Because of my crazy story, I've been all over the media!

Steve Harvey

My feature on Comedian and Emmy Award-winning host Steve Harvey’s talk show, where Steve and I talk about my life, my purpose, why financial freedom should be everyone’s goal, and my advice to anyone trying to find financial success.

Plus, you’ll get to see a glimpse of my lifestyle (which Steve amusingly deems “Steve Harvey’s version of MTV Cribs”), and meet two of my many successful Trading Challenge students: Michael (who has easily surpassed millionaire status) and Ivan.

Larry King

My sit-down with legendary television and radio host Larry King, who — true to form — asks me the big questions, like why I chose penny stock trading, where I find my stocks, my penny stock trading strategy, and my future goals.

(Bonus: In this interview, you’ll also learn “why I’m on a mission to take bums off the street and put them in Armani suits.”)

Fox Business

Fox News television anchor, commentator and business journalist Neil Cavuto interviews me and one of my star Trading Challenge pupils, Tim Grittani.

Here, you’ll learn about my teachings, Grittani’s experiences, how to spot scams and differentiate between hype and fact, and why you SHOULDN’T always wait for big gains before cashing out.

Fox and Friends

Another great Fox interview where I’m joined by the mighty (and now self-sufficient) Tim Grittani, who explains why he decided to join my Trading Challenge. We share our tips for trading success, scam alerts, and why you could be a strong candidate for the Trading Challenge, too.


In this lively interview on Cheddar’s live, personal finance show, “Your Cheddar,” I walk you through what shorting is and why some traders choose to do it. You’ll also learn when to short, the risks, and how to apply my contrarian philosophy to general investing.

(My favorite part: sharing information about one of my favorite charities, Pencils of Promise, to which I donated $1 million to help build 20 schools.)

Plaxico Burress

Television journalist, magazine columnist, and author Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business feature on my collaboration with NFL star Plaxico Burress to help NFL players make smarter financial decisions.

Research shows that two years after retiring, over 75% of NFL players are BANKRUPT or in financial stress. Here, Plaxico explains the biggest financial mistakes many athletes make, and how I taught him “a methodical, effective, successful way to gain capital.”

I share why it’s not all about trading/investing, and the most important rules we all —athletes and otherwise — need to learn to take control of our finances.

Timothy Sykes on CNN

Journalist Roland Martin grills me on the topic of greed. In this CNN debate, I point out how greed can help foster a competitive edge and drive us to follow our passions and get ahead. Ultimately, though, I explain that it’s not about the money — it’s about the invaluable lessons we learn in the process.

Tim on CNBC

A blast from the past! In this CNBC “Top Young Traders” feature, we’ll go back to my hedge fund days, where I explain my philosophy on shorting stocks, and my future trading and investing plans. You’ll also learn how I started trading in high school with a $12,000 bar mitzvah gift and turned it into a pre-tax profit of $1.65 million over the course of four years … and I haven’t slowed down since.

Tim on CNBC

Another CNBC interview from back in the day, where I share how to get ahead of trends, making friends with volatility, the perils of betting too big — and why you sometimes have to be wrong to really get it right.