How I Find The Hottest Plays

By Updated on May 16, 2023

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Finding the right stocks to trade doesn’t have to be hard.

Take, for instance, the recent surging ticker, WKEY, that delivered almost 40% gains in just a few minutes.

The best part?

I just needed two things to take advantage of the trade.

And today, I’ll share what they are and how you can prepare yourself next time when the setup is there.

If you’re struggling to find good trading opportunities while trying to grow a small account, then this strategy has the potential to be a game changer.


Has This Ever Happened To You?

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Have you ever bought a stock, and right after your buy order, you can see the stock up substantially?

It’s an awesome feeling…and one I experienced on Monday after I traded the ticker symbol WKEY.

I got in at $2.60, and within a few minutes, it was trading above $4!

So what could cause a stock to have such a massive jump in such a short period?


In fact, it was a tweet that set WiseKey off…

This is what I call “Legitimizer News.”

The tweet above shows Elon Musk with the CEO of WKEY together in a photo, apparently discussing satellites and SpaceX.

WiseKey has a market cap of just $40 million.

Linking up with Musk is an instant credibility boost for the company. And it’s extremely bullish for WKEY stock.

Shares of WKEY instantly took off once the tweet was released.

Of course, when I saw it, I felt it would push the stock higher.

In fact, when I tried to buy shares initially, I missed them because the stock was moving so fast. I could only get a partial fill, 1,200 shares at $2.60.

However, I wasn’t in them for long…getting out at $3.56 for a 36.9% gain.

How To Find These Plays

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I use a service that keeps me in touch with all the real-time breaking news, rumors, and market-moving events.

It’s called the StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat. 

It informs me of the latest press releases… and what’s happening on Twitter, where many small-cap companies like to make announcements.

In other words, the StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat is my eyes and ears. I use it to curate the news and point me to what traders are focused on.

The WKEY was a simple trade for me…because I’ve seen stocks take off on similar news.

Here are some other headlines that have the potential to move stocks fast:

  • Earnings Reports. We’ve seen plenty of earnings winners this quarter, notably ticker symbols FUBO, CVNA, and PLTR. A strong earnings report is one way to change the narrative about your company.
  • Niche Sector News. Some sectors like AI, crypto, and EVs tend to move together. In other words, if there is bullish news in one of the stocks in the sector, it could spill over and push the other stocks in the sector higher.
  • Legitimizer News: Whenever a small-cap company can associate itself with a large-cap company. For example, TCRX with AMGN last week and WKEY with SpaceX a couple of days ago.
  • Influencer News: Anytime you can get a celeb to cosign for you, that’s a plus. Who can forget the +500% move in CMGR after it announced a promo deal with former NFL star Rob Gronkowski a while back?

  • New Product or Service Launch. A new product or service in a hot sector has the potential to send a stock soaring. Remember Buzzfeed earlier this year? The stock exploded after it announced it would use AI to assemble its content.

Speed Matters

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The Breaking News Chat is awesome because it delivers timely information quickly.

The stocks can move very fast.

That’s why I suggest you watch the plays when learning to trade this strategy.

You want to get a feel of how fast these moves are…which news causes stocks to pop and then drop instantly…

Of course, you want to avoid chasing and letting FOMO get the best of you.

If you want to practice, check out this Breaking News Chat trial

You’ll be amazed at how it all works, opening your eyes to new opportunities.

Here’s the link again for you to check out. 


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