This short sellers LOVES bull markets!

Sounds kinda weird, right? Probly only my trading challenge students understand.

After all, markets like this create great success stories like this guy

Remember, my strategy, is kinda weird; I like to short into strength and at no time other than a strong bull market like the one in which we currently find ourselves is there more strength in the absolute worst companies in the world.

For example, take MLER, they make flying cars…they’ve been promising for years to have contracts….they’ve had press releases galore about “partnerships” and yet they’ve all fallen through and the stock has done nothing but go down. Once upon a time, I gave them a chance to succeed, actually buying the stock, but that time has come and gone. Now the odds favor shorting it into every spike because the people running the company are truly incompetent.

But it’s a bull market so MLER was just featured on CNN and the stock has doubled…not up enough yet for me to short, but it will be.

Take PRCP, which I actually did buy and alert at $6.70 as a 3d printing sympathy play to the sector leaders DDD and SSYS…I sold in the low $7s since it wasn’t a volatile stock and the company just switched auditors, meaning there’s some fishy stuff going on accounting-wise…it went all the way to the $9s and when I tried shorting it today on some weakness, I got squeezed when in a bear market, it’d have been a profit.

I’m happy…there are SO many plays it’s basically fire at will…especially if you’re like THIS HOT PENNY STOCK TRADER who likes to buy momentum.

Check out all the successes my students have had this week:

[9:30] TheHypeTrader out SWVI $100

[9:31] missasheya out AAPL 540/485

[9:31] missasheya -$640 on calls but $2740 on puts

11:34] LuckyJohn Out QUIHI $75 – That was quick and easy! Thanks InvestorsLive!! – too bad I didn’t have funds for more than 100 shares! That was exactly like yesterday’s ONVO bounce!

[1:25] jwilb2514384 Covered RBCC for $525

[9:35AM]Ipbyrne:covered half my WUHn short $600

[9:40AM]carvan58:made on IBM 2k with $500 invested in option

[9:44AM]MichaelGoode:all out SWVI +$1600

[9:46AM]LuckyJohn:FUCK YEAH!! Sold my 5k for .28 +$550

[9:46AM]TheHypeTrader:sold SWI $157.51, waiting for panic

[9:46AM]mryan:Out SWVI at .28


[9:47AM]shirtlesssinger:I only got $800… Guess I just dont trust APS like I used to…. That was easy money we all shoulda got at least $5k

[9:54AM]issa:75$ profit on SWVI

[10:48AM]LuckyJohn:Sold my 1k ONVO @ 4.49 +$340

[10:50AM]darrylnr:+400 on ONVO so far – 1k remaining

[10:56AM]dereklege:profit $902 on ONVO with the small bounce

[11:41AM]pkovacs87 > darrylnr:yep. sold for my first profit 🙂 +$140

[4:01PM]daytonabeginner:cleared $368 today

[4:02PM]pkovacs87:2 minutes brfore close I sold 1000 shares of KERX for a quick $100 nice… losing winnig and I ended up making $30 today, but this is my first green day… I learn every day Thanks TIM and for everybody WEEHHHOOO

[4:02PM]LuckyJohn:$890 for me today!

[9:32] pennystockbeast WUHN $$$$ – Just made $3000

[9:41] LuckyJohn Out UNXL .75 = 375

[10:25] ecalles Sold 2k of CIMT @ 6.1 $1571 profit

[10:26] ecalles Thanks to TIM and to Superman!

[10:29] steelers15 out ONVO quick $100

[11:45] steelers15 IMSC out $522 profit

[8:47AM]steffandancy:my first trade is looking good premarket (rimm

[8:47AM]steffandancy:$100 profit – ill take that

[10:11AM]LuckyJohn:out UNXL at 16.67 +$96

[11:38AM]LuckyJohn:There, I’m out of GEVO – +$135

[11:58AM]carvan58:early took $300 only

[12:23PM]dannyboy78:Keep going in and out of ONVO – up $450 today and would have sold in the past but wtf

[2:49PM]dannyboy78:Sold ONVO – taking another $430 profit – do not want to hold over weekend