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A 2-Hour Webinar Detailing How I Picked The Biggest Stock Winner Of 2013

With the stock trading at roughly $5/share, today the one month anniversary since my buy alert on Organovo Holdings Inc (ONVO) where I went big, buying 70,000 shares at $2.19 and then a few days later buying a more reasonable 22,000 shares at $2.17 saying:

The run of the litter in 3d printing, has nice news today with volume and a slight technical breakout, the whole sector is running look at DDD and SSYS, this could pop if it truly breaks out, I’ll give it some time given the limited downside risk

3D printing stocks DDD and SSYS keep making new highs, just a matter of time before this runt of the litter gets discovered, I already had longterm position at 2.18, now I’m having a short term position too just to be ready as the risk/reward is too good given a big potential spike…I got too excited with a big position of 70k last time so this time I’m going smaller

During our weekly webinar which I’ve embedded below, I told my trading challenge students exactly why I expected such big things from this stock that couldn’t breakout big at all…which frustrated me to no end given that I actually lost $ the first time I went in big, then just made my $ back the 2nd buy around…in total, I only made a few thousand from this play.

But aside from this stock’s choppy trading, the value to my students is seeing how it IS possible to pick the single biggest winner in the stock market using just a few key indicators as had I held, my profits would be $200,000

As I posted on Facebook HERE today, this stock is now up 115% since that buy alert and within 10 minutes of my post, it spiked even more to be a 128% winner in just one month’s time.

onvo470 copy

And that’s why Profitly members have now profited nearly $70,000 on this runup, many of whom are still holding so I’m guessing $100,000 in profits by the the time this thing ends.

I also nailed two other 3d printing stocks PRCP HERE and CIMT HERE for a few thousand dollars each in profits and both those stocks keep running too.

The lessons from my early buy alerts:

1. Subscribers of my 4 newsletters are prepared ahead of time when these sector plays heat up

2. I usually sell my longs too early and cove rmy shorts too early because a.) I’m not a great trader b.) I like locking profits and c.) my trading serves as a good example on how to make 40-50-60% returns year in year out and not trading anywhere close to perfectly which is a hell of a lot better than any other trading mentor out there.

3. These patterns will pop up again and again…thanks to webinars like the ones below, my trading challenge students will be best prepared and most likely to profit, hence why they are earning the most $ out of any newsletter on Profitly in 2013 already despite being extremely limited in size.

Watch this webinar below and see the beginnings of the ONVO 100%+ runup in just a few weeks:

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