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The Key Points From A 6-Hour Seminar On Penny Stock Trading

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I do hope you read this post about a recent trading challenge student of mine who shared his 10-days of incredible work ethic to help act as a guide for other students.

And in that post are some truly golden nuggets, namely this:

I posted this 6-hour seminar I gave in Moscow HERE, but many of you are too lazy to watch it all.

So here are the notes from this VERY dedicated trading challenge student…I encourage you to watch the whole seminar since it’s a solid overview of my strategy, but because I’ve just given up on some of you, you guys can read this summary and perhaps, just maybe, you won’t be a lost cause after all:

90% traders lose money, penny stocks move on hype and manipulation, don’t trust annalist or ppl on walstreet, lots of fraud and misinformation, dig through SEC filings, odds favor pump and dumps to dump, every positive new email can have impact for days or weeks, negative news is slow traveling, look at SEC filings, find penny stocks that are up look at SEC filings, research fully, make watch list from full research, two groups of penny stocks promoters and suckers, 1% of ppl who get email promo buy that promo, SEC can stop any stock, easier to do a scam than real company, play stock when they are very volatile, bull market lots of opportunity but have to be more careful, works better in bear market, keep it simple buy on way up sell on way down, Tim’s favorite number 77, aim for 50cents-1$ share…

…do not trust promoter strategy doesn’t not always go up way others have, don’t trade randomly, have patients, not always liquid executions on shares not always able to get out, take small positions, better to be early than late might not have shares to short, short early more risk but might not have shares, hedge from one account to another, trade like every trade is your last trade, insider shares are restricted to about 6 months before can sell “rule 144”, buy company with new all time high and no cash, look for shares to short on bounce, watch volume drop pump could be dead, short shares you have T+3 transaction day plus 3 days before get bought in on hard to barrow shares, might send out emails on dead pump for another bounce, check amount of money spent for promotional campaign might help know how far pump could go but don’t guess have no expectations, buy breakout mailers with high volume, buy in afternoon sell the next 1 or 2 days usually will gap higher, first down day in a pump is usually beginning of the end, market makers can trade own account and have as many shares as they want, stop loses do not matter in penny stock use mental stop lose…

…check technical support, use recent pump as examples as what others will do, most pumps fail in 3, 4, or 5 range, watch fading volume, Vancouver is very questionable city for pump and dumps and companies, new pumps can point to past pumps to influences the new pump and say it will be the next big thing, simple technical break out have to buy, buy breakout of companies that have no cash have no revenue, no news can still move pumps because email promo’s, not all dumps are same, average up, Agora finical own 57 newsletter that pump, look at how much spent on pump but can’t use that as indicator of how far pump will go, don’t let emotions highs or lows influence your trades, read press release with no emotions, ticker spam small company links there company to a large company using large company ticker symbol, buy technical breakout of pump and dump, check SEC filings for cash/revenue, more money spent on mailer more days stock COULD run, buy in afternoon during stair step process, perfect sideways prices action promoters are holding stock at the level…

…on stock trading with no ceiling promoters don’t care anymore and are letting stock go they are done selling, after dump to near nothing new mailer can come in saying stock at good prices to buy and price can spike, try to make good profits if stock down let stock go more, 4 days of holding before get bought in on any short, when stock spikes after dead pump and dump can’t come back up as far to many forces against it, when stock holds near highs and you think pump and dump is soon you have to buy break out also check volume, search twitter for new pump and dumps put $ and ticker symbol single best tool to categorize every single stock that is in play, yahoo finance % gainers in one day look for 20%-50%+ on the day is it a pump and dump and is it worth it, read message boards, Tim is going to start a penny stock comedy tour, look at Tim’s twitter lists to check promoters and promoted stocks, for SEC fillings type in ticker, look at financial statement, when Tim get’s $10M he is going to use $5M to make a pump and tell ppl that is what he is doing he will change the symbol from “pump” to “dump” when he stops the promotions and shorts the stock,

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