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Why James Altucher Is The Best Business Blogger Of Our Generation

…and I’m not just saying that because I’m his friend. It’s because it’s actually true!

I’ll explain why below, but first go to The Altucher Confidential and read some of his best work such as “Why I Write Books Even Though I’ve Lost Money on Every Book I’ve Written” (very clever ending) and “How I Screwed Yasser Arafat out of $2mm (and lost $100mm in the process)” (shocking brutal honesty, amazing market education for all of us) and you won’t need to read my explanation.

Let’s look at his competition for the title — anyone in finance? Hell no, we’re too busy talking about faaaaaar too many tickers, charts and trends because that’s what makes us and our readers money. BORINGGGGGG (show us your public track record like THIS all you little bitches…enough with the endless rambling and hypotheses, how do you expect anyone to know if you’re any good in terms of PERFORMANCE!) (To be fair James doesn’t show his track record either (yet), but then again he doesn’t talk about stock picks…lately)

How about some VC bloggers who don’t care about smalltime money like this and prefer to invest in a few lotto ticket-type investments? And have actually had big wins int he past aka you should read and learn from them.

Well, you’ve got Fred Wilson who ranks well for consistency, but he’s got his megafunds to think of and he has to remain professional…somewhat…and friendly…all the time…and Mark Suster has great business and investing content, but it’s a bit technical for most and I know from subscribers of my 4 newsletters, you guys ain’t no rocket scientists.

In fact, looking at this list of the 10 top venture capital bloggers, all are loaded money and experience-wise, all offer intelligent commentary, most are funny and witty, some are too concentrated on VC only to be of much use but none of them offer truly you-know-that-feeling-you-got-after-seeing-Avatar-in-3D-type reading…James’ blog posts do.

Sure, sure, James has some misses “Is Satan a Good Investor” is a bit too indulgent and you can tell James’ take on religion (I’m far guiltier on both counts too) and “I’m Guilty of Torture” won’t teach you much, but it might make you smile a bit…

…but overall James’ experiences, wit, humor and most importantly his utter lack of conflict (he’s not head of any new startup/professional VC/bigtime hedge fund although he has stakes in all three…several of all three I think aka they’re all used to him by now) allows him to really shine in terms of brutal honesty and education.

And NOBODY else out there with any solid business, investing and VC experience can claim such unabashed openness…and that is why James’ readers benefit the most and he is the best business blogger of our generation.

Tell me, where else are you gonna eye-popping quotes like “Two years earlier, to the day, I looked at my bank statement and I had about $15,000,000 in there. Now, late 2001, almost nothing.” and “After losing over one million a week, cash, for the entire summer of 2000, I was forced to sell my apartment.” (read great blog post “What it feels like to be Rich

Sure, sure, word porn for the greedy, but isn’t that what most of us in business are into?

Well I am.

Perhaps that’s why I’m actually excited to read James’ new book “The Wall Street Journal Guide to Investing for the Apocalypse.

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  1. Kevin

    “and Mark Suster has great business and investing content, but it’s a bit technical for most and I know from subscribers of my 4 newsletters, you guys ain’t no rocket scientists.”

    LMAO!!! Thanks Tim for starting my Wed. Trading Morning out on the right foot, LoL!!!!

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