Details On How To Profit From Pumped Up Penny Stocks

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Here are some basic videos, when you’re ready to become a serious student of mine, apply for my trading challenge

Finding, tracking and trading penny stock promotions is my game…I made my first million dollars buying them (pretty much a lucky idiot), then my second and third million short selling (wise, cynical and experienced trader)…now in the videos below you learn some of the basics that I’ve learned over the past decade:

…and while understanding their chart patterns is important, it’s even more important to learn how to find them (helpful is my TIMfundamentals instructional DVD package in which I outline my research process over 6 hours of DVD content):

…and of course it’s always fun to wait and see how pump & dumps end (which is why I love short selling them so much…my TIMalert subscribers are emailed/text messaged my trades within seconds of my actual execution and most trades are previewed ahead of time in my daily pre-market watchlist, which are also emailed to TIMalert subscribers ONLY)

Out of this bunch, I shorted UOMO at 80 cents/share, covering at 46 cents/share just a few days later, earning over $1,700 on a $4,000 investment…see blog posts about the trade HERE, HERE and HERE

I know, I know, not huge money, but that’s why I teach instead of running a hedge fund anymore…these high probability trading setups occur time and again, you can learn my PennyStocking trading strategy and be better prepared to profit from future opportunities by watching over 45 hours worth of my instructional trading DVD packages which you can check out right HERE