8 AI Stocks I’m Watching

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on May 25, 2023
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Watching paint dry can be more exciting than trading sometimes.

We’ve experienced several dull periods in 2023…

But this isn’t one of them.

I’ve seen A TON of early-morning spikers in tickers GCT, OCEA, MBOT, ENVB, and UTRS.

And I’ve been able to profit off most of them.

But I’m not trying to brag. In fact, if it weren’t for miserable short sellers, most of these players wouldn’t even exist.

They keep shorting the wrong stocks and getting their butts kicked. But you’ll never hear about their losses because they’re dishonest.

Now, let’s shift gears a bit.

The tech sector is going bananas following Nvidia’s outstanding quarterly earnings results.

And while I don’t trade mega-caps, it has several implications for the stocks I’m following…

…Stocks that have the potential to move 30%, 60%, or even 100% in a single day.

NVIDIA and AI Have The Nasdaq Raging Higher

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Shares of Nvidia exploded by more than 25% following the company’s strong quarterly earnings report. The chipmaker said it is experiencing growth from its data centers and data center chips.

And, of course, many experts believe it will be a MAJOR player in AI chips.

In fact, Nvidia’s monster results sparked a $300 billion rally in AI stocks.

And while I won’t be trading any large-cap stocks tied to AI…

I have my eyes set on 8 small-cap stocks making news with AI.

8 AI Stocks I’m Watching Now

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The stocks I’m watching related to AI are:

  • BBAI
  • GFAI
  • MRAI
  • CXAI
  • SOUN
  • APLD
  • GSIT
  • INOD

All of these stocks have had their AI moment…

But that was all based on hype. However, Nvidia’s massive jump in revenues and raised guidance legitimizes AI and how massive it can be right now.

Before I go any further, let me make something clear. 

Those 8 tickers above are stocks I’ve traded before and may trade again in the future.

But that’s all they are. I don’t consider them to be good companies, sound investments, or anything like that.

They are just trades to me. 

What I Want To See

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You want to look at the size of these companies. 

For example, MBOT, which, just a few days ago, went from $1.23 to $4.37.

This was a blatant pump.

However, the shorts picked the wrong stock.

You see, only about 8 million shares are floating in MBOT. And at $1.50 per share, that means you only needed about $12 million to control the entire float.

Now, $12 million may sound like a lot of money.

But you have to understand most brokerage firms will leverage traders 4 to 1, which means you probably only need $3 million in capital to control the stock.

Now, you get five to ten traders who have some capital pushing this stock long you can see how this can be a bad idea to be short.

Legitimizer News

Megacap tech stocks are soaring. That means it’s a good time for these small-cap stocks to try to associate

For example, one of these companies comes out and says they have ordered Nvidia chips or something similar that can tie them to the mega-cap tech company.

The reason why is that these mega-caps are really moving right now.

Two Ways To Play This Game

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The first way is to be fast. Sit in front of your screen and watch something like the StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat. 

I’m not always at my screen, so I sometimes miss the first move. In my opinion, I have found them to be the quickest and easiest ways for me to make money. But I’m not trading all day, so I don’t catch many of these.

However, I will take note of the moves. And I will review the charts on different time frames. I do this because I want to understand support and resistance areas.

I want to see if it’s a former Supernova and if it has any historical patterns.

Gathering this information helps me form a plan.

For example, I don’t beat myself up if I miss the initial spike.

Instead, I am looking for levels to buy in case of a sharp panic sell-off.

And that’s where I’ve been finding most of my success.

Finding stocks that have huge spikes off pre-market news and then waiting for them to have a sharp sell-off, usually within the first hour of trading.

I find when timed correctly, I can make a quick 10-25% in just a few short minutes.

But now, I feel like the profit potential can be even greater.

That’s because these miserable short sellers are so stubborn…

They’re igniting one short squeeze after another…

a Supernova after another.

Final Note

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The reason why short-sellers are so pathetic is that they don’t know how to manage risk. In addition, they are the worst market timers. They’ll short a stock at $5 and still be in the trade when it’s at $25.

The same traders who let stocks go $10, $15, or even $30 in their faces are the ones who try to make fun of me for cutting losses quickly and getting out of trades at break-even when they don’t work right away.

But I’m grateful for these clowns.

Because they’re now giving us opportunity after opportunity.

And for the next few days, I’ll be focused on BBAI, GFAI, MRAI, CXAI, SOUN, APLD, GSIT, and INOD.

If you want to learn my favorite strategy for trading these stocks, then CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT.  


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