10 Key Stock Market Lessons From My First Millionaire Student

UPDATE: Within a few weeks of creating my first millionaire student I also created my 2nd millionaire student as picked up by Reuters HERE and CNN Money wrote about HERE)

My trading challenge students know how dedicated I have been to the goal of creating a millionaire with my trading strategy and as I posted HERE on Facebook late Friday, I have finally accomplished that goal.

Download this bite sized cheat sheet : 10 key stock market lessons I learned from my first millionaire student.

Just over 2 years into challenging myself to focus solely on creating a millionaire (instead of focusing on exposing scams as much), one of my top trading challenge students has crossed the $1 million mark in profits as you can see in this new video I just made:

I thought that my first subscriber to cross $1 million in profits would my trading challenge student Tim Grittani, given his ability to make $200,000 in one day (read how he did that HERE) and watch this video of how far he’s come:

…but alas, he’s at $932,000 in profits (see all his trades HERE) so he’s not that far behind, but not quite at $1 million yet.

I must stress that while hitting $1 million is nice, making money in the stock market is a marathon not a sprint and this $1 million milestone is much more symbolic than anything else…just like when I crossed $3 million in profits a few months back (I’m now at $3.2 million, see all my trades HERE)

This is the picture of my 1st millionaire student:

reaper photobomb copy

Memorize it and let Michael Goode’s face haunt you until you reach $1 million in trading profits too.

I’ve written about Michael Goode at various times during his journey to $1 million as you can read in articles HERE and HERE, but there’s something special about hitting this milestone and my team and I have something very special in store to celebrate Michael’s milestone (leave comments if you think you can guess what we have planned!)

After all, he’s come along way since his first year as my student — just 4 years ago — when he hadn’t even reached $100,000 in profits yet with my strategy:

Now he’s at $1,080,000 in profits, earning roughly $987,000 over the past 4 years ๐Ÿ™‚

This is also a crowning moment for me as in blog posts like this from late 2012 and in nearly every video like the one below I talk about creating a millionaire and now that that has been accomplished I’m even more inspired to create more millionaires and multi-millionaires.

Ironically, I have my fair share of haters who think I’m a scam and that all my luxurious photos on instagram HERE and videos on Youtube HERE are for show and there’s nothing behind it all…

…as I wrote about the specific reasons why I teach and as I categorized my ignorant haters HERE, anybody who is competent in the least could see that my newsletters come with daily watchlists, trade alerts, chatroom access and a 1,000+ video lesson library to help people learn every single detail of my successful strategy; I only share the pictures and videos of my life to inspire people to study harder to put in the time and effort required to learn the skills that millionaires possess.

More than just a few students have made six figures as you can see HERE and now obviously one student who has made seven figures…

After dedicating my life to creating a millionaire for the past few years and now finally creating one — the first of many to come a this young trading challenge student is also approaching millionaire status — I can now say beyond a shadow of doubt that my strategy’s ability to create millionaires is not limited solely to me and my sharing my incredible life serves as an inspiration to show what’s possible FOR OTHERS TO BE ABLE TO ENJOY, not just me.

You can see all of Michael Goode’s trades and $1.08 million in profits HERE and I’ve posted 10 key lessons you can take away from his hitting $1 million below, but be sure to watch this new video if you’re more of a visual learner (I know I am :))

1. Look for month-over-month progress: As Michael Goode wrote in this great blog post from earlier this year, he said he “must be doing something right” since his average monthly gains have kept rising gradually.

2. Be skeptical, but give me a chance: As Michael Goode initially wrote HERE, he thought I was full of shit for claiming I could teach people to get rich…we debated and he decided it was worth a try…now he’s a millionaire.

The cool thing about being 100% real is I don’t care if you doubt me at first, it’s probly a good thing…but give me a chance and start watching some of my free video lessons HERE and apply for my trading challenge when you want to take your trading to a new level.

Within a year of giving me a chance, Goode had written THIS followup to his initial ignorant critique of me after he had made roughly $77,000…now just 4 years later, he’s a millionaire.

3. Don’t look to get rich trading penny stocks: In the middle of this video where I show never-before-seen footage of Michael Goode, he says he was never looking to get rich, he just wanted to make a decent living…by not focusing on hitting grand slams, my students are often surprised just how quickly the profits add up…those who want to make $1 million right away usually strike out…I didn’t invent these rules, I just see what kind of thinking works times and time again.

4. Repetition is gooooooood: Michael Goode focuses mainly on the same kinds of patterns over and over, just as I teach in this free webinar…Tim Grittani has had similar success by trying out a bunch of strategies and then refining down to just a few and then rinsing and repeating.

5. Being wrong is okay: Michael Goode’s trades HERE show he has a great many losses and yet he’s still managed to become a millionaire all within just a few years…cutting losses quickly is key when you’re wrong and the times Michael hasn’t has led to some of his biggest losses that have prevented him from being up $1.3 or even $1.5 million by now.

6. Penny stocks rock: No matter how much the major financial media outlets want to ignore them (or take money to feature ads from corrupt penny stock promoters), penny stock trading offers a viable strategy to those looking to make six or even seven figures…as Michael Goode says, the competition in the penny stock world is much easier than anywhere else in finance; do you think you’ll do better in basketball against Michael Jordan or midgets (mental midgets in the case of penny stocks)

7. Stay humble and don’t force trades: Michael Goode doesn’t trade every single day and contrary to the bullshit belief that you need to have your money working for you every single day, sometimes the best trade is to do nothing and sit and wait for something worthwhile to pop up…in the meantime you can watch my 30 classic video lessons HERE ๐Ÿ™‚

8. There is a penny stock community of good people and we like helping each other: Thanks to websites like Profitly and Investimonials and successful penny stock traders like myself, Michael Goode and Tim Grittani, there is a rising tide of helpful people/traders in the penny stock world like nothing that has ever existed before.

As you can see from the nearly 400 people who have congratulated Michael Goode and me in just the past 2 days on this great achievement, we’re changing lives with education and good helpful information to a group of people who have only been scammed in the past…welcome to the future as transparency changes this industry for the better.

9. Michael Goode’s success isn’t due to him being smart or a great trader: As he says repeatedly in videos and webinars, he acknowledges he isn’t a great trader…and yet he’s now a millionaire.

How is this possible?

Because as I’ve been teaching and as slowly but surely my trading challenge students are beginning to understand, when you have such ignorant competition (part of the reason why I happily engage in my haters — to put on a display of EXACTLY who your competition is in penny stocks), you really can’t help but make money, sometimes lots of it, once you learn the patterns, rules and best trade setups.

10. It’s good to celebrate being a millionaire: As Michael Goode calmly tweeted this:

My team and I were already hard at work putting together something very special for Michael and his family (guess what we’re doing HERE)…just as we’ll do for every single trading challenge student who makes $1 million or more…this is my life’s work and I don’t take it lightly or calmly…I’m going to inspire ALL of you want to make $1 million and change your life by learning my now PROVEN MILLIONAIRE CREATING STRATEGY!

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  1. Nathan

    Congratulation Timothy, I’ve only just turned 18 and as soon as I get a job and earn some money to invest I will be following you very closely

  2. timothysykes

    who gives a shit what u think, u’re just a typical lazy person who doesnt have what it takes to be a millionaire…i’ll create many more millionaires, u wont be one of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. anotherworriedmom

    I am an avid reader and I didn’t have any problems reading your stuff. I signed up for your video tutorials. Have to start somewhere.

  4. Isaiah

    My only objection is that I don’t want to pay a lot of money upfront. I understand that you do this to make money, but imagine if someone approached you and wanted half of your initial cash so they could teach you a strategy. How willing would you have been to give it up and only trade with the other half. That being said, I think you have something good happening here.

  5. htb

    Bahahahaha. You just got burned by Tim. So what now? Shut the hell up and watch him making millions while all you can do is hating him for his success.

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  7. Steve C.

    Imagine if his strategy was low cost at first then it raised in cash overtime. It would simply mean that he is selling his strategy at a lower price. I understand your frustration but the mentor knowledge comes at a fair price.

  8. Kevin Heard

    “Being wrong is okay!” Such a valuable lesson! Tim’s strategy is pragmatic and realistic ….

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  24. mimi

    Tim is a great teacher!I knew nothing about penny stocking before,after studying his articles and strategies videos ,i think he is a great teacher,he use simple clear words to teach,great job!

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