the OTC Markets…

But you can probably eliminate 99.9% of them on any given day.

You see, if you’re trying to make short term gains from trading, then you need stocks that are moving and have liquidity.

Typically that requires the stock some sort of catalyst.

The catalyst could be:

  • Company news related
  • A competitor in its niche could have news that pushes the sector up
  • A rumor
  • Stock promoters touting
  • Chat room pump
  • Government or legal news related to the stock’s sector
  • Analyst coverage/Activist Investor Note

To name a few…

The fact I traded VLPM and SVRE was not a coincidence.

Trading The Hottest Tickers

trading patterns types
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On Wednesday there were rumors circulating about that the company reached a settlement agreement with regarding their case.

Recently, we saw NLST take off following its favorable court case regarding its patent lawsuit with Samsung.

Anytime you can connect yourself with a big company, it legitimizes your company in a way.

Source: StocksToTrade

I didn’t buy off the initial headline spike…

That means I had to wait for a potential dip buy opportunity if there was a panic sell-off.

I bought in at around $0.0625 …but it didn’t do much while I was in so I bailed at $0.063.

About an hour later it looked like the stock was holding a bid so I tried again, this time at $0.0677…however, the stock was just too choppy for me and I got impatient. I exited at $0.0695 for a modest gain.

If I was more patient I would have seen it go to $0.08+ but I prefer to trade cleaner price action.

On Thursday I found myself in the ticker SVRE.

Source: StocksToTrade

This stock was up more than 80% in the pre-market, and eventually was up 120% at one time.

The catalyst?

Here’s the headline that move the stock:

SaverOne Concludes Successful Pilot Demonstration with Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Center.

I decided to dip buy it after it spiked to $2.60…

I got in at around $1.96 and flipped out of it at $2.09 for a quick 6.6% gain.

My goal was to get 5-10% out of it…and I did that.

If it wasn’t so choppy I would have tried to ride it higher…but this one faded…and I’m glad I took profits when I did.

The Best Tool For Finding The Action

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Everyone knows I have a crazy schedule. And I trade off a laptop. I don’t have 4 screens with indicators flashing all over the place.

However, there’s one tool you’ll always find taking up real estate on my laptop.

And that’s StocksToTrade Breaking News. 

If you have aspirations of being a successful day trader then you need something that keeps you informed on all the market moving news.

Earlier this week the Breaking News Team spotted this gem in GDC:

And who could forget this monster they called out a few weeks ago in the ticker symbol CXAI.

I’m so confused why people trade without it. 

If you’re serious about finding opportunities throughout the day…

Then you NEED something like Breaking News to help you.

My best advice is to follow how news impacts stocks. After some time, you’ll start to pick up on themes and trends.

If you want to give Breaking News a shot…click this link to get started. 


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