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The Single Best Short In The Entire Stock Market Right Now

I am currently short 2 stocks, but only TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking Silver subscribers will know about both stocks…as of the market open today, I am breakeven between the two of them, after my February trading gains amounted to nearly $40,000, putting me up roughly 20% this year after earning 141% in 2009 and an astounding 863% over the past 27 months.

Because I’m a nice guy, I’ll throw you guys a bone, I just shorted 6,700 shares of AENY yesterday at $3.63 average price. TIMalert subscribers got the alert in realtime and they know my expectations, but here’s why this stock is the biggest gimme in the entire stock market…

So much has been posted on Americas Energy Company (AENY) and all their skeletons…no revenues, six-figure paid promotional mailers making absurd claims, a cease trading order in effect in Canada and a company exec pleading guilty to tax evasion…see all the financial outlet’s investigative research as to why this stock is pretty much worthless:

Pictures of the ridiculous promotional mailers responsible for the entire runup

TheStreetSweeper rips AENY a new one in one of the greatest posts ever

The Dow Jones Newswire picks up the stench of this carcass company

Now Forbes is the latest to talk about how ridiculous the runup is:

Lump of Coal

On heavy volume shares of Americas Energy Co. (AENY, 4.60) have risen 4,500% in a year. The latest financials for the mining firm, whose main office is now in Knoxville, Tenn., list no revenue, no cash and a negative net worth. The company just merged with a newly formed outfit that says it owns several coal properties in Kentucky and Tennessee. But those mines don’t seem to be profitable.

The Web-posted bio of new boss Christopher L. Headrick, who didn’t get back to us, lists real estate development experience but nothing in the way of resource extraction. Another company official is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to criminal income tax evasion. Someone has been paying a newsletter writer big bucks to flog the shares by making bold predictions of a $20 share price.

Before a reverse merger, the outfit was a Vancouver, B.C. miner called Trend Technology Corp. In November Canadian regulators issued an order barring trading in Americas Energy shares. But the restriction applies only in British Columbia. The securities remain available to dimwitted U.S. investors. –William P. Barrett

All of that is nice, but just a few weeks ago I BOUGHT this shady stock at $4.64 when it looked like the chart was preparing for a breakout after several failed attempts at $4.90 to squeeze the shorts…which it did to $5.40ish and I profited a bit (the breakout was disappointing, I also bought some at $5.24 and sold for a small loss…all told I’ve made $4,000ish on AENY)…

That’s right, while confusing to dinosaur/narrow-minded short sellers, anybody who has watched my 10 instructional DVD packages, especially my highly acclaimed PennyStocking Part Deux DVD package and TIMfundaentals Part Deux DVD packages know I made my first million BUYING shady stocks as they broke out (shady stocks can often rise the fastest as shorts get squeezed) before I made my second and third million shorting these carcasses.

But until the failed breakout, the chart wasn’t ready to break down like other stocks promoted by the same group (NXT Nutrtionals Holdings Inc. (NXTH) and JayHawk Energy Inc. (JYHW)…both of which have dropped 70%+ off their highs).

Now let’s take a look at AENY’s chart as while it’s dropped a bit off its highs, it looks like it could fall off an absolute cliff in the next few days/weeks and I look forward to adding to my short position:


It’s pretty amazing that suckers haven’t learned, but go ahead and type in all the tickers below of past promotional mailer stocks and see where they ALL end up:


AENY’s destiny was set the first day the promoters started sending out these mailers:


Now it’s just a question of how long it’ll take to get there šŸ™‚

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