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My True Love

As my life is dedicated to trading and teaching subscribers of my newsletters HERE how to trade I’m doing pretty well as evidenced by by now turning $12,415 into $3.53 million, showing every trade HERE, especially enjoying 2014 as I’m already up nearly 50% in just the first few weeks of the year and I have not one but 2 millionaire trading challenge students now:

…with several other students featured HERE closing in on the $1 million profit mark all within just a few years since I began teaching.

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And as much as I want to focus on that 24/7 as I know I’m creating something truly revolutionary that has already changed the lives of thousands of my students (definitely wisdom-wise, more and more are being changed wealth-wise every day as my lessons from live penny stock trades caught on video like THESE begin to sink in) and will eventually change the entire financial world, I also have a life outside of these pursuits with my wonderful girlfriend, adorable but truly-a-menace puppy and my passion for fine food, family, few-friends-who-can-tolerate-my-ridiculously-busy-schedule, travel and luxuries as I show on my Instagram account HERE below:

Like any successful trader will tell you, you can’t focus too much on trading/making money because you usually lose money/screw up when you try to force it and make your dreams happen too quickly.

(You trading challenge students — education is a different story, you can NEVER study too much, learn my patterns and the subtleties of the penny stock market/trading world by watch my DVD study guides HERE, my 1,400+ video lessons and my archived and live trading webinars to up your odds of success on EVERY trade)

The best trades come to you every few days/weeks like these:

As I posted HERE on Facebook on Friday

Missed out on $10,000+ in $YOD profits today but spending time with my beautiful girlfriend in paradise trumps $ sometimes! VERY proud that nailed the short though!

keys chess

…as I totally screwed up making all-too-typical-newbie mistakes — vowing not to trade and spend the whole day with my girlfriend down here in the beautiful Florida Keys on Valentine’s Day — giving into my addiction with by shorting YOD in the 5.70s when it looked like there would be a morning panic, cutting losses at 5.85ish when there was no panic as I expected, missing the mid-day crack from 5.70 down to the 5.40s as I spent time with my girlfriend, then re-shorting at 5.45 in a pure vengeance trade, only to be forced to cut losses quickly once again at 5.49 when I chased it down too much.

yod crack copy

Total losses of roughly $5,000 and now I’m on a “losing streak” on my past 4 trades.

What I did right on my first trade was to wait for green-to-red to short YOD in the morning, but I shoulda waited for $5.70, the low the previous day, to crack, or at least be tested, before shorting so big, but I was in a rush because I was trying to sneak in a trade before my girlfriend woke up to catch me.

Good lesson not to try to force your own timing on any trade…the stock doesn’t care about your schedule, don’t try to fit any trade into yours as your risk of loss increases dramatically.

The mid-day crack from $5.70 to the $5.40s validated made my earlier short, but I still felt guilty for missing it and not profiting…so when I re-shorted, that was a vengeance trade which also lowered my odds of success as I was chasing my own guilt.

The good news is that I had a great Valentine’s day/night with my beautiful girlfriend, I cut losses quickly on both trades so even though I messed up, neither loss hurt my account very much.

The second time it was more important to cut losses so quickly since it actually spiked back to the $5.70s into the market close and despite losing $5,000, I still made $30,000ish on the week, am up $210,000+ in the first 6 weeks of 2014 and when the blatant pump CNTO reopens for trading on February 26th, I’ll likely make $100,000+ since I’m short big as you might’ve seen in this video

Long story short, no trading loss — no matter the cause whether it’s based on schedule, vengeance, or lack of discipline, will ever both me that much if I stick to my #1 rule of cutting losses quickly and as you can see I protected my account and weekly, monthly, and yearly profits well all while spending time with someone who I truly love.

The stock market and more specifically penny stocks, has given me so much, but I don’t live to trade, I trade to live…well…and to teach…to help others to live well.

Focus on those who you love FIRST, that’s true love, money just helps you live better.

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

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  1. Sérgio Sena

    Great post. Very important that family is on top. They always help in everything and it is good to be together with whom we love the most. Then money will just give us a much better quality of life. 🙂

  2. Nick N Marcela Hernandez Barne

    Awesome, Tim. I’ll miss the hilarious photos of you and the two fully covered Muslim women in Dubai. Glad you found a great lady. When is the wedding??!?!? 😀

  3. quantum

    You have a beautiful girlfriend and family Tim. Enjoy every moment with them. You deserve this great life and much more.

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