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Thanksgiving 2012 Holiday Stock Market Hours

My trading challenge students and those who have watched my TIMTactics DVD study guide know that the holidays are a great time for things like that massive 60% off sale listed above…

…and more importantly, ideal plays like these great penny stock trades pop up as tons of wannabe traders take more time off from their lower and middle class jobs to spend time with their families… Continue reading

I Owe My Friend An Apology

I screw up quite often as you can see from posts like “7 lessons from my biggest loss of 2012” and “Fess Up Time: My Many Failures“, but those are at least educational for my trading challenge students; this screw up isn’t educational, it just sucks and I owe my friend Pallian a big apology

The other day I wrote this tweet: Continue reading

Meet A True Stock Market Moron (#1)

I previously wrote about one of the most psychotic emails I got and was gonna do a whole series entitled “Penny Stock Psychos“.

But I’m now getting more than 2,500 emails/day from people who wanna become trading challenge students and PennyStocking Silver subscribers and who ask me what broker to use again and again and again (see my preferred brokers here) and there’s just no telling what these psychos will do when I write about them…so instead i’m gonna focus on “Stock Market Morons” as these stories are not only fun to read, they’re also very educational so you know the kind of absolute morons out there who you’re competing against on your penny stock strades. Continue reading

10 Lessons From How I Turned $300,000 Into $3 Million The Past 5 Years

Many trading challenge students and PennyStocking Silver subscribers don’t do enough research or pay attention to all my explanations, but the $600,000 trading account with which I start every year, on which I usually make 50%+/year as you can see here (already nearly 30% gain this midway through 2012), is just a small fraction of my total net assets. Continue reading

This Is My Hacker In Gainvesville aka Why My Site Is Always Slow [PICTURE]

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and trading challenge students know because I bust so many penny stock pump & dumps, such as I did HERE on Portage Resources Inc(NDA) (POTG) and HERE on Lithium Exploration Group Inc (LEXG), I’ve got a few enemies who try to stop me from getting the good and honest information out there. (you can help by tweeting/sharing this blog post via email/Facebook..kinda like neighborhood watch but out hood is the penny stock gutter)

As a result, I’m getting fairly well acquainted with authorities who deal with hackers and the next few months should be interesting…

Anyway, here is my latest attempted hacker…the last guy was in Germany, this one is based in beautiful Gainesville, Florida, get excited buddy, I hope to see you in handcuffs soon 🙂 Continue reading