Introducing TIM ALERTS

For several months now, I’ve been posting my trades in the comments section of whatever is the most recent blog post, but thanks to your emails and comments, I know you guys have lives and can’t keep your eyes glued to my blog every second…

You shouldn’t have to… let me make this game easier for you with TIM ALERTS!

For only $74.95 per month, (or $697 per year), I’ll email you my PennyStocking watchlist each morning at 8am (posted in extraordinarily less detail on my blog at 9am) and send you follow-up emails with any trades I make throughout the day within seconds of my actual trade executions (which won’t be on my blog)

That’s right, for $2.50/day you’ll know EXACTLY when I get in and out of my trades (instead of saving a child in Africa, you can save your trading account enough so you can eventually save entire African villages!). Remember, my trading strategy not only helped me turn thousands into millions once before, but is also the reason for my 50% gain over the past 6 months!

If I can earn 50% in 6 months with all my wild projects, traveling, writing and lack of discipline, I gotta believe you can do better than me.

The cool thing is with my blogging-based publishing model, I can keep the price of this service low enough so no matter how small your account is, it only takes one good trade to pay for an entire year of TIM ALERTS!

One week into this service, check out some testimonials:

Cover my KKD @ 4.64.. a quick $150 profit.. awesome Tim.. thx again.. TIMalert kick ass.. finally I can break that $100 profit.. lol..


Boy whatta great day for buying….. with my sucess of HYHY that put me up $300 because of the wonderful TIMalerts! During the afternoon i’d become lazy, watchin a few stocks, mainly giving up until i checked my mail and saw Tims email about TGC, im not big on oil and gas play but ahhh wat the hell. I got in TGC at $1.75 buying 1000 shares.. im holding till the morning, hopefully this gets pumped some more…. THANKS TO TIM ALERTS IM UP $400! THANKS TIM!!!

-Andy (who later sold TGC above $2 for another $300 profit)

Tim has been emailing ALERT Subscribers before he even comments here about potential plays during the day as well so it is not just a premarket list and when he gets in and out of stocks, which he is doing as well but he is also giving us his thoughts on stocks like the oil stocks mentioned here during market hours.

Alerts is a good value to any of you that are trying to constantly refresh comments to see what Tim is doing. I keep my email open and I can see the incoming mail within seconds of Tim sending it out and it pops right up for me.


I wanted to share my HYHY trade with you. First off THANK YOU for you post and heads up!! Brief summary: put in ask right at opening for 2800 shares @ 2.38 went to a meeting (work full time), checked back at lunch saw the stock loosing momentum got out @ 2.64!!!!!!! $671.95 profit (10.04% before taxes of course)!!!!! Obviously I will be ordering Pennystocking.

Take care,

Just one day into TIMalerts, my $350 gains from shorting and covering STXX today paid for an entire year of TIMalerts and like Tim I even screwed up my trade! I started with about 4300 and that is now 9K and that really has happened in about 3 months. Not Tony Ellis or Jeff Moates money, but for a 21 y/o its not bad. I’m even getting a job on top of school to help me get to 25K quicker so we can really profit freely.


I am currently deployed to Baghdad, Iraq so I don’t have the time nor the experience to screen for these stocks like I would like to, I am truly grateful for your PICKS already covered STXX for 1. 30 a share! and I subscribed for your service yesterday Thank you. You are an outstanding trading coach! Keep the great picks coming!

– gburleson1

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