Calling All Poor People: Introducing FREE TIM Answers Where You Can Ask Me Anything & How It Led To $20,000+ In Profits - Timothy Sykes

Calling All Poor People: Introducing FREE TIM Answers Where You Can Ask Me Anything & How It Led To $20,000+ In Profits

Don’t even bother reading the rest of the post just go to right now, check it out and ask me ANY question whatsoever…please try to do better than early users who seem to have some difficulty in understanding exactly what a question is 🙂

If you tuned into LiveStock yesterday or watched it on demand today, you saw me introduce my awesome new free answers site with the help of the app’s creator Krutal Desai aka “The Indian Mark Zuckerberg”:

This new app is designed to help you post ALL of your questions in one place so I (and others, feel free to jump in if you have experience/good answers) can answer your questions publicly once and for all and not individually in countless emails which I have been doing the past few months…aka it’s my last attempt at remaining sane…somewhat.


Already after just 2 days we have tons of good questions and answers:

Tim, how did you become so sexy?

If I could pick one broker, which would it be? (although the “TIM’s preferred broker link you see above linking to Thinkorswim might also give you the answer)

Do I ever hesitate when making a trade?

But perhaps the most important questions deal specifically with short selling (bookmark that Q&A tab to follow along) namely how is that I was able to short sell Zanett, Inc. (NXTH) on Friday at $2.75 even though the stock was under the imaginary $3 limit several people seem to think is necessary to short a stock…see the Q&A thread about shorting stocks under $3 on Sogotrade and the best brokers for short selling penny stocks.


After all, if you refuse to learn from my instructional DVD packages or from my 4 newsletters, you probly missed out on this gimme of a short…quality information is valuable.

Just the latest in a long long long line of solid shorts that have helped me turn $12,415 into $1 .65 million in 4 years and now made me the #1 trader out of 45,000+ on Covestor since I was up 197% in 2008, 141% in 2009 and now 20% in 2010 already.

On ZANE I personally profited $3,400 and there have been $17,000ish in trading profits so far for TIMalert subscribers who do have Sogotrade accounts and have learned the chart patterns and intricacies of short selling penny stocks from my 4 newsletters and my instructional DVD packages:

+1680 unrealized shorting ZANE from 2.79. Thanks Tim\Reaper and those in chat for a great trading day.…That brings my daily total to +2780
-Scott W.

$500ish gain on ZANE — thanks Tim!!!

Made $670 on ZANE long. Out at $2.50. Thanks Tim and Reaper. Keith

Nailed ZANE for $1.8k profit for a few hours work, nice one tim

‘Crushed it’ on ZANE for $2,193 —–> Thanks for the alert Tim!!!!

+$1540 on ZANE

+820 on ZANE, out at 2.26. Nice call, Tim!

+$311 on ZANE. thank you tim

+1525 ZANE Thx Tim and Reaper

1,000 ZANE at 2.53 and another 1,000 at 2.08 . . . up so far $710 unrealized. Awesome call, Ti

Covered 1000 ZANE @2.2 for $550. Thanks Tim.

+$375 unrealized ZANE profit as it cracked intraday support.
+$150 ITMN short at the open. Thanks for the lessons!!

+524 on ZANE. Thanks Teacher Tim!
-kyle h.

Around $350 profit on 2k ZANE long. Got stopped out around 2.47. At some point I was up $1200 🙁

In fact out of all my TIMalert subscribers, only one guy lost money on ZANE and I guarantee it’s because he doesn’t have my instructional DVD packages nor did he read my daily watchlist advising to short ONLY into a super-spike nor did he watch the nightly video watchlist I sent to PennyStocking Silver subscribers describing the same thing…people say I have too many instructional DVDs and 4 newsletters is just overkill, but the reality is that dumb trading losses are FAR more expensive and you’re fortunate that I’m even willing to share my strategy and lessons as they are quality and exemplify what 11 years of trading these stocks will do for you.

You see all the happy TIMalert subscribers above, don’t let this one guy below be you….learn from my instructional DVD packages and 4 newsletters!

ZANE -300 yesterday, -550 today. Long, horrible entry and exit points.. Cut losses today minutes before spike.

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