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My 7 Exciting New Projects: TIM Challenge, Penny Stock Millionaire, Udemy, Biorundown, The New Rules & My New Broker

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know I have a ton of projects on my plate because I see so much opportunity to educate people on various aspects of the penny stock world…but everyone is different and so the educational products I create need to be different too…to give everyone the best possible chance at a solid education so their account graph can also look like THIS

So besides my newsletters, TIMalerts and PennyStocking Silver which you can see here and all my instructional DVD packages which you can see here, below are all of my latest projects and some required reading since there have been some updates as of late to my proven strategy, broker and pattern-wise.

After reading through this post, perhaps then you’ll see why I’ve gotten so little sleep lately because these projects are all on top of my normal routine which includes trading (see all recent trades), researching up to 5 hours/day, coaching and trying to keep on top of my 2,000 daily emails.

This is why many call me the hardest working man in the trading business, but with 90-95% of traders still losing their money thanks to frauds and flawed strategies/fake gurus, I cannot stop…ever.

And don’t worry, despite my many projects, I make sure everything I do is quality and of value to you my precious students…hence why 2.0 is taking so long — despite my impatience and knowledge of how much everything I do helps people learn, I will not release anything publicly I am not 100% proud of.

Speaking of before I get into all the new product descriptions, check out this cool new video I just did — I got to interview an actual penny stock promoter, fooling the scumbag into confessing by pretending to be a priest, watch the video:

penny stock millionaire

1. That video is to promote Penny Stock Millionaire which is my new longer term newsletter so instead of finding trading setups that are good for a few hours and days, this new newsletter will seek to find superior trading opportunities that will last several weeks and months…you can get on the Penny Stock Millionaire email update list here so you can be notified when this launches in the coming days and watch some educational videos in the meantime…annual PennyStocking Silver subscribers have enjoyed a taste of what this newsletter will be (detailed research reports followed by trade alerts)

I will not take position until 24-48 hours AFTER subscribers receive the reports) as we’ve had several big wins already as I NAILED Willow Creek Enterprises Inc (WLOC) as a short at 72 cents/share in this detailed research report I’ve since made free for everyone to read as the stock is now down 82% in the weeks following my expose and I did end up shorting WLOC at 60 cent/share, several days after my initial report, before the big drop, capturing profits of over $30,000, read the detailed post with free video lesson

2. You might’ve seen me tweet about the TIM Trading Challenge, but I haven’t had time to explain it in depth…it’s pretty simple actually. As you can see on LiveStock every week (watch Friday’s episode on demand) I deal with a lot of idiots and poor people…not to be mean, just being honest…hey I’m often an idiot, but I’m not poor…and because my time is precious, as more and more people discover my strategy and success is real and replicable, I need to weed out people who aren’t serious about learning.

This challenge does just that so I can focus on my elite group of students and give them the tools they need to learn to trade properly…in the form of exclusive software, videos, DVDs, webinars, in person events and phone calls…and since you guys know I love promoting my products, I think this new mentoring project has the best chance of me finding my “Jared” (subway reference) so then when my strategy turns someone else into a millionaire, forget about blogging, you guys are gonna need to wait in line to be able to read any of my wisdom (not being cocky, just being honest, to my knowledge there is nobody else on the internet who is a proven multi-millionaire and for just a few thousand dollars, willing to teach every last detail of their million dollar earning strategy…please correct me if I’m wrong)…so if you’re serious please do apply for the TIM Trading Challenge now and we’ll be in contact (apologies to those who have yet to receive a call, we have nearly 1,000 applications so we’re backed up right now but we will contact all applicants!)

3. I have 12 instructional DVD packages now and orders have been so brisk that we fall behind on shipping everything…so we’ve made it easier for both customers and us so now you can watch all DVDS streaming online through our partnership with Udemy, check it out…20-35% savings by watching them online instead of having the DVD packages shipped!

4. I’ve briefly mentioned BioRundown, but let me explain it further: this is a new newsletter focused on short selling junky biotech stocks via stock and put options…not solely trading alerts like TIMalerts and not solely longer term research reports like Penny Stock Millionaire, this newsletter is a hybrid of the two and it’s a collaborative team effort between the Biorunup Boys as I’m also publishing the book and instructional DVD package which will, for the first time, illuminate the greatly misunderstood biotech sector. Click here to learn more.

Understand that I get publishing offers from “gurus” every day, but these biotech traders have a very simplified, effective and logical approach which I immediately loved because it reminded me of my trading framework in the greatly misunderstood penny stock market.

There will always be doubters and haters, but performance their customer reviews speak for themselves…and their #1 criticism is that their Biorunup strategy will only work in bull markets…well, now by focusing on shorting opportunities, they’ve come full circle and a few people who have signed up at have enjoyed some great pre-order specials since this newsletter doesn’t officially launch until mid-April, not to mention a solid win on our first pick to short MannKind Corporation (MNKD) at $3.96 before it dropped a solid 15% to $3.40ish in the days afterwards and today still sits at a 10% win at $3.60ish.

5. I previously explained The New Rules Of PennyStocking DVD in a post in November, as it’s nearly 24 hours of educational content form my last Vegas seminar, but since I know many of my subscribers are illiterate, allow me to use sign language to act it out.

…oh shit, I don’t know sign language, maybe you should just go read that post again….I understand, I have a ton of posts, you all can’t keep up so if you missed it, you can still get the 50% pre-sale price of $397 and trust me, you’re gonna want to watch this since it’s not just me teaching but 12 other accomplished penny stock traders, short sellers, momentum buyers and researchers…even a penny stock promoter explaining the ins and outs of how pumps work

Conference attendees loved the event (see the reviews) and you can get your chance to absorb all that good info with this DVD…stay tuned for details on Vegas 2011, it’ll be a 3-day conference this year, not 2-days so we won’t be totally exhausted!

6. The #1 question I get is which brokers do I recommend: the answer is Thinkorswim & Interactive Brokers and you should read this post explaining why these brokers are best for short selling penny stocks

7. I also have a special new broker that has infinitely better borrows than any broker I’ve encountered in the past, but I have to be careful with who I tell because there has been the case of my ruining borrows at firms before when some of my less responsible subscribers ruined it for everyone…so with great borrowing power comes great responsibility so to find out who this new broker is you must sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and for 3-month of my PRO service which includes all-day Skyping and IMing with me and 2 hours of monthly phone conversations so I can make sure you understand the rules and my strategy. If you have less than $50,000 and don’t trade at least 500,000 shares/month, don’t even worry about this new broker, it’s for big timers only.

I know all these services are confusing right now and eventually my ONLINE STORE and NEWSLETTER PAGE will have a checklist as to what’s included in each service…for now, we’re busy launching these products, so I encourage you to get in on them ASAP since they basically all have pre-order specials and my customers in over 70 countries know I’m one of the few good guys teaching so everything listed above is quality and reasonably priced given that all it takes is one good trade or the prevention of one bad trade to pay for alllllllll of my products, fair pricing which will always remain in effect as long as I call the shots.

If you’re not ready to buy any product yet, that’s cool, try out these 20 free video lessons first so you can get a taste….mmmmmm, soo good šŸ™‚

PS Definitely watch this free 30 minute webinar on the basics too!

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Hey Everyone,

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  1. Matthew M

    Tim, you do a great job of exposing the truth about garbage penny stocks and the folks behind them. Catholicism is also a scam, since people think a priest can forgive them of their sins:

    Matthew 23:9 And call no [man] your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

    …However…I must warn you that you have crossed the line here, since you make no bones about mocking God himself:

    Matt 23:9 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    To be forgiven you must repent and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour:

    John 14:6 Jesus said to him, ā€œI am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  2. guest

    those were some good stocks. Can’t wait to see how this all progresses 5 years, 10 years from now. I think you got a bright future man. Keep doing your thing.

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  7. Guest

    you can’t ruin your borrows with your secret broker if the minimum is 50k, none of your followers have that kind of bankroll. so keeping your broker doesn’t make sense. or it could be just a way for you to fantasy trade without having anyone call bullshit on you. yea that’s probably it.

  8. Anonymous

    u’d be surprised how many big $ people follow me…not many but a few…enough to make me worry…u forget i’ve discovered the magic stock market pattern, thats precious

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  10. keyama

    i have recently joined… and i can’t wait for this 7 days lesson. I am about to start and tim… you are a amazing man…x

  11. keyama

    i am found by you. i was wondering can anyone help me? do you have a forum in this site? somewhere where i can talk to many other like me who is expert in this field for now help, what is the best penny site to start from. i know all the broker are same, but would like to know which broker you started from.
    thank you keyama

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