My Take On Politics, Power, Protests And Profit Opportunities - Timothy Sykes

My Take On Politics, Power, Protests And Profit Opportunities

My Take On Politics, Power, Protests And Profit OpportunitiesURGENT: You have until February 1st to save big HERE on something you should be using every day to enhance your trading

A lot of people ask me who I support politically and what I value…I think this new video I just posted on how to truly make an impact in the world says a lot:

…but the #1 topic on the news and social media right now is our new President, Donald Trump and his inauguration and all of the protests that come along with it. And, the top question I’m getting asked is how will it affect the stock market and what can we do about it?

So, I will finally answer these questions in detail below!

If you read my blog post, Can You Guess Who I’m Voting For?, you have an idea on my position.  But, I’ll expand on it here, just to really drive home my points, since my views are a bit strange and I get that.

First of all, it’s important to remember that no matter the election results or who is in power and what those protesting say or do, it creates stock market volatility and individual trading opportunities, if you’re prepared ahead of time, which is my sole focus in helping my students right now.

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For example, President Trump’s apparent position on being pro-nuclear and the media’s excessive coverage on it has helped a troubled little uranium company, Uranium Resources, Inc. (URRE), that’s been languishing in the $1/share area for quite some time, to spike all the way to $4/share in just a few days, based on all the media coverage of its industry, increasing the company’s valuation from a lowly $15 million all the way up to $55 million and now back down to $25 million in a matter of days.  They took advantage of the rise in stock price to pull off toxic financing at roughly $2/share, raising nearly $10 million for the troubled company and management is laughing all the way to the bank, all thanks to President Trump and the noise surrounding his position.

My top trading challenge students and I have been profiting from the volatility, on the way up and down.  For example, my student of the year in 2016 gave a great webinar to other trading challenge students during URRE’s run-up and many of them nailed the spike and/or collapse as this pattern:

urre copy

…is no different than the rise and fall we’ve seen created by the media in police equipment stocks, Ebola, marijuana, oil and shipping sectors in the past…the company’s businesses are largely unaffected, but the media coverage creates awesome stock price volatility, long and short, that you can capitalize on if you’re prepared…just as I’ve been explaining for years now:

Check out this great 20% overnight winner for my dedicated trading challenge student George:

Personally, I missed the initial run-up and short on this one, but I’ve made nearly $40,000 in the first 3 weeks of 2017 every trade shown publicly HERE.  To be honest, there’s been so many plays, lately, that it’s tough for me to try to keep up, not to mention I’ve just been trying to keep up with all my students’ gains lately, too:

…and I’m trying my best to multi-task trading and teaching.  But, long story short, I’ve been missing too many solid plays.  But, at least you guys are nailing more of them than ever…all due to preparation.

I did just make roughly $2,000 on some dip buys on URRE, a classic #5 pattern from this guide and I nailed selling right at the top at 2.75 which has been its multi-day resistance on the back side of the move and is a classic #6 from that same guide, which is a great entry point for short sellers and I think URRE is actually a great short now, in the mid to high $2s on this latest failed bounce attempt.

Like I said, there’s volatility on the way up and on the way down.  If you trade like a sniper, American Civil War guerrilla-style, you can capitalize on both:

…and not be the typical lazy long-term investor, aka British War Of Attrition-style that got beaten by the hugely underestimated American guerrilla fighters, then you can focus on profiting off these individual opportunities when they appear.

What’s that, you want some more examples?


It’s important to note that you can get my single bestselling guide here.  You can see some reviews HERE and it has now raised over $2 million, ALL FOR CHARITY and it has dozens of media-influenced examples.  This isn’t my first rodeo and I have been on fire with my daily video lessons, reviewing all the hottest plays.  You can keep up with that by registering here, if you’re hearing my point.

But, I’ll give you one more media play right now, a troubled little company by the name of Digital Ally, Inc. (DGLY) that is valued at $30 million right now, up from just over $20 million 2 days ago.  They make police equipment and the thinking is that their business will benefit, due to all of these protests and the violence that you hear about in the news.

That’s a long shot, but hey, whatever is hot right now, just accept it and try to figure out a way to profit from it. I know this stock well, since I’ve made nearly $30,000 on it, usually going long in times of police uncertainty and violence.  But, this time, I think the move is overdone and I would LOVE for it to spike some more first, to make it a worthwhile short as the protests likely die down, as will its stock price (it’s not up enough to make me really want to short it…yet).

See what I’m talking about?

I look at individual situations and I could be wrong with my thesis on any one play.  And, if I am, guess what, it’s not the end of the world.  I simply cut my losses quickly and make a video lesson on what I did wrong, just as I did yesterday here on 2 of my most recent trading losses that are just a blip on my nearly $40,000 in profits in the first 3 weeks of 2017, INCLUDING small losses like these:

I’m not perfect, but I am fully transparent, unlike most traders who prefer protecting their egos instead of daring to diligently report ALL of their gains and losses and the landscape of traders who you respect/should learn from or not would be VERY different if everyone was transparent.

(hint hint: it’s your duty to help me usher in an era of transparency in trading, go bug your local social media/trading hero to show ALL of their trades publicly and don’t just accept a screenshot here or there as enough evidence.  Dare them to post actual tax returns, like I do here…don’t trust anyone or give anyone any business, or even the time of day, if they make up any excuse as to why they can’t be fully transparent in this day and age…trust me, I’ve already heard every excuse in the book!)

Now that I’ve strayed from straight up stock trading rules and game planning to a bit of preaching and ranting, it’s a good time for me to explain how I think you can make your voice heard and truly change this new world.

In the old world, to make your opinion and voice heard, people would write to their local politicians, print out flyers, make cardboard signs and try to get their friends and family together to go to whatever the most crowded local establishment was and then talk to anyone who would listen…and, if you lived in or around Washington DC, you would march on the capital.  If enough people joined your cause, it would look something like this:

Sure, sure, that might get you on the news and maybe even go viral on social media as the movement this weekend has, but will it really change the world?

I FULLY respect everyone’s right and ability to protest peacefully to get our opinion’s heard.  That’s an important part of what makes our country so great and I’m glad that the organizers of this latest protest planned so well that their opinions were REALLY heard and, in fact, it went viral all across social media, so the whole world not only knows about it, but also the internet and media helped it, making it the most talked about topic of the weekend.

But, aside from all this media hype, do these protesters really think that they’re going to influence President Trump very much? Or, will their efforts be more like the media hype that influences stock prices for a few days/weeks, but then fades into oblivion?

Already the President has reacted on twitter, defiantly saying :

…and then, when his advisers likely told him to respect and not enrage this rather large group of people, he retreated a bit from such an aggressive stance to say this:

Little different from when the actors from the great play “Hamilton” tried sending a message to Vice President Pence, who has some rather strong views on the LGBT community and was in attendance that night

What was President Trump’s reaction to that?

Of course, back then he was only President-Elect and his advisors weren’t chosen yet, so there was no apologetic followup.  And, while that incident got a lot of press, do you think the “protest” of Hamilton’s cast really changed Vice President Pence’s or President Trump’s views?

Why do I bring this stuff up?

Because it appears to me that too many American are using old-world methodology to try to change and influence the world and our leaders.  When our elected leaders, who follow a different set of values, don’t comply or even bend at all, too many Americans get even angrier and the divide that separates us increases.

While roughly half the country supports our leaders ideology and the other half supports the opposing view, we have a fractured nation and that’s not good for anyone, our society, our stock market or our future.

The political answer is to “make American great again” and unite us all.  But, in reality, is that a real possibility, given what we’ve already seen the past few weeks with this new incoming administration, the press and the protesters?

After all, on just the first day in office for President Trump, there are already squabbles over petty stuff, like the crowd size at the inauguration, the President’s inauguration speech quoting Bane, the villain from Batman and controversy over the President’s speech at the CIA.

As someone who looks at trends and influences, I have to say the trend of trying to influence our elected leaders and help mend our divided nation is not looking very promising right now and all this media coverage really reminds me of the same type of coverage on Ebola that ended up being more of a media sensation than anything and not changing our country or world at all.

But, then again, I’m only a stock trader and financial teacher, not a political analyst.  So, perhaps the two are not as similar as I think…and I truly hope to be wrong, as we do live in a great nation, we just need to find common ground and perhaps bringing jobs back to America.  And, lessening business corruption and tax loopholes might do the trick.

But, aside from political and tried guessing games, I know one thing that you can definitely do to make our nation better and make a real impact over time, long after our current elected officials leave office in a few years and new ones come around, over and over again.  Become wildly successful, rich and influential yourself, so that you don’t have to rely on ANYONE other than yourself to make the changes that you deem important.

You don’t need to make cardboard signs and leave them on the steps of any government building or make a speech that will likely go in one ear and out the other of anyone with power.  Too many people seem to forget the best lesson from Donald Trump becoming President- with enough money and determination, you can do ANYTHING that you want in the world, even if you say some not-so politically correct stuff sometimes and still become arguably the most powerful person in the world, the President Of The United States.

And, if you do that, you will have the power to truly change the world yourself and you won’t need the support of social media, the press or hundreds of thousands of people, let alone tens of thousands or even thousands of other people.

It’s a New World and, thanks to the internet, you actually can become rich and influential without any fancy degrees or connections.  Just study incessantly from anywhere in the world, using all of the new video, webinar and teaching technology that has just become possible these past few years and will only get better moving forward.

And yes, while President Donald Trump started with a nice inheritance, if my millionaire trading challenge students and I, most of whom began with just a few thousand dollars each, prove anything, it’s that you can actually get wealthy within a few years.  And, once you have that weath, you can change the world, based on your own ideals and values, lust like the lousy few million dollars in my charity that is now changing the lives of tens of thousands of children where my charity’s 35+ schools are being built…so far (big news coming soon on that front).

And, thanks to my success and my passion, I really do intend on building 1,000+ schools.  So far, I’m roughly 3% of the way there, but I’m just getting warmed up!

Obviously, I don’t pretend that my top students and I have anywhere near the money or influence of President Trump.  But, I guarantee that if I spent all of my time entirely focused on growing my own wealth and influence, instead of teaching, traveling and charity, I actually could be a political influence.

But, that’s not what I want, so I have to follow my own heart and do what I love.  I continue down the path I choose, not the path that anyone else chooses for me and I encourage you to do the exact same. Too many people look down on money and wealth and while it can corrupt, trust me, I know too many really messed-up rich people, its ability to give you freedom from working for someone else’s dreams and allowing you to focus on building your own, is vastly underestimated.

And, that is what I think is our nation’s greatest attribute, our ability to have total freedom to choose our own path.  It wasn’t always like this and it’s still not like this in most countries around the world.  Don’t ever take all this opportunity for granted.  No matter what you value and what your goals are in life, follow your heart and do your absolute best every day and I think you’ll be surprised how much power and influence you yourself can have.

That is how we truly influence and change the world, one great individual dream at a time.

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  1. Tom Lepischak

    Much more to learn.
    Tried my first trade with TBIO in at 1.13 2000 shares. Going to sell at high 2.4,s. Felt safe went for lunch and came back to 1.2 held out till Monday sold 1000 shares at the high for the day of .90. First lesson learned. Had the game plan and got greedy

  2. jwealth

    Excellent blog, Tim. Correct and inspirational. There’s so much opportunity right now, it’d be a sin not to reach for it. Thanks!

  3. Kerry Lehman

    Enjoyed your commentary Tim, and your transparency and charity work continue to impress this old fart. 🙂

  4. Christina

    Thank you Tim for your transparency. We all appreciate your dedication to teaching, all us real Timothy Sykes students that is.
    My top questions are
    What are your top 5 sources of news?
    What made you choose to donate money and time in Bali, Laos etc?

  5. William White

    “First of all, it’s important to remember that no matter the election results, or who is in power and what those protesting say or do, it creates stock market volatility and individual trading opportunities if you’re prepared ahead of time which is my sole focus in helping my students with these days.”

    This says it. Focus on “What we do”.

  6. KendallFire

    Tim I am on disc 5 of your DVD and I feel like a anxious student surgeon ready for their first official cut. During this practicing and learning phase, I have taken a few losses but its the experience that matters. Pray for me as I held position on 1-23-17 for MRNS in the mist of the run-up at 100 @ $1.73 (which sucked, lol). it closed at $1.37. I’ll get better with timing. I hope to swing trade it with the momentum that it gained today that may run into tomorrow morning. Baltimore City’s Dark Knight…

    – KendallFire

  7. Jermaine Russell

    Your statement “it appears to me that too many American are using old-world methodology to try to change and influence the world and our leaders and when our elected leaders who follow a different set of values don’t comply or even bend at all,” really spoke to me because this is how I see American politics as a whole.

    When I first learned of your strategy, in November 2014, the media was broadcasting several black males being shot by the police. Regardless of your view on who was right vs wrong, it left me in a state of uncertainty. To be label a threat when walking from one destination to another. Accepting your challenge in 2016 has been my motivator to be heard. Local, state, and federal agencies do not listen to these protest. They wait for them to be over and conduct business as usual. Money with purpose motivates those in power. I don’t want to be a politician but I do want to help encourage the state of black men, and many others, who are financially inept by learning your strategy. The mindset you speak of is real and I am working diligently to see my dream in reality for the long term.

    I am not a millionaire yet, not even a thousand-ire, but I am focused and driven. I refuse to build another dream while receiving pennies as part of their pyramid scheme. My gratitude for all you have taught me is much more than I have learned in high school, since frankly, finance wasn’t taught in the public school system. And as a science major in undergrad, taking any business class interfered with lab classes and research projects.

    In conclusion, I am an independent voter who wants to be free from biases, discrimination, and arrogance. Every president say they can make it better than the last. Only time will tell. Who knows, when I become a millionaire through your strategy, I might be considered a bigger threat because I am a black male with actionable ideas to uplift humanity around the globe. Thank you

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  9. Malika Kerroumi

    You are authentic in your writing and very honest. I really enjoy reading your blog.
    If you are considering opening new school, why not a girl school in mountain villages in Morocco!
    Thank you for sharing your wealth and your precious knowledge

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