BullShip Press- An American Hedge Fund


For nearly a decade, I’ve devoted my life to finance and I’ve come to realize that Wall Street is enshrouded in a thick layer of BullShip! For too long, all this BullShip has kept the average investor in the dark, causing trillions of dollars worth of unnecessary losses. Flawed industry regulations, fat cats, the press and the Wall Street establishment are all directly responsible. This must change. BullShip Press, LLC will cut through the muck by creating painstakingly honest financial products to help everyone achieve safer and more profitable investing.BullShip’s debut book, An American Hedge Fund, is the story of a hedge fund created from scratch. In addition to being entertained, wealthy and non-wealthy investors alike will finally be able to learn about time tested speculative investment strategies. Sure, these strategies are risky, but with risk comes the potential for rewards.

PennyStocking is BullShip’s debut instructional trading DVD and clocking in at just under 6 hours, it details the risks and rewards associated with trading penny stocks. Contrary to popular belief, these stocks are not unpredictable, that is, if you are atuned to the proper variables…