Freedom of Finance

SEC regulations prohibit hedge funds from advertising, talking to the press and detailing our businesses to anybody worth less than $1 million. We comply because in exchange for giving up our rights to freedom of speech, we are allowed incredible investment flexibility.

Unfortunately, unable to speak directly to hedge fund managers, the press has turned to gossip and gutter talk. As a result, the general public considers hedge funds to be the most dangerous investment vehicles around. With these censorship rules in place, it doesn’t matter that less than 5% of hedge funds fail–these 5% are all the public has ever heard about.p.. until now.

No longer will I play by these misguided rules–wealthy and non-wealthy investors alike should be free to learn about hedge funds, the strategies they employ and their effect on worldwide markets so they can practice safer and more profitable investing.

As of October 1, 2007, I am closing my hedge fund, Cilantro Fund Management, LLC so that I will be able to speak freely for the first time. I hope to show that hedge funds are like any other industry and should be governed accordingly. We should be free to discuss our businesses to anyone who shows interest, for we are American entrepreneurs. I call this freedom of finance. Freedom of finance is the concept of a hedge fund manager’s right to discuss business freely without fear of penalty or censorship. Mindset of the masters