When To Buy & Short Sell A Terrible But Low Float Penny Stock

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PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know that while I usually stink at buying stocks ( and short selling them lately too!), I have picked some major winners on the long side.

A few days ago was perhaps one of my best buy calls even though I didn’t act on it due to a.) my proven lack of profits whenever I buy a breakout b.) the stock’s illiquidity, c.) my knowledge that some of my subscribers of my 4 newsletters (stubborn fools learning an important lesson…I tried teaching them but they though I was making it up) are still short and d.) the stock is so illiquid, had I alerted to buying it, I would’ve been blamed for the runup…as if I’m a low float buying “guru” like Supermannnnnn….even though as we can see it broke out and ran up on its own without anyone’s help.

But why I’m highlighting this is to show you the value of my premarket watchlists for subscribers of my 4 newsletters…despite only 1/4 of my subscribers even bothering to read it, every now and then I NAIL the price action before it plays out later that day:

RiT Technologies Ltd. (RITT) is basing higher and higher…this could be a major short squeeze to the double digits if they have any solid volume or ideally some hyped up press release…then Superman and Agora will claim victory when in fact they didn’t predict anything, they just contributed to the pump…and for that we must thank them…potential buy
As you can see from the daily chart, it was perfect breakout, but the chart below shows you how you had alllll day to buy it before its 20%+ late day jump…almost hitting double digits (likely today)


very right

And RITT even jumped to the mid $13s on this PERFECT breakout…so a nice 50%+ move above the breakout at $8 and just one subscriber bought the breakout and banked as you can see from his trade


And yes before Friday’s 20%+ down move, PennyStocking Silver subscribers were also warned a day ahead of time to watch out for the potential short:

And again just one, a different one, subscriber banked on the short side

Out of 1,200 subscribers, less than 1/4 even open their watchlists…out of 300 PennyStocking Silver subscribers less than 1/3 watch these videos. Very sad. Knowledge is power people, this isn’t rocket science, I just research and watch and write and alert subscribers of my 4 newsletters…you can do it all on your own, but then you’ll be like me and have no life. 🙂