My New $6,000 aka One Bitcoin Giveaway

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Bitcoin Giveaway

Earlier today I posted this video in which I announced that I’m giving away $6,000 to one lucky person who registers at for our November 2nd free basics webinar Bitcoin & Crypto-currencies:

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

…and there’s been a TON of feedback already, some positive, some negative, but I welcome ALL feedback as I’m always looking to try new stuff to get you to learn better and increase your odds of financial success.

So, please do leave a comment below this blog post and let me know what you think about my bitcoin giveaway to one lucky person who registers for the free webinar happening in just a few days!

Because I’m not sure if you know, but despite my thousands of students, only a few hundred even bother to watch my video lessons, guides, webinars, DVDs and read my blog posts, little different from the gym industry where 80% of people who have gym memberships don’t bother going to the gym…and then they wonder why they’re not healthy and fit?

I can help you get financially fit, but YOU must do the hard work/studying as my top millionaire trading challenge students and I repeat every single day, it’s NEVER about the “Hot picks” that have made us rich, it’s the preparation, studying ahead of time and being ready for solid trading setups whenever they occur that can really grow your account exponentially.

I made this video the other day while I’m here in Turks and Caicos for a few more days — helping hurricane victims and working with several great charities I’ll post about soon:

…as it’s so crucial that you learn niche strategies instead of the far-too-typical buy-and-hold BS that most people think will grow their accounts, when in fact that puts you in the 10-20% per year PRISON that has locked away the potential of far too many small accounts.

Penny stocks and crypto-currencies are 2 of the most hated niches in all of finance and business and therein lies the opportunity as these are TRULY inefficient markets that takes, days, weeks and months to correctly price in good and bad news and that gives adaptable traders plenty of room to make money on all that volatility if you study hard and are meticulous.

Some people ask why I am pumping this free webinar HERE on November 2nd so hard, after all, Bitcoin has gone up so much so there’s not much upside left in it, right?

But if you actually take the time to study hot trends and patterns, like those outlined in this must-watch guide, you would know that one giant hot stock or one giant hot story can lead to several, sometimes even several dozen sympathy plays and that’s exactly what is happening now with Bitcoin where there are roughly 1,000 other crypto-currencies you MUST know about as any one of them can spike 100%, 200%, 500%, even 1,000% or 2,000% in the coming months and I’ll tell you that given my current knowledge about Bitcoin and crypto-currency, and likely yours too, that we have almost no chance in hell at being able to ride let alone predict the next big winner, or the next big winners, in this niche and so we must study as soon as possible to fix our inadequacy.

So, now that you see my mindset, let me ask you again, is it a good idea or no to reward one lucky person who registers at for this upcoming free webinar?

I’m basically bribing you to study and learn which is actually very good for you, even if too many students don’t realize it…so I feel like I’m like a Mother trying to get their child to eat their vegetables so they grow up to be big and strong and healthy, but the spoiled little child only wants cake which will give them cavities and make them fat if consumed in any large quantity like I like to order whenever I go out to restaurants 🙂

So, don’t be a spoiled unhealthy fat dessert-loving child and be sure to eat your greens, in this case, go register at and digest all the Bitcoin and crypto-currency content that is 100% free with no strings attached, no BS, just good, useful and basic info and leave a comment below if you want more giveaways/bribes to study harder!

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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  1. Cooper Anderson

    Sounds awesome! I’m looking forward to the webinar, and can always use more bitcoin 🙂 Tagged some friends on instagram as well.

  2. Michael Moreland

    I think it’s a great idea. I have been studying morning and night…seriously I think I’ve looked at several hundred charts and god knows how many videos as well as trying to keep up with your twitter feed and there is always more that needs to be done. Thanx for all you do Tim…

  3. Erik Velazquez

    I signed up! Hopefully I win. I would use that money to become a challenge student ! Crossing fingers

  4. Sara bankatronic

    Tim, This is a SUPER FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY! You are so generous to ADD to the excitement of this webinar!
    I can not wait!!

    The whole world is preparing for the blockchain!

  5. Charles

    Hell Yeah! — I Like Being bribed for the things I am already doing :)) But there is a fine line between an incentive and a pay off —

    I Signed up the 1st day I got the notice – as to learn is to earn – don’t need strings attached to get that — but for some as I well know – its takes more than just desire — its takes Hard incentive to get them off the couch… It still amazes me how many people show up wanting what you have with their hand out – but are not even willing to do the same work that you are doing…

    I myself – and I know Tim Sykes is this way – Never ask anyone do anything that I am Not willing to do 1st — after all how can you teach people to do something that you have not already done and or are doing for yourself?

    Anyway — all aside — to give an incentive to complete a job does get results – that is if the reward is given with clear expectations AFTER the work has been done and not before — But to bribe is to just hand things out to get people to shut up — so you must be clear as to the motivation behind the expectation of what needs to be accomplished before the “Bribe/Reward” is given out…

    OH well — thanks TIM for what you do — I have learned lots and I am just getting started – and hopefully – Lady Luck will smile my way and give me a big incentive for what I am already doing – working hard for better and more secure future in MIND – BODY – SPIRIT…

  6. DeAnn King

    You are so awesome, to help so many people. Thank you for being the philanthropist you are.
    #melisaulyssesrosalez, #adamking, #Tommyofarrell

  7. James Hopkins

    I’ll be ready with my notepad on Thursday for that event, thanks for the opportunity.
    One useful tool for checking out the plays in Cryptocurrency at the moment is
    Gives you an idea of just how many Cryptos there are out there as well as the % moves on a daily/weekly basis and the various exchanges offering them.
    Thanks again.

  8. Russell B

    Cryptos are the hottest niche….any mention of an affiliation explodes a stock….remember the stock SRAX where we all recently banked! Who better to learn from than Tika the crypto guru.

  9. Andrew

    Great Tim! Thanks for the heads up on Teeka and I am looking forward to the event and I hope you are too!
    Ever since I joined your MMP, I was overly joyed and I still feel the same way after several months later! I am studying all the time, and I have many note books filled with months of info, and I hope to carry on this same drive when learning how to trade crypto like a boss. However, like a few, I was impatient and started trading while studying, and I should have just focused on studying and paper trading. As a result of being impatient and not following important rules like “not over staying your welcome” and being greedy while ignoring obvious exit indicators I wiped my account. Right now I mainly paper trade and surprisingly, I paper traded $2,000 to $16,000 and I recon I can grow that even further.

    It sucks that I had to wipe my account to finally “GET IT!” Now that I have it, I will never use lose it! I will take my new found knowledge and patience over to Crypto and do things right, but of course after I clear my stupid debt or win Bitcoin. Anyway, thanks for teaching me how to fish, but now I just need a new rod 🙂


  10. Clovis

    Thank you Tim for the heads up on Teeka’s webinar on Thursday, I will be glued to my laptop to learn more about Bitcoin.

    ABL – always be learning 😉

  11. TradeLikeAPro

    Thank you Tim for the great post. I already register. Can’t wait to learn about this great opportunity!

  12. Irteza

    Hello, I also got registered, Thank you for the opportunity, it will probably worth a life making opportunity for the lucky one, and I like your analogy you made of mother and eating vegetable, or I must say, I love it

  13. Dynaedi Njam

    I signed up on the first email you sent and signed up for the second time just now. 🙂 (to make sure that I’m in). Thank you always for your generosity.

  14. Cheri Simonne Rubens

    Tim, I don’t need to be bribed to study…. I realised the merit of your advice a LONG TIME AGO and have been reading ALL your blog posts, watching ALL your interviews and other videos you have posted on Twitter etc. ever since. I am also subscribed to your online push notifications and learning more from you than ANY other professional Trader I know.

    I have registered for tomorrow’s FREE webinar, I have watched all the cryptocurrency training sessions and look forward to hearing the Q&A’s in tomorrow’s live session with Teeka Tiwari.

    Thank you SO MUCH for bringing this opportunity to us as your followers and for your consistent engagement and sharing of critical, priceless knowledge.

  15. Plamen Petrov

    Going for niche strategies / markets is always a good idea.

    Thank you Tim & Teeka for the opportunity

  16. Frederic

    Thanks Tim.
    I am sure the webinar is going to be good, we should never lose an opportunity to lose.
    And it is very generous from you to give this money.

  17. OceanRider

    Signed up last week. Most of these technologies are so new, and are not yet adopted. I think it will be a while to see who becomes the dominant player in the space. The most dominant players in any field are not known right away. Even Google didn’t come up as a public company until very late in the game.Thanks Tim.

  18. Plamen Petrov

    Just a few examples of the crazy crypto currency ICOs :

    1) Hextracoin – went from ~1$ (ICO) to 13.80 $ in 1-2 days
    2) Regalcoin – went from ~1$ (ICO) to 68$ in a month

    It is just not real …

  19. Steven Sim

    Love it!! Thanks Tim for introducing a mentor trading markets evolving from exponential technologies

  20. zammyro

    To give away $6000 will be a great motivation for most of us ,i already sing up in the first day because i believe that is a very good lesson for future. Thanks Tim.

  21. Mike Orr

    If it takes a bribe to get someone in to a webinar, then they probably wont go the full length as they don’t really want to be there. Those that are willing to go that extra mile in order to absorb as much knowledge as they can, without any kind of bribe, are the people that will make it in the end.

    As you’re going the extra length I am guessing you are an affiliate, but I also know you wouldn’t put yourself behind something like this, staking your reputation, unless you truly believed in it.

    I know the odds are very slim on me winning your prize, but I am joining the webinar regardless as knowledge is a greater wealth than money. If I were to win I would use that money to gain more knowledge by joining your challenge.

    See you in the webinar Tim.

    Good luck to all.

    Many thanks,

    Mike Orr

  22. Fernando

    I’m in, love cryptocurrencies and I’m one Of you’re students and your strategies work perfect on this niche.

  23. Ron

    Thanks again for what you have done in all aspects not just trading you have that personality that drew me in which not a lot of people
    Do and I see you being a great bold blunt teacher but with crypto it’s like u couldn’t loose if u went long anytime in the last 6 years that’s for getting me to understand better and hopefully I’ll be the first Miami one to jump in on that 7 figure challenge but no rush they only rush is to learn and trade if u have money you need to put somewhere while you learn out in a safer stock grab some intraday lean and watch patterns and then trade more stocks with high volatility and stand them a lot shorter whether you’re going long or short.

  24. Dyason Kuresa Moore

    I think your give away of 6k is awesome, give the fact that there will be a $1m Bitcoin giveaway. If I were to win the 6k, I’d definitely put it towards my tuition to becoming your student.

  25. Nathan Fulcher

    I’m only 17 years old, so for the bitcoin giveaway, (although chances are small) do I have to have an exchange account? :/

  26. Nathan Casey

    Like how your opening your mind to new things, Tim. Crypto currency sure are fucking crazy. I saw the support last year in the low 100’s. Come on, Nate.

  27. Michael Marozi

    I watched the Crypto Webinar….learned a few things and didn’t realize that there were so many different ones.

  28. Delecia

    I was so excited when I received your email… of course I registered right away! I turned down bitcoin 7.5 years ago MULTIPLE times, I am not sitting back and watching from the sidelines this time! Teeka Tiwari is an absolute genius.


  29. Alisha kujawski

    This is the nicest thing, well I can’t really say that because I’ve failed to notice I’ve been given a lot of really awsome lessons this past year. There is nothing more empowering than the realization I can break the cycle and I will. That I didn’t stumble apon a stack of cash that will make me Queen for a year but I became truly wealthy with the knowledge to feed myself everyday, on my own. Now I have to figure out how to put socks on without incident, that mission may prove harder than it sounds. I hope one day I will truly see my real self worth and how awsome I really am so I can accept what’s put forth in front of me and not see it as a rouse but oportunity. My gratitude is a million times of thanks and I will show my gratitude by spreading my wealth of knowledge within my community so it can spread like a good cancer . The kind of cancer that turns everything to gold giving life instead of taking away.
    It’s about time I let myself be happy . So in the next couple of months I’ll buy the drinks but we’re going somewhere cool like moose jaw 0_0

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