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Reviewing My 2016 Performance

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Today I want to review my teaching and trading performance over 2016 as this was my best year yet mainly due to this TV Steve Harvey Show appearance with several of my top trading challenge students:

So, first let me review my teaching performance in 2016, as I have more Millionaire trading challenge students than anyone.  But, more importantly, I also have dozens of students who have made six-figures and hundreds of students who have made five-figures and many more who are well on their way.  Education takes time and it’s NOT just about making millions or having zero, there’s a whole lot of possibility in between, this isn’t BS Vegas with double your $ or lose it all…and, more importantly it’s not even just about your profits and losses, although the $ you can make is obviously a very good rationale/inspiration to get started with your education:

The key to success seems to be learning the process by which you can grow your account exponentially and that involves testing, testing, testing and refining, refining, refining over time…that’s why I’m SO excited for paper-trading coming on January 15th on this MUST USE website so you can test out various strategies without risking a dime in the market, and it’ll be REALTIME paper-trading as too many other websites are 15-20 minutes delayed because they don’t actually care about your success, they just want you trading so they can get commissions while I actually teach my students to trade less and choose the best penny stock setups like these, the benefits of being a teacher and NOT a broker.

…and yes achieving true success in this game does take time, but only a few years max so you just have to have the proper expectations as even this great penny stock trader took 9 months to become consistently profitable and Arick, my latest six-figure student who has now turned roughly $5k into $100k in a year, took 7 months to practice trading BEFORE he really got it too:

And as you some of you know in an attempt to create even more millionaire students, this was an experimental year for me as a teacher as for the vast majority of the year I went back to trading with just a $12,000 account, the same amount I started with all the way back in 1998 before I turned it into several million dollars before I graduated college.

As I explained in this must read blog post “Why I Just Checked Myself Into Prison” I specifically chose this amount in order to limit my trading to fall under the PDT rule, which only allows small accountholders with less than $25,000 three day trades per week (although contrary to many people who make assumptions, three day trades is NOT the same thing as three trades per week, if you hold a position overnight it doesn’t count as a day trade and hence you can hold stocks overnight EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and that’s fine, although many traders who haven’t studied this free stock trading guide are lost as to how to properly plan overnight trades, hence studying and preparation are key).

While literally EVERY other person on Wall Street is trying to trade and invest with the most money, I’m going in the opposite direction because a.) I’m weird and I like being a contrarian and b.) more importantly, the vast majority of my students have small accounts in the $2,000-$25,000 range.  So, it’s FAR more helpful for your education if I trade with a small account, too, so you can see everything that I do right and wrong and how I grow my accounts gradually and hopefully exponentially if I follow my penny stock strategy rules properly, over time.

This isn’t the first time I undertook this crazy, but surprisingly effective teaching strategy.  When I first began teaching in late 2007, I also went back to my $12k roots and, despite the PDT rule and my full-time teaching duties, grew it to nearly $100,000 in 2 years and grew that to over $230,000 in my 3rd year.

But, more recently this year, my $12,415 account at the beginning of the year has grown by $99,693, every single trade shown publicly HERE, putting my year end # at $112,108, meaning that Rafael Estevez, who guessed I’d end up with $120,000 in the comments of this blog post here was closest and will win a prize (hit me up Rafael, congrats man!)

Although, I must also note that I wasn’t well prepared last year so I actually didn’t even begin on January 1st, it was more like February 1st and for the month of January I traded with a bigger account, not to mention I also have a longterm account HERE and so my total trading profits in 2016 were $156,063. And I should mention that I also opened up a bigger $500,000 account midyear to trade with, but didn’t really touch that money as I didn’t have a well thought out plan like I do for 2017 and I’m so overwhelmed with the main teaching part of my business compared to my personal trading that these numbers should not be considered exact, but pretty damn close…to be fair, let’s say there’s a margin of error of 1-3% so I basically made $150k-160k on the year in trading even while spending the majority of my time teaching.

For anyone whose tried to multi-tasking in 2 very high pressure jobs like I do, you know it’s pretty difficult.  So, I’m damn proud of my results so while it’s tough to try to figure out my exact % gains on my accounts, since I moved $ in and out a few too many times during the year, 90% of the time using just a small portion of my account size, but more importantly, I did grow my small balances substantially and exponentially and got over the PDT rule relatively quickly as was my initial goal and I’m heading into 2017 with a much more meticulous plan to be more organized as I don’t want to have to leave any footnotes or clarifications with regards to my account performance EVER again (to all mathletes/number crunchers/uptight perfectionists out there, gimme a break, I suck at math and I’m human so deal with it…but the good news is if you have any doubts about my trading, simply don’t learn, the beauty of being real in an industry full of scams is I get to choose my students and people who worry about little shit like this instead of the big picture and understanding my trading and teaching process as a whole, please do leave as you’ll likely get offended by some other little meaningless thing during the learning process so best just leave now and save us both the annoyance!)

The good news is that unlike my messy Interactive Brokers account situation with too many additions and subtractions of capital throughout the year, I didn’t touch my $2,000 E*trade account at all and despite running into problems and regulations and restrictions galore (to start the year with just $2,000 I had to withdraw roughly $200,000 so when you take out 99% of your money it creates all kinds of havoc LOL), such as being restricted due to capital and PDT Rule issues, and being unable to trade for sometimes weeks at a time…literally friggin weeks…I still grew that to nearly $7,000, a gain of 237.24% to be exact, roughly 25x the gain of the 9.53% return in 2016 for the S&P 500:


That should give you some context with how laughable it is that most people aim to just make 8-10%/year on their $…when you have a small account like $2,000 or $5,000 or even $10,000 that kind of % gain doesn’t matter as making $300, $500 or even $1,000 over the year is absolute shit in the real world so it’s far better to use this free knowledge of how penny stocks work to try to make leaps and bounds over the normal % gains made by people constrained with their big accounts as they simply can’t partake in small trades that will make them a few hundred or a few thousand dollars at a time like my students and I do, but not move the needle on their % gains due to their big account size…too many of you look at your small accounts with disdain, instead you should view them positively thanks to all the trading opportunities they allow for!

Not to mention, it’s SO much better for your knowledge account to learn strategies where you can grow your account exponentially as so many of my top students and I prove year in year out as while this stuff doesn’t necessarily work with $10+ million or $100+ million, it does scale up to several million dollars which, as I’ve proven beyond a shadow of doubt, is more than enough to live a very good life.

Watch this video to see the best trades to take on how to grow a small account:

(it’s funny some youtube viewers have alleged that that video itself is “misleading” or “a scam” LOL, likely those who reported that BS are brokers who don’t want me telling you to trade less and be far more picky with your trades, as the key to great stock market success with a small account is NOT doing dozens or hundreds of trades per day or even more than 1-2 trades, if you know how to pick the right trades)

For 2017 I’ll be trading with just a $5,000 account at E*Trade, I’ve already rebalanced that down from $6,763 (easy for once, whew!) and I’ll have an $800,000 account at Interactive Brokers (not as easy to rebalance LOL) and a $200,000 account with my high-netwoth broker (minimum is $30k there, hit me up HERE if you want an intro, I don’t say their name publicly so they don’t get overwhelmed by my high maintenance students as I’ve made that mistake with some other brokers in the past), making live trading video lessons/webinars for my trading challenge students with my $1 million account (to be posted online afterwards so you can learn from my trades, start to finish) and alerting/commenting throughout realtime on trades done with my $5,000 account so it’s a two-pronged attack, educationally speaking.

I’m all for showing you as much as possible when I’m in a trade, but when I’m trading with big $ again, I can’t have any distractions such as leaving watching the Level 2 price action to type out some real-time commentary and answering questions in my chatroom…the good news is that in the past few weeks I’ve been testing doing live trading videos and you guys seem to like them and learn a ton from them so when I trade with big $, the entertainment factor alone should make them worthwhile viewing and silence ANY critics who say I trade only with a small account because “I’m afraid” to trade with big $…they seem to forget I made millions of dollars all on my own long before I got started teaching and it’s the same damn patterns over and over and over as you learned here and trading with a small account, usually holding overnight to avoid the PDT rule (instead of being like the far too many fake gurus that claim expertise, but really just use subscribers as they aren’t self-made millionaires, don’t show all their trades publicly over several decades (because they’re newbies themselves) and they are in and out of trades literally within seconds, will also help you learn how to grow a small account exponentially as I’ve accomplished now several times…you just have to be pickier with your trades!

I’ll have a more detailed post in a few days with my 2017 plans and the lessons of 2016.  For now, I just wanted to highlight several trading challenge students and upcoming students who help me prove that my teachings are working well and to outline my personal 2016 trading performance, even as I multi-task like a madman, teaching, trading and trying to deliver the best real-time commentary, watchlist and video lessons to you, my valued students.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year, let’s make 2017 great!

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

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  2. Tony Ashcraft

    Great video lessons! This is by far the best investment in myself. I started in late November 2016 and learned more in these video lessons than I did working 4 years in the financial services industry as a financial professional. Not only a game changer when it comes to the stock market, but it will also change your life! ….and cheaper than going into the stock market blindly and losing a lot of money on habits that can be avoided.

  3. Tyler

    Awesome Tim so thankful for you an everything you do I couldn’t put in words. There was a reason I spotted you on Instagram an started this journey an I will be a millionaire student . Thank you an awesome 2016 for yourself good job while teaching making those gains. Keep doing you Tim your the man

  4. Anonymous

    Hello Tim,
    I believe that most of your students are simply flat out busy and find it hard to adequately engage in social media unless they are full-time into investing , retired or other. It’s not a negative at all if you don’t get a whack of replies. Your students greatly respect you (and should be so busy studying that they can’t find time to reply!). Personally I always get around to reading your posts, but it may well be 12 hours or more after posted. Keep it up and know that many students are seeing all and appreciate it.
    242% in the year is incredible. Congratulations and I know you will better this in 2017!
    Haven’t yet received my course material mailed to me, but I am not sitting around twiddling my thumbs!
    Thanks for all.

  5. Doug French


    I am writing you from the trenches working, studying, grinding, researching, refining, watching, listening and learning. Your efforts are really appreciated. I am sure that it’s been a while since you transitioned to what you have but it is overwhelmingly obvious that you are a hard worker. Thank you so much for putting the amount of time, money and energy into all that you do and for having a great team as well. I have a saying that goes “I won’t be out worked”. You definitely make some of us put the peddle down further then it will go to gain knowledge. So far, I don’t have the results (yet) from all of my efforts but know for sure that some of us are coming up. You are definitely in inspiration to see how hard someone can work and further refine our attention to detail and precision in our trades. I don’t have an account size that is note worthy, but I am tracking at 70% successful trade ratio now for almost 90 trades now and I put all of my trades on with screenshots to hold myself accountable. During the holiday break (during my 12 hours of research I did over Christmas weekend,) I was able to find NDEV. I entered NDEV early and made 25% (screenshot of trade here ) Hard work pays off. I tried to comment and thank you for your video on NDEV in one of your earlier Hanukkah gifts but because I was not a Tim alerts member, my response to you was not updated. I’ve since took advantage of the last few days of the holiday special and bought a year long Tim Alerts subscription so I can post now. I was going to respond that it was tough to miss a majority of the move in NDEV (long from .5124 out at .6432) but I am finding other setups that are like NDEV (the clean patterns as you say). Also, I have refined a repeatable method that gives me a good indication how far something will run based on something I call Fibonacci measured move. Thank you again for everything you have done. Looking forward to joining you and the rest of your team someday sharing my story once I get to the other side of the hump. Doug F (OceanRider)

  6. Eric Grossklaus


    I started following you in June 2016. In the first 3 months I watched your videos on youtube and saw the negative posts about you. I had my concerns, but I went with my gut and kept doing my due diligence. I finally decided to purchase your Silver Package and have been a member since September. The last few months of the year I trade; and lost. I was testing the waters with my very small account and had some wins but mainly losses. I broke so many rules and have changed my mindset. Starting 2017, I have only made 3 trades. My mindset is “5 to 1.” I am going to watch 5 videos for every 1 trade I make. You are a great teacher and have some great strategies. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Anonymous

    One thing that really Stands out to me , Besides being a great teacher , Tim Sykes multitasking is insane !
    Also Tim Sykes is a tremendously hard worker. That is what is takes to keep the ball rolling .
    As a teacher Tim constantly keep his students fed with new educational material. Hats off to you my man way to lead by example! Tim Sykes THE REAL DEAL!


  8. Chris Boldt

    One thing That stands out to me Is Tims work ethic 2nd to none, and his multi task skills are insane!
    This has been a great example to me outlining the mind set need to be successful.
    Hard work and education being the cornerstone . On top of it I am having a great time being part of the community. Hats off to you Tim Sykes !

    Thanks for being the REAL DEAL


  9. Sam


    I’m a new student of yours and as i’m learning and grasping the penny stock world, Thank you for this article, it puts it into prospective that you don’t need a million dollars to start. Just follow the system and the rules and let the small Account grow slowly.

    I now just have to take the plunge and get that first trade done ( When I feel comfortable)

    Cheers for all you do


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