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Why This Coming Weekend Matters

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This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and if you’ve read my past blog posts like “How To Truly Celebrate This Memorial Day” and “12 Free Educational Videos To Celebrate Memorial Day” and “10 Lessons To Truly Honor Memorial Day” you know that I take this holiday very seriously as it’s not like other holidays that are just excuses to take time off, party, and get gifts for yourself and your loved ones…not that there’s anything wrong with that…it’s just that this holiday actually matters.

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For those of you who don’t know, Memorial Day is the day we take to honor those who have served in our armed forces and died for their country. I’m not going to debate the pros and cons of war, violence and nationalism, because no matter your or my opinion, this is the world in which we live and for all of America’s flaws, we remain the most free, democratic and economically successful country in the world as a result of our freedom and we must thank those who gave their lives trying to protect that freedom we too often take for granted.

I’m proud of all my trading challenge students who study extremely hard, but especially my students who are serving our fine country in one way or another as no job is too small to protect our great nation, especially in crazy times like these. And the sad reality is that while protecting our country is a truly honorable field, it doesn’t pay very well and so I’m glad I can help do my small part in educating several of these brave men and women in the ways of finance and the stock market and penny stocks which sadly isn’t taught in any school (although it should be!) with free guides like this.

There’s a popular saying that “freedom isn’t free” and it’s true because in order to achieve the freedom so many of us have, and some of us take for granted, many people do not just sacrifice their their lives, in terms of life or death, but too many people also sacrifice their time, effort and future too and I don’t think that needs to be the case since no matter who you are or where you are in the world, you can ALWAYS better yourself and educate yourself in your spare time, think at night and/or on weekends, especially long weekends like Memorial Day Weekend the next few days.

So this blog post is multi-faceted because I truly do want to thank so many brave men and women, and their families for making the ultimate sacrifice for our greater good, but also to serve as a wake up call to the rest of you that we have one life and although we live in some very scary and dangerous times in terms of terrorism and politics, this is still the most exciting time to be alive opportunity-wise that the world has seen in several centuries due to the invention of The Internet and what it allows you to do with your education, future and brains.

By utilizing revolutionary new tools like this (use coupon code: save100 to celebrate Memorial Day) that have taken years to be developed to help you learn and earn faster…well, it’s damn exciting for me as a teacher too as I want more successful students and now we finally have tools like this to speed up that process!

In the past, who your family was and what background you came from really influenced your career and who you would become, after all, a few centuries ago, hell, even a few decades ago, if you were born poor, you would most likely stay that way, just trying to find ways to scrape by and feed your family, stuck in a cycle of poverty, never able to figure out ways to make money to rise above your situation in life, never able to take time off from menial labor jobs in order to learn skills that could possibly elevate your position in life.

But now The internet has changed everything in making education and skills available to anyone with access and now no matter who your family is, what your background is and no matter what situation you were born into, all you need to do is sit in front of a computer, laptop or smartphone for hours and hours and hours and develop your brain and learn skills on The Internet that can and will change your future. And please never forget that we’re still in the early days of The Internet so while the educational tool might be a little rough around the edges — take my now hundreds of free video lessons here and free guides HERE and HERE as examples — it’s getting better and more organized every day so the future is bright.

As long as you have the proper mentality because as I’ve learned the hard way, as tough as it is for me to create millionaire trading challenge students from scratch, let alone even create consistently profitable traders considering that 90%+ of traders lose, it’s literally impossible for me to make you truly successful if you have the wrong attitude and mindset from the get go, as I hear things like “that kind of success could never happen to me”, “how fast can I become a millionaire with as little studying as possible” and “just give me one pick to prove you’re real and let me make some money first, then I’ll study” far too often…and in case you didn’t realize it, ALL of those students with comments like that go in my laptop’s trashcan as those people are not eligible for my millionaire trading challenge due to having the wrong mindset about what I can do for them and their potential to become my next millionaire student.

(If you have ANY doubts about my being real in this sad snake oil industry full of frauds and newbies, simply don’t learn from me, don’t waste my time, I’m not offended at all, the beauty of being real is I’m actually overwhelmed by students who are sure, as I show my income tax statements and audits here, and over the years I’ve done too many live trades, live webinars, free videos and created too many successful REAL students who show EVERY trade, not just some fake-ass screenshot so if you can’t see that, that’s on you, NOT me)

So, use this long holiday weekend to study hard, no matter where you are in the world, whether you believe in Memorial Day or not, the US stock market is closed on Monday so you have extra time right now to refine your knowledge and skill-set, watch these free videos too so you can become like these guys who have seen literally every one of my video lessons and DVDs 2-4x each:

…as it’s that kind of dedication that is needed to be better prepared on EVERY stock trade…and using truly revolutionary new tools like this (use coupon code: save100 to celebrate Memorial Day) and learning how to use that tool with free guides like these:

…that is how you speed up your learning curve so you can make more money and truly enjoy the freedom that is possible when you can focus on your own dreams and not someone else’s…and I have a feeling that too many people reading this know exactly what I mean, but aren’t there yet…so get inspired and use this weekend to get on the right path and definitely take advantage of this Memorial Day sale here too! (use coupon code: save100 to celebrate Memorial Day)

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Hey Everyone,

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m always reviewing videos and watching the market to learn as much as possible. With time and dedication I will succeed.
    Thank You Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your dedicated student Mark Kile

  2. Eric

    To many forget what sacrifice for country or for trading REALLY means .., soldiers give their life for our freedom .. Yet the VA treats them how they do .. It’s sad really … In trading you don’t need to sacrifice your life , but you do need to sacrifice time and money for educational tools to be successful … Even sacrificing to give to others (charity) Is important .. Remember who has less than you do and try to give back as much as you can .. SACRIFICE is the word of the day … Why don’t more people sacrifice?

  3. Thomas Joseph Des Jardins

    Tim, i am a Vietnam Veteran i appreciate you letter to all, quite heartfelt i must say, to all serving now and to all who have served, and especially to those who gave there lives so that i may enjoy FREEDOM.. again Mr. Sykes Thank you.. and thank you all who serve this great nation, called the United States Of America..

  4. Fidel V.

    Great post, Tim! I need to be grateful for the freedom given to me in America and use it to my full advantage. There are so many opportunities. I must study hard to not only better my life but the lives of those around me.

  5. Patrick Jepsen

    Hey Tim, Great Post!

    I’m catching up on some blog posts on my phone! It is intermission time at my Trumpet gig! LOL still got time to study when I’m playing the Trumpet and looking good in a suit!

    Also, I’m just curious… What Apple Laptop do you use whilst travelling? I’m thinking of getting one. šŸ™‚

  6. Tayler Peterson

    Dear everyone posting and TIM,
    As an active duty family me and my just want to say thank you for all the support and glad to see people who actually respect what we do. I just want to say i have not invested invested any money in training (just using all the free stuff as of now) due to financial issues. with this being said i just started trading last month and with only $250USD and I’m up 10%(yes i know this isn’t a lot but it’s a start). I just want to thank Tim for all the free education he has placed because being a new trader and being positive after my first month makes me have high hopes for making great things out of this. ENJOY have a wonderful weekend and please be safe.

  7. Ron V.

    Happy Memorial Day to All!! Another great post! Thanks Tim! I keep on studying even im on holidays!

  8. Jeffrey Borja

    My dad’s a Vietnam Veteran and I’m a Persian Gulf Veteran. Definitely appreciate the post and sentiments! See you in the chatroom…and Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

  9. Briggs

    Thanks for the inspiration boss. Though stuck on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic, I’m looking forward to an extended weekend of studying without the self-imposed pressure/interruption that coincides with simultaneously watching the market.

  10. Louis Horvath

    Every blog and video post helps me with my learning curve. I can’t believe coming up a year when I signed up for the market prep course and I’m still dedicated. I see myself has one of top students in the future. Thank you

    Have a nice weekend!

  11. tomfinn92

    Thanks for the Memorial Day sentiment, Tim. Happy to have served in the Air Force for the past 25 years. Thanks for the great educational services you provide – you’re a great teacher and mentor!

  12. Ravi

    Happy Memorial Day ,
    Definitely resonate with this post.
    Freedom is my birthright and wealth is possible because of the sacrifice of others keeping us safe. After the Manchester Attacks I will work harder to help others with music and dance and wealth creation. I detest the thought of oppression and poverty.

  13. Wiso

    Yes I’m going to get STT as soon as I get a computer or laptop. I’m mobile right now lol. Happy Memorial Day!!!

  14. Al Dinger

    Tim, you are special because the hand of the Almighty is on you to bring deliverance financially to people of the world who desire it. Thank you for you, your family and all who choose to work with you.

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