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Ask My Student Who Turned $1,500 Into $4.7 Million ANYTHING

Ask my Student Anything

You Can ask My Student Who Turned $1,500 Into $4.7 Million ANYTHING!

As you might’ve read the other day in this post “3 Big Milestones This Week” my top trading challenge students and I have had a VERY busy few days/weeks even though August is typically the slowest month of the year…but the past 2 summers August has been on fire, along with June and July so take advantage of it! Continue reading

How To Trade With A Small Account vs Big Account


Time for another expose to cut through the far too many misconceptions and lies being spread about trading and penny stocks, as a followup to THIS and THIS because the market has been SO hot lately (as you can see HERE) and too many people aren’t taking proper advantage…little by little I’m working hard to get the good information out there, so I REALLY appreciate when I get comments like this from students:

First let me show you some recent screenshots/tweets from my students that far and away cut through ANY negativity associated with penny stocks and mind you these trades have been on the EXACT pattens I’ve catalogued HERE for the past decade and personally traded and made millions with for the past two decades: Continue reading

Answering 7 FAQS


The US stock market has been on absolute fire the past few days and I have more questions in my inbox than I can answer so I’m going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions right now below and you trading challenge students I’ll catch up on emails from you guys this weekend, sorry for the delay, but it’s a VERY fun time to be a penny stock trader/teacher as you might’ve guessed after reading THIS or THIS

1. What are the best penny stock brokers right now?

I stand by this video I made to start 2016: Continue reading

Answering 20 Penny Stock Trading FAQs

To celebrate my 35th birthday, enjoy 35-50% off HERE and HERE for just a few more days!

Thanks to all the press my millionaire trading challenge students have gotten recently HERE and HERE, my interviews with media legend Larry King HERE, my talk at Harvard University going viral HERE and my busting several liars HERE and HERE, I have a TON of new students who all seem to have the same kinds of questions.

Download a short PDF version of my 20 penny stock trading FAQ.

FYI almost all basic questions can be answered by this 7 free video lesson series, my best-selling How To Make Millions DVD (which has now raised $1.2 million ALL for charity!) the 60-day intro video course my Silver newsletter subscriber receive, not to mention 500+ FREE videos HERE, but I’ll answer the 25 most frequently asked questions below so I can refer to this post again and again and again and again: Continue reading

3 Questions That Will Change Your Life

URGENT: To celebrate my passing $4 million in profits, I’m giving a free webinar HERE on August 25th to teach you ALL the lessons that made me so much money…and my 2nd millionaire trading challenge student Tim Grittani who has been featured on FOX with me HERE and CNN with me HERE is about to pass $2 million in profits after starting with just $1,500 of his own money less than 4 years ago! Continue reading

Some Penny Stock Idiots To Laugh At

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3 Penny Stock Trading FAQs

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