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My New Challenge. I’ll have a detailed blog post later this week explaining my trading accounts and goals for 2018, but I was just informed by my favorite charity, Pencils of Promise, about a VERY staggering number, as I just wrote here:

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I’ve worked my butt off for the past 20 years making millions (see every trade here) while learning from my mistakes, all while traveling to 110+ countries and creating several millionaire trading challenge students now in just a few years of teaching, but it’s my charity foundation that I began just 2.5 years ago that has now built over 3 dozen schools that I’m proudest of…as you can see from this new video made by my favorite charity Pencils of Promise, with whom I have 22 schools built, these schools now teach nearly 34,000 kids EVERY DAY…kids who previously had no chance at education:

My goal is to build 1,000+ schools so this is truly just the beginning….my Millionaire trading challenge and creating millionaires from scratch is my passion, but now I’m issuing myself a new challenge…to build enough schools for 1 million kids to attend and learn at every single day!

You see, I knew that the 22 schools my charity has built with Pencils of Promise, see more details about my schools and donation here, and the 14 schools I’ve built with other charities supported thousands of kids, but I had NO IDEA that the total number of kids at my schools was nearly 34,000!

I was thinking it was more like 5,000 or 10,000 or 15,000 max, but now that I think about it, it makes sense and it blows my mind of what a few million dollars can do in third world countries as you must remember it’s not just about any one child getting an education, it’s reversing the trend that exists in FAR too many communities where too many children have no chance at education and so they’re condemned to live their life in poverty while trying to scrape by at menial labor jobs, and that cycle continues generation after generation after generation…and now thanks to these schools we’re not just temporarily stopping that cycle, we’re decimating it as I want every generation, and generation after generations to have the ability to get educated and focus on whatever it is they love in life as THAT is the key to my success and the key to my Millionaire trading challenge students’ success — by being able to learn and stimulate our brains, we get to see what we like and what we don’t like and when we put our minds and dedication to studying, and mastering, what we do enjoy, it no longer becomes work and so the money basically is bound to come to us over time as we become experts in our subject of choice.

Remember, mastering ANY topic, let alone an ever-changing inexact-science-more-of-an-art like the stock market and finance, is not easy, so you’re gonna have dedicate not just a few hours, or even a few dozen or even a few hundred hours of study, try more like thousands or tens of thousands of hours before you can get good enough where your skill level basically makes it a predetermined right for you to make six or seven or even eight or nine figures per year (different industries have different levels of income), but as you’ll learn truly the hard way, once you have enough money to live off of, it lessens in importance as the true luxury in life is being able to do what you love every single day and deal with people you enjoy…as life is too short to spend too much time on anything you don’t love and to deal with people you don’t want to deal with.

So, I’m writing this post for several reasons, 1.) to make it clear my goal to educate 1 million children across the world…given my other charitable donations outside of Pencils of Promise, I’m roughly at 40,000 to 45,000 kids in schools every day so still just less than 5% of the way there so far 2.) to help you understand how much work it takes to actually achieve your goals, especially when your goals are as big as mine 3.) to help you understand how grateful I am for the opportunity to teach, trade stocks, travel and support the causes that are important to me and 4.) to help inspire you to chase your own dreams and goals, whatever they might be!

And because we ALL have to slug through long marathons of learning, adapting and refining our techniques in our chosen profession, be ready for haters, negative people and even self-doubt along the way, so it’s imperative that you keep your head held high and always focus on your goals as there will be ups and downs along the way (you’re catching me during a rather strong up move so everything looks all rosy, but it’s not always this way) and you must be prepared to ride them all out if you want to ultimately achieve what you set out to do.

Please do tell me and post what your ultimate goals in life are in the comments section below, whatever they are, state them clearly and positively (and understand that they can change and you can adapt your goals along the way, for example, I had no idea I was going to be a teacher, I just always loved stock trading, but thanks to the success of several TV shows I’ve been in, I realized the need for trading education, especially in the lowly penny stock field, so I adapted and am s thankful I did as teaching you while I also still trade is far ore fulfilling than solely just trading) then work your butt off every single day to actually achieving them!

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Trading Challenge

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Mitchell Kramer

    My goal or “resolution” for 2018 is to put forth a huge effort to invest in my education by taking notes through your different penny stock lessons and to cut my losses quickly! I tried to get into penny stock trading like a lot of traders with a small account..with that being said I had to stop trading in 2016 because I couldn’t put my money at any risk getting into college. Now In 2018 I am working through college and determined to study hard to improve my small account through stock trading. Being profitable in penny stock trading is real and definitely profitable if you study, cut your losses, and stay positive! Thanks Tim, Mitchell

  2. Eric

    Keeping trading steady and life in balance is a good goal. Don’t overreact when life throws up roadblocks; just tear them down, and adapt to changing situations the best you can. Adapting is key to achieving your goals .. Always be reacting not predicting.

  3. Tom Atkielski

    How about helping starving little Co’s instead of destroying what is already weak! Lay out a plan that will help the Investors who want to see little co’s grow instead of disintegrate! That’s a challenge to consider as it will help America and not just your pocketbook!

  4. Shayne

    My goal is to reach 25k in profits, and master 1 or 2 patterns. Been a challenge student for a few months now and been reading very small money to test my hypothesis’s ( winging the spelling). Thanks for a great year tim.

  5. Shayne

    And congrats on your schools, it’s inspiring. You really are doing gods work. Tom, read up- you’re wrong.


    Proud to know/study with you, Tim!!! You’ll be a saint some day. To 30k+ you already are! God bless you.

  7. Colton

    Long term goal= become a successful day trader and make it my full time job. Live a life of Financial Freedom. Give to Charities as much as you do, it is honestly so inspiring and heart warming what you do for the charity world.

    Short term goals: become profitable, become trading challenge student when I can afford it, meet you and Tim Bohen. Kind of a strange one, but I’ve always heard he best way to learn is from others so my goal is to interact with more traders. I also close by Bohen and had a college class with him so it’s one of my goals lol.

    Thanks for everything you do Tim. 2018 is my year. Mark my words!

  8. Kris

    I wish I could convince you to allow me to be a part of your challenge program for free. As soon as I will be on a right track your passion could easily become my passion and we both can build schools.
    I know this coming year will be continuation of my education in this exciting environment of trading. Definitely it is going to take me more time not to be a part of your challenge program!!
    Congrats on your accomplishments. I am sure you feel fulfilled and happy!

  9. Greg

    My goal is to making $1000 a day when I trade by the end of the year. Not pressuring myself but aiming for the best trade each time as if I were a retired trader coming out of retirement just for each trade.

  10. Manny Coello

    My goal for 2018 is to become the best trader I can possibly be through discipline, controlling my emotions and following your mentoring. I truly enjoy what you have opened my eyes too this amazing world where you can profit from a combination of controlled volatility and liquidity. I want to wake up in the mornings wanting to trade at first to be financially secure but later as you said with Grittany in one of your videos to think of it as a video game to remove all emotion and make it pure fun to trade just like playing call of duty or another great game that’s my goal for 2018 Tim I hope I can achieve this by becoming a part of your challenge team I am ready and I trust you Tim thanks !

  11. Sergei Kulesh

    Thank you Tim for what you do for children and helping people!
    I have a cleaning business with my wife and we are also helping financially children from orphanages in Ukraine. My goal this year is to learn how to trading stocks and help more children, and people!

  12. Fran

    Hi Tim
    I am a brand new challenge student. I own a small school supply company in south Florida. I would love to help with your charity.

  13. Jeremy-john c schacht

    God bless you I did missionary work with my church when I was younger you really don’t know the blessing you are giving these people I wish I had the financial backing to do it again it’s some of the best work and feeling in the world keep up the good work God has blessed you because he knew you would use your wealth some day for things that your doing now a bigger purpose I know someday I’ll be able to do the same keep it up. I just started my own company got the paperwork finalized today so hopefully I’ll be there soon doing God’s work also

  14. Adrian

    My goals for 2018
    Become your Millionaire Challenge Student
    Study your penny stock videos and master how to become GREAT at trade and sell..
    1-6 months in earn at lest $500.00-$1000.00 a month .. (I’m a college student/graduate 5/18)
    Continue to increase my knowledge and unlimited Income..
    Stay focus on growth and accomplishing my goals..
    Experience financial freedom..
    Set up my Retirement
    Own Real Estate
    Homeless Community..

  15. Jennifer

    Amazing goal to create schools to change the future for so many!!
    My goal is to turn $5000 into 1 million with trading stocks. I was able to pay off my $120,000 + student loans by saving and investing in mutual funds over several years but now I would like to retire early so will be saving as much as possible to invest and speed up my earning plan with individual stocks. My plan is to work once to earn money and then let my earnings work for me in the stock market. I am new to individual stock trading but already making great gains, see how it goes!

  16. Stephanie

    My ultimate goal in life is to give my son the best life i can, and to teach him how to be financially free, he will b 2 months tomorrow, and when i look at him it just gives me more fuel to work harder….2018 will be the year of change and growth!!!!

  17. LaTasha Moore

    My goal this year is to make as much MONEY as humanly Possible with NO LIMITS!
    I’m tired of living a mediocre life when I know God has much more in store for me!
    This would be my reason for wanting to Trade, making money to pay off debt and help my family.
    Happy New Year Tim!

    LaTasha Moore

  18. Pamela Mondane

    My ultimate goal is to understand what my goals and passions are. I am a Finance major working towards my Bachelors. I have done FOREX Accounting, IT & DA Estimating, and currently International Payroll. I want to go into Wealth Management and Trust Fund Advising while also going into other business endeavors that spread financial literacy. I aim to simply start something and see it through and I want trading penny stocks to be one of those things.

  19. April

    My goal this year has begun already at Christmas. I am working with a local trafficking victims rescue in helping them to gain skills and a new start, owning their own life. I sew bags that contain essentials and some luxuries as I can afford. As a homeschooling mom of 7 and wife to a retired military man, we are on a very strict budget that we are making better head way on. My goal is to be 80% out of debt by next Christmas and to be a blessing with the bags that I plan on tripling this year. I am slowly learning about money as I was never really introduced to a better way than credit and I am really trying to learn (albeit slowly) your ways. I am passing on the info I understand to my children in hopes that they will grab it and run with it. I would love to teach these young women these skills later as I can. Thank you for showing me another way and blessings this new year.
    Ps. I really hope you make a homeschool course one day:) most of us can not afford the one on one classes with you, but an introductory would be amazing to spark interests . Thank you again.

  20. Moe

    It’s amazing that you helped so many kids but 34k isn’t even close to the amount of people you help on daily basis. You are a huge inspiration and you bring motivation to many people’s daily lives, from when they wake up until they go to sleep. Keep it up, God bless you and may god bring you many more millions because you actually deserve it.
    Haters: Don’t be mad, its the person in the mirror thats keeping you from your dreams.

  21. Brian

    My goal is to be a successful Trader make enough money to be able to do it Full time then Travel to Kenya and help the young youths who have lost hope in life.and of course crossing that Million mark will a dream come true.

  22. Joe

    This is awesome. Also very inspiring and motivating. The children’s smiles say it all. I ‘m just getting started and still very confused but hoping it begins to make more sense soon. I would love to be a part of something like this. My goal is to replace my current income, leave the cubical job and see what I can do with this.

  23. Sorangel

    My goal is to reach for the stars. Jump, jump, and jump. Do not allow negative people around my life. WILL NOT STOP BELIVING IN ME. Tell myself daily, “What is impossible? If God is with me.” Do not let fears take over me. Keep on making family time and enjoy the life that I am having no matter how hard it is. Do not settle for short. I have been giving a second opportunity in life and I refuse to let it get waste. SHOW THE WORLD WHO I AM! I will be your first woman millionaire student , mark my word. There aren’t many women in this industry and I plan to change that %. I had this vision since last night and no one will change this. You and me will be working side by side like Plato and Socrates.

  24. Stephanie

    My ultimate goal in life is to give my son the best life i can, and to teach him how to be financially free, he will b 2 months tomorrow, and when i look at him it just gives me more fuel to work harder….2018 will b the year of change and growth!!!

  25. Andrew T

    All it takes is one! Because of the path you chose in life, you have changed millions of lives. These kids, now have a great future, and their future kids will have an easier path in life thanks to you. All of this couldn’t have been possible if you didn’t have that accident that redirected your life from tennis to trading and teaching. Everything happens for a reason!

    My ultimate goals are as follows…. to buy a mansion for myself and family, one of your cars which will also be signed by you before you transfer the title to me, build a dedicated IMAX theater in my mansion, travel the world often, find and marry a wonderful woman, be the best trader in penny stocks and crypto’s that I can be so I will never go broke and lastly, help those who are less fortunate as I know how hard it is at the bottom and it sucks big ballz.

  26. Raduan

    My goal is to improve my trading account more than I did last year. Continue studying alot more. Master as many patterns as possible. To buy my wife a car paying cash. Also donate to charity and churches.

  27. Georgia Dittman

    Wonderful work Tim!! Delightful to see you ever evolving. Bet you never knew when you were younger that teaching in so many forms was your calling.

    We are all so blessed to have found you and learn from you. I’m just starting this Spring but am super pumped to see where this can go! First, retirement sniping to freedom, next helping my sweet husband to retire and enjoy playing on our little farm, third, helping my family with their situations. From there I hope to do as you are doing, help others go after their dreams.

    Thank you Tim!!!! Wishing you joy and success in all that you do.

  28. Lori Brown

    Thank you for sharing your goals and inspirations. You’re a wonderful example of being a bright, successful, happy and generous role model. People are shallow and ignorant for making ridiculous insensitive comments. This is America, it’s okay to make money. Not only do you make money, you thrive on teaching and sharing your wealth with those in need. As a mom of two teen boys, teaching them right from wrong and yes, how to trade, with you as our our inspiration, they will make money – someday they will graduate from college and do what makes them happy – but – they will be also be traders, building wealth and ensuring their future is happy and healthy – and having time to do the things they love. They will make good choices in life and share their wealth as you do.

    So very proud of the work you do, anyone who makes comments without knowing you, is simple minded, ignorant and insensitive. You radiate sheer joy when you do nice things for people. My hope is that all people see your value and not judge. So very proud of you Timothy!
    A loyal follower,
    Lori Brown

  29. Debra

    Not one women in this thread… interesting. Btw, I sure hope while you are reaching out to the needy in other countries, it’s my hope you have, perhaps are helping the needy in our country as well. I did apply to work with you awhile ago and haven’t heard back. But thank you. I’ll be watching you.. 😉

  30. Willie

    Build enough capital to start a company making items needed to reuse over and over like soap and shampoo etc… Hire people from my old hometown that is in poverty. I want to give them a living wage and increase their lifestyle.

  31. Gabriel Gachuz

    My goals for 2018 are to learn everything I can from you sir and try and get into your challenge so that I can provide for my family and give them that financial stability they deserve. My biggest motivation behind all this is my family, mom went through a divorce and I don’t have the financial burden to help her out when she needs me the most, also give my kids the best education they deserve. I’m really motivated to learn everything I can and maybe one day be as successful as you and all your students sir.

  32. Dean Hiser -- the corncob man

    Tim, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and respect you. I first saw or heard a little bit about about you several years ago and I have to say that you are not the same person now as then. I have seen you, from a great distance, grow and now be growing yearly into such an extraordinary person. I believe that God is heavily at work in your life and I hope to have the privilege to again this year see evidence of His mighty work in you. In the Scriptures it says that when a person has a lot of money he has a lot of friends, money gone and friends gone. I hope you forever have a lot of friends but friends that are not money dictated friends. By the way, I have deep gratitude for you taking the time and effort to teach me and others your trading skills, for your continually uplifting encouragement and support and for you also sharing your life with us. Thank you.

    MY GOALS: 1. I want by the end of June 2018 to have a weekly average trading income of $5,000.
    2. From June through September I want my average weekly trading income to be $8,000.
    3. From October through December of 2018 I want my average weekly trading income to be $15,000.
    4. For the year 2019 I want my average weekly trading income to be in excess of $25,000.
    5. I want to provide exceptional financial and Godly support for may wife and family so that they will be
    able and stimulated to provide that for others.
    6. There are 2 charities that I want to give, by 2022, at least $1,000,000, Samaritan’s Purse —
    International Relief, and Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health (RREACH) both of which
    perform incomprehensible life changing support for multi millions of people world wide.

  33. Tracy

    My goal is to master the process which will in turn make me money. I have no arbitrary dollar amount to set as I still struggle with the fear and other emotions that stop me from learning properly and studying enough (frustration issues with this lady). Once all this happens I will make enough to buy my A8 I have posted on my wall and open a state of the art homeless center in my State. Thank you tim for all you do fonsoo soo many charities.

  34. Dan Lucarimi

    Thanks for inspiring me . . Ive been watching your videos and reading yout blogs . Your story gives me hope that i can make the right changes in my own life. I currently work the 9-5 jon week after week trading my time for a paycheck making someone else rich , knowing tnat my job just alows me to live pay check to pay check with no promotions or advancment . Not being able to live the life i truly want . I dont have alot of money to start so im going to be building from the ground up. My goals are simple : First amd foremost is to just start . I need to simply beign amd take the giant leap forward. My ultimate goal is to
    Achieve freedom .Freedom to be able to do what i want , freedom to work when i want , freedom to live where i want . Freedom to escape the rat race of the everday job and create a finacial Freedom for myself and family forever .

  35. Raphael

    I want to be able to give back to my parents for sacrificing for me when i was a kid. I want a puppy and just be able to enjoy what I do for the rest of my life and build my own future. also maybe have a family if i am lucky enough.

  36. Christopher Lornam H

    My goal is to start trading this year. in one of your videos, you made mention of making $ 1000 a trade times 1000 equals million. So i want to start trading earlier this year and stick to my plans as you have always cautioned. Also some of especially me have been learning real hard and will still want to get your DVD but the problem is the money to get them. it is not easy making the little that we have saved to start the trade talkless of saving to get the DVD. so just as you doing for your charity, let some of us get your DVD tooooo.

  37. DeltaMike

    Hi Tim,
    Knowledge is my 2018 goal. And with that knowledge I will have the courage to live life FREE and full of options. To start, I want to learn and be self-sufficient in the trading world – surrounded by a community of like minded people that challenge and inspire me. I’d like to replace my income through trading, start a foundation, and live the best life I can so that I can be the best me for other people as well. I just became a new student of yours, so I am heading in the right direction!

    Thanks and cheers!

  38. Dennis

    So, there are some. Living with my family in wealth and abundance in all areas, health, love, success, money, in business and everything that goes with it. To get fully recovered again, as I carry a small package with me, which I do not want to go on now, because I want to concentrate on the positive things and what I want in life and no power to steer, which I do not want. In addition, my beloved grandma to build a conservatory in which all her favorite plants are to be found, since she has raised me since small and I would like to give her something back. With my family and my 4 children I have in the future to move into my dream house planned since 2017 and in this garage are my hard-earned cars Ferrari 458 in white and a Rolls Royce Dawn convertible also in complete white. Work and trade from anywhere in the world. To start my own charity helping children who are not so easy in life and who have stones on their way as I had them.
    I know that I can do it and will never give up despite all the complications, there will always be something in life that does not go as planned, but only that makes us who we are today and teaches us to appreciate what we have and do stronger. Thank you, Tim, for teaching me and one for me. Thank you, Tim, for teaching me and showing me a way that I want to take in my life. I am glad to be your student. Dex

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