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Breaking My Haters Down Into 7 Groups (Yup, Seriously)

UPDATE: Ever since CNN Money featured my top trading challenge student and his rise from $1,500 to $1 million in trading profits in less than 3 years in this article and our appearances HERE and HERE on FOX with Neil Cavuto & FOX & Friends, my haters have risen tenfold…they still don’t understand that I teach trading rules I’ve learned over 14 years and that these rules help EVERYONE make wiser trades and investments…just like my first millionaire student who I wrote about HERE who initially thought I was full of BS…before he made $1 million using my strategy 🙂

I can’t help but laugh when I hear of how I have “haters”. As someone who has made $3 million of dollars using a specific stock trading strategy and now whose students have made over $5 million in just a few short years, every penny stock trade detailed here, with now over a dozen of my trading challenge students having earned $100,000 each with my strategy, well, it’s absurd for anyone to have anything but praise for what I teach.


Yes, I’m confident, borderline arrogant, but given how I’ve single-handedly changed an industry for the better with transparency and education – before I got started teaching, financial websites like Investopedia incorrectly said short selling penny stocks was illegal – I deserve all the credit and more.

In an industry where 95% of traders fail and 95% of trading coaches are selling snakeoil, let me just repeat: within just a few years, besides my thousands of students earnings millions collectively, I have over a dozen students, most of whom who started with accounts smaller or the same size as my initial $12,415, who have EACH profited over $100,000 with my strategy…see some videos of these students here and understand I’ve written 100+ blog posts on various successful students, nobody else has that…NOBODY!

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Yup, I LOVE rubbing into my “haters” faces these stats.

But let’s just see who exactly who my haters are as they can be divided into a few groups.

1. Promoters and their hired helpers: given that my main strategy is teaching how to profit off promotions, mainly by short selling, or betting against them, it’s no wonder these promoters don’t like me and they will create fake user profiles all over the internet trying to discredit me so my teachings don’t become popular. Nowhere is this more evident than the Amazon reviews of my book, which I was initially surprised by given that within days of publication, a few people popped up and said it was “the most boring financial book ever written”. Now I’ve read 300+ financial books and boring could never possibly be a word used to describe mine…and months and years later, the same few bad reviewers usernames keep popping up on various websites and within minutes of their postings, all have dozens, if not hundreds of likes. The promoters are paying Indians to create fake negativity to dissuade students from learning…annoying, but it is to be expected when my strategy, while accurate, hurts the promoters’ businesses.

2. The financial media: as I am not one to hide my emotions and beliefs and given that I have a nasty habit of being dead right and mean, when I expose just how full of shit the financial media is, they’re not happy. I’ve been on CNBC, FOX Biz, written for, AOL Money, MSN Money and Marketwatch and I know EXACTLY how these media outlets produce their content. And it’s all shit. And that’s why most investors underperform and most traders lose money – because they’re not getting good information. It’s all designed to pique their readers and viewers interest and keep them guessing…thus requiring them to rely on these “news sources” for breaking news, information and advice for all eternity. It’s disgusting and seeing how these companies dress up financial entertainment as financial fact has shaped my business – I succeed because I know what not to do, namely I will never provide more noise, whenever I write a research report or make a video lesson or heck, even show off a Facebook photo, it’s all to help inform, teach or inspire you. Eventually the industry will change for the better, but it’s not going away anytime soon and until then, I won’t get much love from the financial media due to my honesty.

3. Penny stock haters: despite my millions and the millions my trading challenge students are making using a specific trading framework, 99.9% of the world mistakenly believes penny stocks are random and people should be scared of manipulation. I’ve taught a few thousand people the truth, but there are literally tens of millions of people who have no idea and they invest their hard earned cash in true guessing games like GE and Bank of America, inevitably underperforming and thinking that the stock market is too tough and penny stocks are impossible.

4. Lazy disbelievers: some people do bother to do the bare minimum when it comes to researching my strategy and when they open a brokerage account (ignoring my preferred brokers), they fail to realize that the vast majority of time there won’t be shares to short…and that’s always been the case which is why I teach instead of run a billion dollar hedge fund. There’s still profits to be made, but it’s not nearly as fast or as consistent as people want and so they ignorantly think that just because they can’t get borrows after a few times, I must be lying about getting my borrows. One of my top trading challenge students Tim Grittani speaks of this in this great blog post where he actually lost and got frustrated at the beginning, before he took the time to study more in depth and learnt patience enough to have now profited over $120,000 in 2012 alone with my strategy.

5. Brokers: given that I preach that traders should be far more selective and trade only every now and then as if they were snipers, brokers who want regulars fees and commissions talk a TON of shit about my patient strategy and me. I’m not good for their business even if what I teach is best for my students. Not to mention that when my students do trade, it’s frustrating penny stocks and executions are often manipulated thus leading to customer complaints. Or God forbid there’s only some borrows so while my top dozen or so students and I get the borrows, a few hundred latecomers get nothing and usually complain. Oh yes and did I forget that my strategy works best for people with the smallest accounts in the world? NO broker wants my students, they don’t make enough $ on them, even if they traded more often, which, remember, I teach against!

6. Other gurus/traders: given that I document EVERY single one of my trades and my students’ trades on Profitly and I encourage my students to ask other gurus why they don’t do the same, other gurus HATE that I have brought such transparency to the industry because it hurts the business of those traders who aren’t transparent or good…I imagine being one of those mediocre traders or outright frauds cursing my name for hurting or ruining their business…sorry guys, but transparency was inevitable, I just made it popular sooner than most of you wanted.

7. Successful traders: there are a few out there, but they keep quiet because they are wise and have learned not to brag about their gains and their awesome lifestyle. I can just imagine what they think, seeing this cocky kid on TV and all over the internet preaching penny stock trading of all things and showing off all these “big profits” while traveling all over the world and living it up.

First off, despite the roughly $4 million I’ve made over the years, I am not a bigtime trader and while I realize that I’m not gonna mention that at every chance I get because my job is to educate and inspire other smalltime traders…some traders make my entire net worth in a few weeks, days or even hours.

But given that the industry’s stars don’t brag because they don’t want attention on them or their profitable strategies, my over-the-top bragging about anything related to my profits, my students’ profits or my life/my students’ lifestyle makes me seem like a real douchebag!

So be it – as I said at my Vegas conference and as evidenced by my breaking my $9,000 Rolex in this video:

…I will do anything to inspire my students and to get more students interested in learning so my bragging about $ and superficial shit will continue unabated because guess what, it works. If you go back to my early blog posts, I didn’t brag much about anything because I was so focused on creating educational guides, writing long ass blog posts and exposes and doing all the technical work required when creating an education business from scratch. Now that’s all created and done, it’s time for me to get the word out and bragging is the technique that works best.

Long story short, there will always be pumps like those in this great 40-minute video below…and I there will always be trading opportunities both from the long and short side…the question is are you prepared to profit off of them? My students are…thanks to me…so everyone else, hate on as much as you want 🙂

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  1. Ryan

    Great article, Tim. I’m starting my penny stocking adventures with less than 2k in a few weeks from now. Think I can turn it into a large account by the summer? Count on it 😉 I’ll be using the knowledge I gained from your lessons and my own research. See ya at the top!

  2. Nick

    Hahahha that video, christ Tim you’ve got the energy. Lifes bigger than that Rolex when it comes down to what you can actually fucking do with your drive and killing craving to get what you want. All the power to you dude and keep on doing what ur doing you pump me up

  3. john m.

    I still don’t get how being a douche bag is helpful to get more traders??? Don’t see the point? First you break your watch but then you complain that a student picked that up? So what is it going to be? either you give a shit or you dont about your watch?? Oh, so it was staged and that’s the reason you yelled at your own student. If you don’t give a shit about that watch then mean it!! and leave that student take that watch instead of bitching around!

  4. lukec19834

    TIm, you got people who like you and who do not like you, and that is great for business !! good luck

  5. jahlover

    Tim i surrender been trading for years and tired of being on this losing treadmill. I need your help and look foward to being one of your top students!
    Jah love
    P.s. i need you man

  6. Kage

    As they say in Hollywood…bad news is good news. Let the haters hate and before you know it, you’ll be a star just like Lindsay and Justin.

  7. Phil

    Since you own Profitly, how can we trust what it says you make. You have full access to cook the books there Tim.

  8. timothysykes

    my traders are alerted in realtime, most predicted in watchlists and DVDs, if u dobut me then dont learn from me, that simple…i created profitly for transparency since covestor got out of that business

  9. Kevin Heard

    Thanks a stack Tim – [Note to self]: Mind the gap. Also to the doubters below: I have been a Trading Challenge student for the past week and have watched Tim and other Challenge students trade live and make money!! And a stack (alot) of it!!!

  10. Sara Franciszka Lentz

    555NYC here- I loved reading this post because you are one of the rare ppl who will keep it real and tell it how it *really* is, Tim. AS we can see, even more now-here in the middle of 2015, the manipulation, dis-info and cointellpro is at an all time high. The determined thruthseekers are going forward. I am proud, in the correct manner, to be going forward with the fantastic team of traders. God bless you!

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