Which Strategy Do You Choose?

What an absolutely crazy few weeks it’s been as the slow summer trading I was praying for just doesn’t seem to be coming true as there are Supernovas galore nearly every single day lately…as I write this I just made roughly $2,000 on today’s big spiker**, Black Box Corp (BBOX) and will gave a detailed video lesson this weekend for subscribers of my newsletters here.

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For now, watch this new video lesson I just made detailing how I profited nicely on Mexco Energy (MXC), calling it as a buy not once but twice before it doubled to roughly $14/share, even though I mistimed it substantially by playing it too safe while my top trading challenge student Tim Grittani made nearly $20,000 over 2 days on the same play**:


And if you want to learn how to trade aggressively like Tim Grittani, don’t worry as I have a video interview with him coming next week as I’ve been traveling with him and his wife the past few days as we’re doing a small-group training together in Rome, Italy in a few days (apply here to learn in-person)

You see that’s the beauty of my strategy, YOU get to choose whether you want to trade conservatively or aggressively, big or small…once you master everything you can do back and forth depending on your mood, schedule, time zone, market environment, etc so it’s funny when people think I’m angry when my top students make more money than me…on the contrary, I’m extremely proud as a big reason is that I CHOOSE to trade with a small account in order to be a better teacher since most of my students have small accounts so it’s more helpful for them to learn how they can make $1,000 or $2,000 in a day** as that’s been the key to how I’ve made millions over time and how my top trading challenge students have made millions within a few years too.**

And despite being a multi-millionaire, I actually enjoy trading with a small account as you lose the rush of just trading for money over time, now I get more pumped up when I see my students learning and earnings with the same strategy that has changed my life and my family’s life and I want it to change many more people’s lives and their families lives too.

Check out some of my students trades on MXC, many of them timed it better than me and just wait until you hear the details of Tim Grittani’s story too next week, it’s crazy because he’s so humble about everything and right now he’s made roughly $40,000 the past week, $24,000 or so realized and $16,000 or so unrealized** and he’s totally unfazed by it — he just wants to do the best he can and take advantage of the opportunities as much as possible, which is 100% the right way to think about all of this.

You see I get hundreds of messages of all kinds every day and no matter my success and my students’ success there are still SO many doubters who refuse to study while making endless excuses…and they say it’s on me to make them believe if I want them to study, but they have it backwards — the beauty of my being real is that I’m truly overwhelmed by people who are sure and people who do want to be my next challenge student so if you have any doubts whatsoever, don’t bother applying to be my next self-sufficient trading challenge student, there’s no hard feelings at all, I just don’t have the time, patience or tolerance for anyone who isn’t 100% committed to learning this strategy and that kind of dedication is what’s required to be truly successful in this game.

Some people also message me they don’t want to make millions of dollars, just an extra $50,000 or $100,000 would be nice and to them I say, first LOL, because you don’t get to choose the dollar amount you make — this isn’t like specifying what toppings you want on your pizza, first you need a ton of knowledge and know how to avoid being part of the MANY of traders who lose, and secondly, it’s better to learn everything and aim big so that even if you screw up and miss the majority of a penny stock’s move, like I did with my great play MXC, you can still profit nicely.

So, when I say “which do you choose”, I’m not talking about which dollar amount of profits do you choose….again, LOL to such assumptions…I’m talking about do you choose to trade big and aggressively, or small and safely…and I want you to leave a comment below with your answer and then stick to it too!

I love seeing students succeed when they stick to the rules and take their education and promises seriously and I absolutely hate seeing students go too big too quickly and get frustrated because they lose big due to a lack of preparation and know how.

I cannot encourage you enough to start small, even paper-trade using this key software, as you can ALWAYS bet bigger and trade more aggressively later on once you have more experience, but I think too many newbies think it’s going to be easy at first and then they get disappointed when they put in so much $ and effort and don’t get results right away…let me remind you that Tim Grittani has now made $6.6 million in 7 years**, he crossed $1 million in his first 3 years** as profiled here in a story that went viral, but he made absolutely nothing his first 9 months of trading and in fact he actually lost his first $1,500 entirely when he didn’t follow rule #1 and cut losses quickly.

So, again, I ask you, which do you choose, to trade conservatively or aggressively? And understand there is no one right answer…you have to do what feels right to you and remember you can always switch and adapt, you’re not locked into trading any one way for any extended period of time, always be testing, tinkering and adapting in the pursuit of success!