Because I know that PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers have a difficult time understanding some concepts in this staggeringly complex industry, I LOVE making videos.

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…and of course, there are my press interviews, music videos and spoof videos below:

Top Traders On CNBC (back when I was thin and new to teaching others):

Bringing Some Beautiful Models On CNBC:

On CNBC Again:

TheStreet.comTV: Best To Invest In Penny Stocks In Your 20s:

TheStreet.comTV: Turning Your Bar Mitzvah Money Into Millions:

Wall Street Warriors Getting My Friends & I Trashed Then Filming Us Acting Like Idiots!

You Can’t Handel The Pump (taking the evil stock promoter’s side for once…as played by Jew Nicholson)

No Borrow No Cry (sometimes there are no available shares to short or to borrow on the most hyped and manipulated penny stocks…very sad….but we must not cry)

You Gotta Fight For Your Rights In Finance (absurd anti-American regulations on hedge funds and people with under $25,000 in their brokerage account (I recommend Thinkorswim as my preferred broker)

Short Selling the Music Video:

Who Is Following Me?

On FOX With Nail Cavuto:



Debating God, Sex & Greed On CNN:

On FOX Biz:

On 20/20:

WallStrip Interview:

This Is Just Dumb…I Have No Excuse: