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Q&A With My Student Who Has Made $4.7 Million

Student Who Has Made $4.7 Million

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Q&A With My Student Who Has Made $4.7 Million

Im excited to share a Q&A with my student who has made $4.7 Million.  It’s been a crazy few weeks for me in Indonesia opening not 1 but 2 schools with my charity as you can see HERE and HERE and doing not 1 but 2 Tedx Talks on charity and social media and education, of which videos will be posted shortly (I’m not in control of of Ted so please stop asking, they’ll get posted when they get posted in the next few weeks from what I understand and you some of you don’t have to worry so much…of course I’ll let you know when that time comes, don’t expect perfection as I actually screwed up pretty royally on my first one, so I was fortunate enough to get a second chance and do better in Jakarta, whew!)

…and while I have been trading literally from the other side of the world in Australia and Bali and having adventures and doing charity during the day while trading at night here, I’ve also managed to profit over $20,000+ despite huge time zone and wifi obstacles proving that yes, you can trade stocks from anywhere in the world if you have a plan and strategy and preparation…and that $20,000 is based on me trading like a complete coward given my situation and mostly just trading during the first hour or two of the trading day each day as the US stock market has been opening between 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30pm in the time zones I’ve been in on this trip! Continue reading

Why Everything Comes Full Circle In The Stock Market

I’ll warn you straight up that this is going to be a philosophical blog post, little different from my last hardcore philosophy post here that turned out to be my least popular post of the year.

But as a Philosophy major in college myself, I know not to worry about what will be popular or not when you’re making crucial points that must be addressed…so let the college popularity go to all the athletes and business/finance majors, my fellow Philosophy majors and I have had much more success over the years than them, little different from the great movie “Revenge Of The Nerds”. Continue reading

8 Lessons From My $8,900 In Profits Today

profits today

My $8,900 In Profits Today

8900 profits today

I had solid profits today of trading making roughly in 1 hour what most doctors and lawyers make in a month…just think about that for a second, especially since I’m sitting in a villa across the world in Bali, Indonesia as my charity just opened a new school in honor of my 2nd millionaire trading challenge student: Continue reading

9 Proven Ways On How To Become Successful

how to be successful

How to Be Successful

Do you want to learn how to be successful?

Sure, everyone would like to be more successful in business and in life. But if the process of attaining success seems confusing to you, then I want to shed some light on it. These are 9 proven things that can streamline the process of finding success. How many have of these things are you doing?

1. Decide that you want to be successful. Action follows intention. What does that have to do with how to be successful? Everything. First, you need to really want to be successful. I don’t mean in an abstract, “sure, that would be nice” sort of way. You really need to want success so badly that you’re compelled to take action. It’s only once you reach this point that you’ll truly be able to pursue success.

Like my 22-year-old trading challenge student Steven who found me on instagram because he liked my Lamborghini and who I just featured in a video lesson today because he’s studied perhaps more than any of my other students and now he’s been successful enough to buy his own dream car, a McLaren:

Continue reading

Introducing SteadyTrade, A New Weekly Podcast


I’ve introduced SteadyTrade because I will try literally ANYTHING to create more millionaire trading challenge students, I teach in a variety of ways using whatever tools are at my disposal, whether it’s blog posts, tweets, instagram posts, video lessons, webinars, DVD study guides, even in-person coaching, but one thing I’ve been lacking is podcasts and that changes now…

I’m a BIG fan of podcasts as you might’ve seen me featured HERE and HERE and HERE on some of my favorite podcasts so now it’s a long time coming for my team and I to launch a podcast of our own!

URGENT LABOR DAY SALE HERE, only good for the next 48 hours, then it’s over so grab your savings ASAP HERE

As I posted earlier today: Continue reading

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Stocks

choosing Stocks

What questions should you ask before choosing stocks?

How do you choose the right stock? There’s a ton of literature dedicated to this very subject, but seemingly no definitive answer…of course you could watch this free guide on the subject, but that’s time consuming so most people choose not to.

Truthfully, the “right” stocks can be different for different people. While anyone can get lucky, in the long term, a lot will depend on your trading style and how you approach the market.

These five questions will help give you perspective on a prospective stock before you buy. Take a few moments to pause and ask yourself these questions before you trade and see for yourself how making this a habit changes your approach to trading.

1. Do I know what I’m doing? This is not a flippant question, nor is it one that only stock market newbies should be asking themselves. Before choosing stocks, penny stock or otherwise, you have to pause and level with yourself: in this situation, do I feel confident of my knowledge and abilities? Am I well positioned to make a good choice in choosing this stock?

Overall, many a bad stock decision is made because the trader in question simply doesn’t know what he or she is doing. And this can be for newbies and seasoned traders alike.

If you’re a new trader, signing up for the Tim Sykes Millionaire challenge could be your first step in learning how to trade. The program instills detailed knowledge about the market so that you’re prepared to make money.

Even if you’re a seasoned trader, be able to admit when you’re in over your head. If you don’t feel confident in your abilities or your knowledge level before choosing a stock, then take a pause. Take the time to revisit your studies. You should always choose a stock from a place of confidence.

2. Have I done my research? Even if you feel confident in your prowess and education level as a trader, you still have to research every stock, every time. This is not just until you get a feel for the market. This is every single time, whether you’re new to the Timothy Sykes Million Challenge Team or if it’s your thousandth trade. If you have not done your research on a stock, then you are not trading responsibly.

It doesn’t matter what promoter or friend talked the stock up. Do your own research. Look up who the company is, and seek out any updates or developments that might inform your decision to trade. It doesn’t take a long time, but it can make or break a trade–and make or lose you huge amounts of money. This means it is well worth the relatively small amount of time it takes to do. Make doing your research a habit. It will make you a better trader.

3. Will trading this stock take me further toward my goals? Every time you choose a stock, take a moment to consider what it is you hope to gain. Not just from this trade, but from your career in general. Take a moment to reflect on your goals. Then, re-focus on the stock in question. Will this trade be a move in the direction toward the things you want in life?

For example, sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone and choosing a different type of stock than usual can sometimes help you make a great leap in the direction of your dreams. Alternatively, choosing a stock that isn’t relevant to your strengths and knowledge set might actually take you away from your goals. Know the difference, and know when a stock is a good fit for you. Continue reading

Trading While Traveling. What Does Your Dream Life Look Like?

trading while traveling

Trading While Traveling — that’s my dream life; and I am living it.

What does your dream life look like? Does it involve a lot of money, a beach house, a big mansion along with a fleet of private jets, fancy cars and yachts? Or do you want to live simply and give most or even all of your money away to charity and help the poor, homeless and hungry all over the world? Or is it a mix of most or even just a few of the above?

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