3 Things I Learned From This 8-Figure Traders Watchlist

By Updated on August 10, 2023

3 Things I Learned From This 8-Figure Traders Watchlist Thumbnail

There are so many charlatans online boasting big trading profits…

But how many can prove their claims?

I’ve grossed $7.4 million in trading profits…but the real pride?

Having students who have gone to do bigger and better things.

One standout is Jack Kellogg.

From valet to 8-figure trader in just a few years, he’s a testament to what’s possible when you work hard and don’t give up.

What’s Jack’s secret sauce?

The way he views the market is completely different from the majority of traders who lose money.

In fact, after sharing his recent watchlist I discovered three things that could help you level up.


#1 Having A Holistic Approach

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What’s more important, fundamentals or technical analysis?

There’s no right answer.

In fact, the more informed you are…the better trading decisions you’ll make.

For example, Jack doesn’t solely focus on what the charts are telling him. He also considers the news and catalysts.

For example, one name which was on his watchlist was the ticker symbol YELL, he noted how was following the bankruptcy news.

He also tries to get a feel for the overall sentiment. Like when one of his buddies told him that he was coming out of small-cap retirement to trade YELL.

In addition, he’s taking into account what short-sellers and pumpers are doing.

You see, so many newbies get sucked into the fundamentals or technicals they fail to look into the finer details.

#2 Risk Management

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Jack constantly mentions risk vs. reward when analyzing a setup. Before he considers jumping into a trade he knows the levels he’s interested in getting involved and how much he’s willing to risk.

Most newbie traders are focused on profits. And how much they plan to make.

Jack looks at his risk first. And makes decisions based on risk vs. reward.

Even though Jack is an elite trader, he is always aware of and planning for potential downsides.

#3 Adaptability

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Just because a stock is placed on a watchlist doesn’t mean it’s going to be traded.

Jack isn’t fixed on a single strategy or thought process.

For example, he had the ticker symbol TUP on his list…he acknowledged it would have been a good stock trade, its current pattern didn’t fit his trading style.

In other words, Jack is also considering his strengths and weaknesses. And understands that drifting from his style can lead to subpar results.

Lessons For Newbies

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Wait For Clear Indicators

Jack doesn’t rush into trades. He waits for clear signals. He’s paying close attention to support and resistance levels, as well as volume. He wants the risk vs. reward to be in his favor before placing his trades.

Not only is he effective, but he’s also patient.

You Need To Be Aware Of News and Catalysts

If a stock is up 50,100, or even 200% intraday you better believe there’s a catalyst at work.

It could be rumors, chat room pumps, press releases, promoter campaigns…you name it.

If you’re going to be playing these fast moving stocks then you must keep up with the market news.

The best way I know how to do that is with StocksToTrade Breaking News.

Prioritize Risk Management

Never enter a trade without understanding the potential downsides.

Always have an exit strategy in case things don’t go as planned.

My number one rule to this day is to cut losses quickly.

Are You Next?

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Dedication and perseverance is key if you want to achieve long term success. Jack didn’t make money right away. In fact, he struggled his first year.

But he believed in the process and stayed committed.

Want a piece of the action?

Everyday we host live training sessions detailing market trends and the strategies we see working.

Ready to dive in?



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