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The 2 Best Penny Stocks This Week [Video]

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Updated 1/10/2023 12 min read

Today we’ll go over the best penny stocks this week .

The past few days have been VERY busy in penny stock land and several of my trading challenge students have been making $1,000, $5,000 even $10,000, $25,000 and up to $50,000 in a day (this is the great trader who just made $50k in a day on CHEK, all alerted in real-time in my awesome trading challenge chatroom!), and even though I’ve been in Asia celebrating my birthday a few days ago, I’ve been enjoying several $1,000-$2,000/day profit days too so I made this video explaining the best penny stocks in play right now and the mistakes several newbies are making on them that are causing unnecessary losses:**

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(and we’ve also transcribed this important video below for my valued deaf trading challenge students)

Also, here are 7 background links for this video so you can TRULY understand the lessons included in it:

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2. These guides on sale right now

3. This one guide in particular, PennyStocking Framework Part Deux

4. This new book, The Complete Penny Stock Course

5. My book, An American Hedge Fund (download your complimentary copy)

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Hey, Tim Sykes here. It is the weekend. Getting tons of questions. I’m gonna be doing a more detailed video for my subscribers on Sunday, but I can’t just leave people, you know, clueless. I feel bad, you know, for like FUSZ longs and LRGR longs, and they’re just wondering, like, what’s going on. You know, obviously, there’s no negative news, so they blamed like naked shorts and all of this other BS. You guys who are stuck in these stocks and confused, you need to study the past. If you keep ignoring the past and not study, you will be crushed. This is how penny stocks work. This is how penny stocks have always worked. And it’s your fault for not knowing. The good news is we can fix that by studying. So I want you to study.

I want to help you. It pains me, if you look at some of my Twitter conversations, to deal with such fucking idiots, who don’t understand the games being played. And they’re trying to, like, rationalize everything, and they’re just focusing on the wrong data. So, frankly, this is what inspired me to teach, because there is so much misinformation out there because these patterns are the same every single fucking time. It blows my mind that so many people still put up the same fights, the same resistance. But, I mean, that’s penny stocks, and that’s why my education business is booming. So I’m gonna give you seven ways that you can learn how penny stock pumps work and penny stock pumps end.

First of all, we’re having this birthday sale. Happy birthday to me, roughly two weeks ago now. It’s the final few days of the sale. So I highly encourage you to join my newsletters. And guys, because I’ve been doing this for two decades, and I know what the fuck I’m doing, it blows my mind, it really astounds me how many people just fall prey to these pumps over and over and over again. But, you know, I mean that’s the game.

So this is link number one. I’ll post all these links just below this video, and I’ll do a whole video or a whole blog post on this. Understand, I’m not shorting these stocks. Some people are like, “Oh, you’re just talking bad because you’re shorting.” I’ve actually been dip buying LRGR and FUSZ, you know. FUSZ, I actually had to cut losses because the pumper just didn’t do a good job bouncing it. FUSZ pumpers, hello out there. Stop blaming it on the naked shorts. That’s what every single pump does. Be a little different. Why don’t you put out a press release, talk about your, what is it, your Oracle relationship and your software, and put out some rosy revenue projections? Let’s bounce this stock. Give me some dip buying that’s worth buying, you know. I had to cut my losses because you guys aren’t doing your job. Bad pumpers. Bad, bad, bad pumpers. Don’t do any cocaine this weekend. Don’t drink. Go, you know, to your offices and write out a new press release. I want a shiny new press release on Monday and Tuesday. Let’s get the press releases going.

LRGR, you guys are pretty much just fucked. I had some two pretty good dip buys actually. The first dip buy was like dead on. The second one was just scary because it just kept going. You know, they got a whole skull and crossbones from the exchange, which basically means the end of this thing. So I’ll do a more detailed video, again, explaining what I think is gonna happen on Monday and Tuesday for my subscribers. But I just wanted to give you some links to look at. I’m not the enemy here, okay? I want these stocks to spike as high as possible, you know. If I knew who the pumpers were, I would, like, get them into rehab so that they could do their jobs rather than just being all drugged out and letting these stocks crash.

In case you didn’t understand, all my stuff is timestamped. So some people are like, “Oh, Tim, you’re just saying now that, you know, you knew what was gonna happen.” Actually, I’ve been saying here for a while, this was my watch list pre-market, and I said, “LRGR is the most overextended and due for a fall, I thought, likely next week.” So I was a little off. I didn’t anticipate how quickly it would fall. But, yeah, LRGR was the biggest loser, and I called it on my watch list. I’ve been waiting for it. That’s frankly why I dip buying. That’s how I knew to dip buy.

I’ve posted this video, which has riled a few people up on Friday, exposing the ridiculousness of penny stock promoters. I encourage you guys all to watch that. That’s on my YouTube channel. And then, also, read this book, you know, or not this book, this article from “Men’s Journal,” “Buying High: How to Get Rich on Pot Stocks.” I’ve been linking this. Some people are like, “Why are you linking something about weed stocks?” Because it’s the same pattern. All these marijuana investors got angry at me, back in like, what, 2014, saying, “Oh, Tim, you’re just wrong. You just hate, you know, potheads or whatever.” And I was like, “Guys, it’s just the fucking pattern, you know. I don’t care how high you get. Congratulations on, you know, the new legality,” whatever. It’s the pattern. And all of these stocks crash 90%, 95%, 100%, and every single person lost almost all of their money.

So I’m just trying to warn you guys. That’s my job. I’m an educator. Because once upon a time, if you read my book, “An American Hedge Fund,” which is free, I am linking it for free underneath this video, you will see, once upon a time, I also believed in penny stocks. I’m a little older now. I’m a little richer. I’m a little wiser. I got burned once before, okay. I invested in a penny stock. The technology was, mwah, perfect, and the technology actually has panned out, but the company went bankrupt because all penny stocks are fundamentally screwed. And some people say, “Oh, Tim, you got burned once, and now, you’re just bitter.” Yeah, I got burned once, and I’ve also seen probably 700, maybe 800 pumps fail in the past 2 decades. Not one, not one pump has made it that I’ve seen, okay. Before I got started, True Religion jeans was a Vancouver pump that actually made it. So one, you got 1 out of like 800. If you wanna try to bet on odds where it’s literally like 1 out of 800, you’re just gonna lose.

Also, read this new book by my student Jamil, “The Complete Penny Stock Course.” Learn patterns that are high odds, that are high predictability. This just came out a few days ago. People already love it. If you have read it, I appreciate more reviews. Some of the promoters try to leave nasty reviews in the beginning, before the book had even gotten delivered. If you read some of the negative reviews, they’re like, “Tim Sykes just sucks,” because I exposed how the penny stock game works. And so promoters don’t like that. If you read some bad reviews about me on the internet, people are, “Oh, I’m wary of you. You’re a scam,” it’s because I expose scams, and the scammers try to discredit me. It’s not, like, the best thing, but at the end, it’s not the worst thing either, because their weed’s out, students who aren’t serious.

The cool thing that I have right now, it’s a problem, but it’s a cool problem to have, is that I’m overwhelmed by students, and I get to choose who I wanna teach. I get to choose whose lives I’m gonna change. I get to choose who I’m going to turn into a millionaire next. That’s the beauty of being real in an industry full of scams. So, if you have any doubts, don’t bother learning. If you don’t believe me on FUSZ and LRGR, I mean, guess what, you’ll see it, day by day, week by week, month by month. And in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 24 months, whenever some of you stubborn fucking newbies get it through your head that I’m not the enemy, that I’m just trying to teach you patterns that work more times than not, many more times than not, then maybe you can learn. But I can’t teach stubborn people. I can’t teach people who want to pretend, you know, something isn’t the way that it is, okay? I wish that the game weren’t this way. I wish that there was more mourning when these penny stocks would crash.

I should bring up my student, Tim Lento. He doesn’t get enough credit. Hold on, I have one more link. Oh, PennyStocking Framework. This is my newest guide, and this will explain in depth how these penny stock pumps work in seven stages. I’ve just updated it, just finished it. It’s on presale still, check the link just below. But let me pull up Tim Lento for a second. I got a lot of students named Tim. So this is Tim Lento. You might know him as one of my chatroom moderators. He gets a lot of shitty, does a great job, but he is actually banking. He just passed $200,000 in profits. You can see his profit chart, how does he do it? Well, it’s because he bets against these pumps. He was actually betting against LRGR. I think he was short 1,500 shares. So he made, like, 7,500 bucks on Friday. This is the profit chart of somebody who just simply bets against the biggest pumps. He uses interactive brokers, and he holds for days, sometimes weeks. But, I mean, he is killing it, and it’s all because he bets against these pumps.

So some of you guys who are stuck in these pumps, I really do pray that FUSZ, you know, their promoters come up with like a little bounce plan, because it would be a shame to waste such, like, a multi-month pump without any kind of bounce. It really reminds of JAMN, J-A-M-N, if you wanna go back through my video lessons. I now have 5,500 plus video lessons. All of this stuff is cataloged, and these patterns repeat. So JAMN actually had a little bounce. So I’m begging FUSZ promoters, do your job. Clean yourselves up. I made jokes that they’re drug addicts, but they actually probably are. It’s actually kinda crazy if you meet some of these promoters, what fuck-ups they are. But, I guess, like if you’re doing shady stuff, I mean, you have to kinda be a fuck-up a little bit.

But I’m just gonna keep teaching the realities of the situation, the patterns that work. And, you know, I made nearly $3 grand on Friday, even though I didn’t time things perfectly. Again, I’ll have a more detailed video lesson for subscribers on Sunday, but this is just a little intro, just because I’m…it’s just so sad to see people lose. And, you know, you now have enough resources, whether you read my blog posts…where was that blog post? I have a blog post right here. I’ll post the link to this blog post underneath here too. What is a penny stock pump, how do you spot them, and how do they end? This is a great blog post. So you got blog posts, you got video lessons, you’ve got guides, you’ve got books. I’ve done my part trying to teach you guys how penny stocks and their pumps work. You’re free to ignore all this stuff, but I’m just gonna keep teaching because this stuff works. So have a good weekend. Cheers.

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