When Exactly Did BioMedReports.com Sell Their POSC Position? (Or Did They?) We Demand Answers!

UPDATE: Garza says he hasn’t sold any shares which brings 2 questions…a.) why did the “long” disclaimer disappear from his website in 2 articles and b.) My readers demand to know Gara’s position size and entry price…we’re gonna drag him kicking and screaming into FULL transparency…if he answers these questions then we might have an ounce of respect for him.

Remember yesterday’s trade? Well the fire continues…soooo many good trading setups, so little time.

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know I shorted Positron Corporation (POSC) as I sent them these alerts:

TIMalert: shorted 25k POSC at .24 cents/share at IB, low priced, but its up from 3 cents/share, very SPNG-like, BiomedReports picking it, ugly research coming, goal is to cover under 15 cents/share in 1-5 days


shorted 10k more POSC at 0.23, now short 40k, goal is to cover at 0.15 still, also sold 7k DEAR at 4.35ish, too early, massive win, congrats everyone

I posted my research HERE, HERE and HERE not to bash but to educate since the setup is a PERFECT example almost straight out of any of my 10 instructional DVD packages.

All of which is nice, but even after I shorted and posted all my research, the stock was flat at 24 cents/share (still waiting to hear back from BiomedReports as to whether or not they sold their shares (as I wrote about, their first article had a “long disclosure”, their followup articles did not, so I encourage BiomedReports.com founder ME Garza and friends to be transparent and tell us all what they bought in at and what they sold at, if they sold and exactly how much they made or lost)

Download a PDF version of this post.

But the stock only tanked 40% within an hour of the “big” Monday announcement that POSC is gonna discuss “new initiatives” and “recent highlights” at the NASDAQ…no big partnership, no buyout, no “dramatic rise in stock price”….and the company tried to make it sound better in a tougher-sounding-yet-still-rather-useless followup press release today, but the damage had already been done (FYI POSC, I’d fire that IR firm that wrote the first press release, can’t hype up an announcement and then fail to deliver…no wonder why the stock got wrecked…after all, it was up roughly 1,000% leading up to this “news”)


BiomedReports.com says I made “false and defamatory accusations” (still not sure what those were as I simply questioned what would happen based on past BiomedReports picks RNN and RPC (which both dropped 40%+ in the days after Garza & BiomedReports pick em) and quoted POSC’s horrific annual report…I was even overly nice by removing these thoughts when Garza emailed me and said my post bothered him), but my guess is BiomedReports is far more in the wrong here (as evidenced by the stock’s 40%+ drop) likely due to fall out from THIS article they so lovingly distributed and the multiple text messages they sent out to subscribers on Thursday and Friday talking about how a “dramatic rise in stock price is expected” but not putting a single disclaimer on any of those text messages as to whether or not they were still long the stock.

(Are we to assume no disclaimer means they were not long which begs the question, if they truly believe in a dramatic rise in price, why did they sell their shares sometime between Thursday and Friday?)

bmr.com:Alert: Sources tell BiomedReports that POSC has scheduled a news conference. Announcement pending.

bmr.com:Alert: POSC news conference will be held at Nasdaq Market Site according to those sources.

bmr.com:POSC will not deny that news conference will be announced by Monday.

bmr.com:Alert: If POSC news conference is announced by Monday, dramatic rise in stock price is expected.

bmr.com:BiomedReports stands behind these reports 100%. Shorts will have to cover!

bmr.com:Alert: POSC’s big news conference will be officially announced on Monday. Full details at BiomedReports.com

So if BiomedReports wants to go to court, I say bring it onnnnnnnn…my legal fees will be made worthwhile just by getting to know how many shares of this stock they were long, at what price did they buy, when did they sell (they could still be long, we don’t know), what was their $ profit/loss?

These are relevant questions, but for far too long this industry has remained in the dark transparency-wise…the beautiful thing is that I have nothing to worry about because I do put disclaimers stating if I am long or short a stock and subscribers to my 4 newsletters can see all my trades in real-time.

EVERYONE knew I was short at 24 cents/share and EVERYONE knew that I made roughly $3,300 by covering at exactly my initial target of 15 cents/share (I covered at 15.25 cents/share)

So Garza and BiomedReports, you ready to man up and detail for us EXACTLY how many shares you and your cohorts bought of POSC and at what price and have you sold already? If you sold before Monday, why did you send out text messages stating you expected a “dramatic rise in stock price” on Monday? If you’re still long, why is there no disclaimer on your articles that you are long?

If you’re not ready to be transparent, I understand, I see it all the time and I look forward to the discovery process in court, bringggggg it (who’s the Nazi now? Referring to when Garza compared me to being a Nazi)

Check out how some TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking Silver subscribers did on this trade:

I made 650 on POSC
Cory d.

Made $200 on POSC

POSC +788

Tim, I was short 12k shares of POSC. +$850

i made 300 on it 2 days ago

+615 POSC short .24 to .163

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