The Winners Of My 2 Latest $10,000 Giveaways

$10,000 Giveaways

The Winners Of My 2 Latest $10,000 Giveaways

To me, money isn’t just something to be used for buying things, it can be used as a catalyst to help improve your life through education.

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As you might know I LOVE doing giveaways, whether I’m giving away $1 million like I did here to my favorite charity, Pencils Of Promise, or just walking around Los Angeles and giving away $20,000 cash as you might’ve seen in this video:


Like when I had my first $100,000+ profit day as a freshman in college (as you might’ve read here), the money was definitely nice, but, more importantly, it opened up my eyes to endless possibilities and how there was SO much more opportunity in this world compared to what I had been taught up to that point in my life — that you needed a good education to get a solid job and then over several years, or even a few decades, you could make six-and-seven-figures…so that six-figure profit day became a catalyst for me to study harder and learn to capitalize on all the opportunities that exist.

And that’s why I also wrote this blog post nearly a month ago offering to giveaway 1 Bitcoin, which was worth roughly $6,000, to one lucky individual, to help everyone understand why there’s so much opportunity in the crypto-currency niche right now…

…and because I’ve been so slammed the past few weeks, I never even got around to picking a winner and Bitcoin has now spiked all the way to nearly $10,000 so I’m a man of my word and will still give away 1 Bitcoin to one student whose name is Harris S.

I haven’t even told Harris he’s won yet as I literally just picked him from a group of tens of thousands of people who left comments so Harris, you’ve got 1 Bitcoin, currently valued at $9,722 at the time of this blog post, coming your way!

My second $10,000 giveaway actually happened a few weeks ago, but I just posted video of this awesome day:

As I rewarded 10 solid students who are excelling at their school in Newark, New Jersey so that the money would help crystalize the lessons I taught them, mainly about following your heart and passion that inevitably will make you successful since it doesn’t feel like work instead of enslaving yourself on something you don’t truly believe in for a university degree you think you need or a well-paying job in an industry you don’t really care about, working for a boss you likely hate.

Sadly, that describes a lot of people’s lives because they have bills to pay and responsibilities so they do whatever they can to make enough money to support themselves and/or their family too so the idea of actually enjoying their job is a foreign concept.

Hopefully the $10,000 I gave away will help them understand it’s FAR better to chase their own drams rather than to try building someone else’s dreams as we are in a truly unique time in history where The Internet allows you to learn anything you want, and if you put in enough hours like I have done stock trading, and now refining my teaching process too, your mastery of any subject will inevitably lead to money and success…but first you must put in the countless hours required to become an expert at something.

And to those of you saying I do charity for a tax write-off, that’s inaccurate, most of my charity foundation’s money comes from this one DVD guide on which I make ZERO money despite it taking nearly a year for me to complete.

And for further clarification, neither my 1 Bitcoin giveaway nor this other $10,000 cash giveaway is part of my charity foundation’s giving.  When you have your own charity foundation, the rules on who you can donate money to are very clear — so the $10,000 I gave to several high school students and now the roughly $10,000 one Bitcoin giveaway are coming straight out of my pocket and it’s an honor to do so, especially they allowed me to reinforce my point about how crucial it is to study hard and focus on what you love.

But let me see what you think of all of this, please leave a comment below and you tell me — do you think these giveaways are a good idea? Are you inspired to study harder and focus on your TRUE passion?

Not what your friend, family or anyone else thinks you should spend time on, it’s far more important to please yourself above everyone else as in your career…I know that sounds a bit selfish, but you MUST be selfish when considering your career-choice and the cool thing is you can adapt and change over time, no different from how I started out as just a trader and gradually turned into a teacher/trader.

Anyway, leave a comment below and let me know what you think of all of this and also be sure to take advantage of this blowout sale here ASAP…and get ready to watch my top trading challenge students and I on TV tomorrow night!