I believe my students say it best, and here are their results**.

** These results are from some of my top students. Their earnings might not represent the results you might achieve, and you should be aware that you could lose money in the market. Click here for additional important information.

Tim Grittani's Profit Chart!

Tim Grittani Profit Chart

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Roland Profit Chart
“Have a nice weekend guys. Great trading week +$4600 trading SSH and PVTA this wekk posted in Profitly. Thank you Michael Goode, Timlento, Slee, Jarmall, and yes Tim Sykes”
DUX Profit Chart
“I am now up $9,429 starting from $14,000 2.5 months ago. This is a gain of over 67% in 2.5 months. This is pretty amazing considering before you I was down thousands. Thanks again for all of your help!”
-Timm Anderson
wkulman profit chart
“Thanks to Tim and you guys I am up 6K after selling AUTH this morning. Keep up the great job!!!!!!”
mark croock profit chart
Julie VerHage @julieverhage
“It's amazing how many techincal patterns I could predict this morning after watching only 1 of @timothysykes DVD's”

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“Tim, Wanted to give thumbs up for your teaching and also tell you I've made @3500 going long on SVNT, and made $4562 on NTE. Great call on NTE. Thanks. I'll see you in Vegas.”
-Michael J. Glover aka Gman