The Winners Of My 2 Latest $10,000 Giveaways

$10,000 Giveaways

The Winners Of My 2 Latest $10,000 Giveaways

To me, money isn’t just something to be used for buying things, it can be used as a catalyst to help improve your life through education.

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As you might know I LOVE doing giveaways, whether I’m giving away $1 million like I did here to my favorite charity, Pencils Of Promise, or just walking around Los Angeles and giving away $20,000 cash as you might’ve seen in this video:


Like when I had my first $100,000+ profit day as a freshman in college (as you might’ve read here), the money was definitely nice, but, more importantly, it opened up my eyes to endless possibilities and how there was SO much more opportunity in this world compared to what I had been taught up to that point in my life — that you needed a good education to get a solid job and then over several years, or even a few decades, you could make six-and-seven-figures…so that six-figure profit day became a catalyst for me to study harder and learn to capitalize on all the opportunities that exist.

And that’s why I also wrote this blog post nearly a month ago offering to giveaway 1 Bitcoin, which was worth roughly $6,000, to one lucky individual, to help everyone understand why there’s so much opportunity in the crypto-currency niche right now…

…and because I’ve been so slammed the past few weeks, I never even got around to picking a winner and Bitcoin has now spiked all the way to nearly $10,000 so I’m a man of my word and will still give away 1 Bitcoin to one student whose name is Harris S.

I haven’t even told Harris he’s won yet as I literally just picked him from a group of tens of thousands of people who left comments so Harris, you’ve got 1 Bitcoin, currently valued at $9,722 at the time of this blog post, coming your way!

My second $10,000 giveaway actually happened a few weeks ago, but I just posted video of this awesome day:

As I rewarded 10 solid students who are excelling at their school in Newark, New Jersey so that the money would help crystalize the lessons I taught them, mainly about following your heart and passion that inevitably will make you successful since it doesn’t feel like work instead of enslaving yourself on something you don’t truly believe in for a university degree you think you need or a well-paying job in an industry you don’t really care about, working for a boss you likely hate.

Sadly, that describes a lot of people’s lives because they have bills to pay and responsibilities so they do whatever they can to make enough money to support themselves and/or their family too so the idea of actually enjoying their job is a foreign concept.

Hopefully the $10,000 I gave away will help them understand it’s FAR better to chase their own drams rather than to try building someone else’s dreams as we are in a truly unique time in history where The Internet allows you to learn anything you want, and if you put in enough hours like I have done stock trading, and now refining my teaching process too, your mastery of any subject will inevitably lead to money and success…but first you must put in the countless hours required to become an expert at something.

And to those of you saying I do charity for a tax write-off, that’s inaccurate, most of my charity foundation’s money comes from this one DVD guide on which I make ZERO money despite it taking nearly a year for me to complete.

And for further clarification, neither my 1 Bitcoin giveaway nor this other $10,000 cash giveaway is part of my charity foundation’s giving.  When you have your own charity foundation, the rules on who you can donate money to are very clear — so the $10,000 I gave to several high school students and now the roughly $10,000 one Bitcoin giveaway are coming straight out of my pocket and it’s an honor to do so, especially they allowed me to reinforce my point about how crucial it is to study hard and focus on what you love.

But let me see what you think of all of this, please leave a comment below and you tell me — do you think these giveaways are a good idea? Are you inspired to study harder and focus on your TRUE passion?

Not what your friend, family or anyone else thinks you should spend time on, it’s far more important to please yourself above everyone else as in your career…I know that sounds a bit selfish, but you MUST be selfish when considering your career-choice and the cool thing is you can adapt and change over time, no different from how I started out as just a trader and gradually turned into a teacher/trader.

Anyway, leave a comment below and let me know what you think of all of this and also be sure to take advantage of this blowout sale here and this one too ASAP…and get ready to watch my top trading challenge students and I on TV tomorrow night!

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Lorraine Dixon

    Awesome Tim. I know that the future of jobs will be self employment and it will definitely will include the internet. While my future generation need all the help they can get,this type of knowledge can benefit them extremely.

  2. DeAnn Kin

    You are a blessing to those you help! Keep
    Up the good work! We will grow up to be just like you, when we get there!! Thanks for all you do!!

  3. Donald Sherman

    I am a young black professional I have seen you online and so on. I would love for you to use me as a spokes person to get more minority’s involved in investing. If you could teach me and use my story to better boost your business I would love to be a part of that. I truly believe that this would open up more opportunities for you and your bussiness.

  4. OceanRider

    I think it is good to give to those who need it. We have a lot of people who are in desperate times and no where to turn.

    Regarding whether the giving inspires me, I am truly chasing my dream regarding trading. No one can give me my success. I am earning it. I have accomplished other great things. I know from experience I will reach my goals.

    Until then, I just work.

    My success will surprise some at how quick it comes when I finally arrive but not me.

    I just wrote this while the power in my house was out. I was actually studying after working all day and studying at 545am this morning.

    Now that the power is on, I will resume studying.

  5. M. Shaun

    Yes, it’s ways a good idea to use money for good… To change peoples’ lives. Bro I’m a police officer and I still got a lump in my throat seeing you give that money to those kids. Not just the looks on their faces, but their words to you afterwords. It’s easy to take money from someone and just say thank you. It’s above and beyond when they say such thoughtful and kind words to show such gratitude. I hope to one day give back to places that counsel broken marriages. I have been through a hurtful a D unexpected divorces, and that gave me a passion for hurting couples. Thank you for sharing. #ofchewett

  6. Hurshel prince

    I’m probably your oldest student, I believe passing it forward is what we are supposed to do. An I pray I’m able to do the same
    We bearly get by an I see so many the same way. It would be a blessing to be able to just walk up to some one like a single mom a give her something like that to lift her spirit

  7. Barbara Ann

    I watched both videos and my eyes got watery a few times. You have such a big heart and you care about your students, the community, people around the world, and especially your parents. It’s wonderful to see how much life you have inside you. What a dream, to walk into a venue and give money to people who can’t reciprocate. I profited almost $500 today and I’m glad to take ALL my family to the hockey game. I am so grateful to be one of your Millionaire Master Program students. I am so proud of you!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Tim,
    Yes, I believe it’s the thing to do to keep God & His priorities 1st in life, to follow a passion in one’s work and to develop those priorities and that passion to the greatest extent possible for each individual. I’ll tell you one of the stories of my life. About 35 to 40 years ago I was in business, had gained some knowledge and was applying it quite profitably in my business but on a small scale because my business budget was small. Two friends approached me with an offer to completely finance me. I would, time after time, create this particular type business in town after town, I would own 1/2 and they would own 1/2. I would be responsible for starting and and establishing each store, forward the data to these two gentlemen and move on to create the next. The thought of doing all this made my mouth water. I calculated what I could accomplish within 2 to 3 years and estimated that my 1/2 would be around $4,000,000 in that time frame. Then I calculated my personal cost to make that happen. I would be on the road alone living out of a suitcase, working nearly 24 / 7 for 2 to 3 years and by doing so I would probably lose my wife, my two little beautiful daughters and nearly destroy my personal relationship with God. I would have the $4 mill but not much else. I was torn because I wanted both. I turned down the offer. Now, however, I can see building those funds and more from my home. My health, stamina and get up and go isn’t, of course, near what it was but I can do it. I really appreciate all the help and encouragement that you give to the people that your life touches. Thanks, Tim.
    Dean Hiser the CORNCOB man

  9. nestor borges

    hey tim it is time for you to pickup yur game and show some profits everybody knows you make a living by selling dvds and subcribsions which is ok,but you want to teach the world to trade ok make some nice profits show me the money can you make 5k a week how about 10 k

  10. nestor borges

    hey tim you make very little profits a week nobody is talking about this why? are they afraid of you?are they idiots millenials ? why they dont demand you show some profits? why your followers fear you? andthey dont question your terrible performance

  11. Timothy Sykes Post author

    LOL Nestor, I trade with a small account in order to teach, read and making $200,000/year is roughly what I’ve done every year for the past 2 decades…you can see all my trades at my students are usually more aggressive than me and that’s fine, I preach safety..if you don’t like it or have any other BS excuse, don’t learn, the beauty of being real in an industry full of scams is you learn the way I teach or not at all

  12. Timothy Sykes Post author

    Pretty cool that you’ve been leaving negative BS comments for years, even as I’ve created more and more millionaires, I guess some people are just slow LOL

  13. nestor borges

    this is a very very very fair request ,not negative not malicious, hey tim sykes can you make 5$K profits this week i believe your students want to see this

  14. nestor borges

    yes i understand you trade small acc to teach, which is great,but i still believe your students fear you they dont question you

  15. Roy H. Muhammad

    Hey, Tim keep up the Good work! What you’re doing is Truly A Blessing! You’re Blessing Others, however in doing so you’re also receiving Blessings realized & unrealized but when you receive them you’ll know WHY! I’m studying your material’s know and look forward to becoming one of your Millionaire Challenge Students!!! God Bless You & Your Family!!!

  16. Joseph Williams

    TIm, I’m speechless right now. Your are amazing. This is the type of inspiration that can change the world. Thanks so much. This is incredibly motivational. You are helping so many people in so many ways, I can’t thank you enough. I just want to say it’s a blessing learning from you, and you have changed my life.

  17. Zach R.

    There will always be haters that can’t see the big picture keep doing Big things. Be the change that you want to see in the world. Because most people can’t see past themselves. Keep up the Good work!

  18. Batsaikhan

    Hello, Tim,

    just watched the video, giving away $20,000 to people. It is really amazing and I like it


  19. greg

    Tim it’s a great thing your doing! Wish I had the money to do similar things. My wife and I are getting our kids through college. One is on there own already in NYC. We have always had enough to get by but never anything extravagant. I’m in your Millionare Challenge to make a difference and finally enjoy life as I’ve dreamed. Thanks!

  20. Dwayne M

    Tim, these videos are beyond inspiring! Yes, please continue to help others as much as you can. These type of videos are more motivational to me than the sports cars and vacation pieces. I have a heart to help others however I am able. This post and the ones like it, reassure me that I am honored to be your student. You are a good man Tim! May God Bless you always!

  21. Andika Pratama

    Hi Tim,

    Your work is inpiring and helps people lives for real.
    You dedicate most of your time to teach others your trade and making this world a better place one good deed at a time.

    I highly respect what you are doing and acomplishing and can only hope that I have the chance to learn trading from you, in be in the path to be the next Tim Grittani, Rolland or Steve Dux.

    Much love from Bali,

  22. Lance Wing aka Lewk on profitly

    That’s just completely awesome Tim. It’s inspiring to see you put as much importance on your charitable work as you do your profitable work. I’m proud to be a challenge student. You rock dude!

  23. Lance Wing

    To Nestor Borges … Why on earth would we fear Tim? We admire him and learn from him. Most of us have met him and talked to him at conferences. He’s a nice polite, personable guy. C’mon man, you can either watch the train go by with false assumptions or wise up and jump on board.

  24. John Medina

    You are truly a great man with compassion. I”m sure God will bless you more with abundant blessings. Your unselfish assistance to help others to improve their lives not only by giving direct assistance but also by educating them the art of trading, thereby assuring them of stable future.

    In the name of all those you have helped and would still be helping, I salute you. And may you be more successful in years ahead. I am inspired by your success and your advocacy to share your blessings to others. Just imagine how many lives have you lifted up from their economic depression.?

    More power to you and keep up what you have started. You will be blessed a thousand times.

  25. Alisha kujawski

    I’m learning how to become financially independent. I am a survivor of abuse when I was kid and adult. The trama caused and left lifetime scars. I have incredible anxiety to the point I can’t even talk on the phone. I was also diagnosed with a more traditional PTSD from more recent events as well. Over a long time I used alcohol to be my crutch. It was the only way I thought I could go outside. Last year I quit and I’ve been sober since and damn proud of myself. I’ve overcome a million hurdles that many wouldn’t get back up from. I am dependant on the thing I fear most and that’s people . I may never really recover but I’ll be dammed if I don’t at least try . I’ve made huge steps in my life that have been met with massive resistance leaving me to do this all on my own. It’s ok though because the most important thing Ive learned through the pain and saddness is learning to love myself. It’s like a super power and today to help with my extreme anxiety attacks I tried an angle I never thought of. As soon I begin to panic I say thank you and give gratitude for I’m only panicked because I’m about to do something that’s going to remind me the more I let go the more alive I’m going to feel and I’m so thankful to just be alive and know what it means to truly love myself. So I’ll putter along and it may take time but I’m moving towards a better life, one that won’t even resemble what I had to begin with. I started my own magazine so maybe, just maybe another kid just like me can know anything is possible all you have to do is try. Thank you Tim for the gifts you give you inspire me like all of my mentors that choose to give me a hand up and not a handout that is more valuable than any dollar amount in the world.
    Much gratitude and love
    Alisha Kujawski

  26. Maria

    Hi Tim, I admire what you do to help the kids and how you have so much passion for what you do that you want to share it with other people.

  27. Cheri Simonne Rubens

    Wow Tim, you sure are paying it forward…. I know I would do exactly the same I were in your shoe’s mate 🙂

    I truly admire your love for those less fortunate than yourself plus the fact that you are enriching the lives of youth around the globe, through the richest gift of all – education.

    I WISH there were MORE LIKE YOU in this world….. we certainly need more givers and less takers, that’s for sure.

    I always say to people, lead by example by leading with love…. and you definitely are one who leads with love. Your parents did a good job educating you about the ways of the world and you did good by listening.

    You are the extraordinary example of the person I inspire others to be inside. Much respect to you brother 🙂 and thank you again, for being YOU in all that you are and do xxx

  28. Stephen

    Sorry to be off topic Timothy, but I am an opportunist,I am not a very analytical type, I don’t like researching thousands of different penny stocks, So may I ask is ths still for me or not?

  29. Alan

    Are you sure you didn’t make a bet with the kids in a game of basketball and they whooped your ass, paying your debts, lol. It was a good feeling watching you do that, must of been great for you to do it.

  30. KPA

    Tim, you’re seriously an inspiration! Excited to learn your ways!! The profits are amazing to think about but I’m more excited about the process & learning that goes into it! I’m not in a rush to profit, I wanna understand your steps to success first & foremost that way the profits will speak volumes once I know what I’m doing. Everything in the stock world is foreign to me but your story & the stories of your students definitely gets me excited about mine & my little family’s future! Thank you!!

  31. Kuyik Etim

    I love watching you give away money to inspire people and show them that they can be whatever they choose to be. I personally believe in “mind over body”, if you think it and dream it, you can work at it and attain it. Like you have shown, everyone needs a catalyst. I am praying to one day do what you are doing. I had started giving away money to random people on the street. My goal was to show them that there is still love in this caotic world. Of course I’m not rich yet so i could only afford to give away $20, i called it random gift of kindness. I pray for that day i can do more like you as make profits as one of your millionaire challenge student.

  32. Sunny Stiver

    Man o Man Sir, I cry at coffee commercials~~~ getting through videos ruins my make-up! I was feeling pretty down this morning. Bailed on my trade plan yesterday. I still was up 53% on my acct for an o/h but I would rather have blown -up than to feel the way I do about bailing. But, I am a new student, (just silver). My MS had my vision all messed up this morning so, taking the day to rest my eyes and have my IT guy tweek my res and what not on pc. This was most refreshing. Gave me the push I need to refresh the soul. Ho know, maybe I will be the one that makes Bohen’s pod cast turning mere 500.00 into something to talk about inspire of odd being against it! You go on saving and inspiring the world, I just want to save my own back yard! #globetrotterjewishsantaclause

  33. Jaqueline Cochofel

    Congratulations for everything foi gave acomplished and all the charuto work. Hope to learn something with you and start a new life.

  34. Zachary Lauderman

    Nestor your a clown. Why the hell would his students fear him. Stay retarded nobody cares. If you want to hate on some one. Pick some one you actually have a legit reason to hate. Tim is a good guy, donates to charity, teaches his strategy, inspires people to do more with there lives. If you can’t see that then you need fucking bifocals. Tim keep doing what you do you don’t gotta make 5 or 10 k a week. I think you should get a medal for working so hard to inspire people, I know I am and I see many other students are too. That’s awesome you have away 20k to people that needed it. I’m sure there syked.haha I know I’m in a real bad spot lately buy the studying will pay off. I won’t get into all the details but I’m positive every thing happens for a reason and my career ended but I look at it as if it did me a favor . Times are rough now but once I set my goals for new career I’ll be good. I have to dot my ass down an study more , jusy been busy finding new work so I can pay bills and have money to trade. Things will get better any how thank you for the inspiration an I hope one day one I’m successful in can meet ya an shake your hand.

  35. Erik Cheah

    I truly believe giving back to the community is the way to do in life. We all derserve to stay positive in this short life. You are making a lot of people happy, I’m sure yourself are very happy while you doing it too. I’m happy to see what u do to people. Thank you, proud to be your student, for sure.

  36. Joseph S

    I think its a great idea, you’re showing people that the american dream is still alive. The donation to the soccer team was really moving, I bet they were thrilled to have cleats and equipment they can now work with, thanks to you.
    The impact trickles down the community and the family you help out, pushing them one step forwards toward their goals. Awesome stuff.

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