3 Stocks That Could Run Higher

By Updated on July 27, 2023

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It’s been a massive week for stocks…

With heavy hitters like Alphabet, Microsoft, and Meta Platforms reporting earnings…

Not to mention an FOMC interest rate announcement that took place yesterday.

But believe it or not…

They had little impact on my trading.


Because I focus on low-priced, small-cap penny stocks.

It’s how I’ve made millions of dollars in the stock market. 

And right now…there are three stocks I’m watching that I believe have a shot at going higher…regardless… if the overall market tanks.

My Watchlist

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There are typically 10 to 20 stocks I keep on my watchlist. I usually categorize them by setup or sector.

But just because I’m watching a stock doesn’t mean I will trade it.

And there are plenty of times I will trade something that isn’t my watchlist.

Especially if it’s a breaking news play

One thing I’ve been watching a lot lately is low-priced stocks that have had massive runs recently.

I’ve been trying to play these stocks whenever they have big panic sell-offs.

Here are four that I’m watching…

Number #1: Sirius XM Holdings (NASD: SIRI)

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This stock has been dead in the water for years…

But something weird happened in July….the stock went from a low of $3.89 to a high of $8.14.

It has since sold off again, trading near $5.

I have no rush to play this…but if it continues selling…I might give it a look.

Number #2: Tupperware Brands (NYSE: TUP)

Source: StocksToTrade

Unlike SIRI, TUP is on a different path, rising by more than 50% yesterday.

The stock has climbed by over 100% since its July lows of $0.61.

Again, there’s no real catalyst here.

But we’ve seen a lot of beaten-down names rise lately…

Believe it or not, this stock was trading above $38 just a few years ago.

With volume surging, this is a stock I’ll be watching closely for any panic dip buy opportunities.

Number #3: Sarcos Tech & Robotics (NASD: STRC)

This is a stock I traded yesterday…

A big spiker who won a government AI contract…which works in this market. But the price action was choppy. I tried to catch the bottom of the range to make a quick 5-10% profit…

I didn’t get it, but I could escape with some profits.

I’ll watch it again to see how it trades, and I may look to play again before Friday’s close.

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