What Inspires Me And Should Inspire You Too

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Today I just posted a video about how I’m inspired by Red Gerard, the first American to win gold at this year’s Winter Olympics, and how his story offers SO many valuable lessons for my students too:

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But on top of that, my Millionaire Trading Challenge students inspire me to no end and so I’m eternally grateful, as inspiration is key to success!

So, let me ask you, what inspires you?

I’ve had enough success in my own life, but when my top Trading Challenge students find success, I get SO pumped up because My my top students are rock stars.

I’d like to share some of the many ways that my students inspire me and how not only my teaching, but my career as a trader has improved so much thanks to them.

1. They’ve taken a big step. Even the greatest and most epic journeys begin with a single step. All of my students have this thing in common: they have taken the step of signing up for the Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge.

This act speaks volumes. It tells me that they value their education. Additionally, it indicates that they trust in themselves and consider themselves worthy of the investment in the program. This is a massively empowering step and it inspires me to see where I might be able to take such brave steps in my life.

2. They’ve overcome adversity. For many of my students, the decision to join the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge Team came after experiencing plenty of loss. And by loss, I mean money. Many of my students started out trying to trade on their own, only to learn that without the proper skills and know-how, they were basically hemorrhaging money. Amazingly, though, they had the wherewithal to sign up for the program instead of quitting. They knew that it was time for help and that they could make it work, as long as they learned the rules. Overcoming adversity like this and not quitting is absolutely inspiring to me, and it indicates that they have the motivation to really be a great student.

3. They have fire. My Millionaire Challenge students are constantly amazing me with their vigor and enthusiasm. A serious and ferocious fire resides in their bellies. They want to be millionaires and their tenacity and desire to make money inspires me in many ways.

First, it makes me want to help them gain that which they desire: to reach their goals and help direct their boundless energy toward making money. Second, it inspires me, personally. It’s easy, in any profession, to forget what motivates you. Seeing the true desire in my students to reach their goals inspires me to revisit mine and stokes the fire inside of me, making me want to reach for bigger and better things.

4. They ask great questions. It’s easy to begin taking aspects of your chosen profession for granted. But, not when you have students like mine. They’re constantly asking questions that make me think and rethink my processes and consider why it is that what I do works.

This evaluation and constructive thought allows me to better articulate what it is that makes me successful. This allows me to translate how to make that trajectory happen for others, so it makes me a better teacher. But, it also keeps me learning and improving, so that I can continue to forge a road of success to keep my students (and myself) inspired!

5. Their success feels like my success. If you’ve ever acted as a teacher, you know exactly what I mean here. When my students succeed, I’m proud of their work in a different way than I can be from mine. I am able to see the positive effects of my teaching and how it is helping others become successful and reach their lifelong goals.

I can make great plays in the market all day and that’s great. Moreover, though, to know that I’ve played a part in a student’s success is meaningful on a higher level. If I succeed, it means my students succeed.

6. They make me want to be better. When you spend so much time around smart, eager to learn, inquisitive and highly motivated people like my students, something funny happens after a while. You start to want to be a better person.

My students are taking leaps and bounds toward bettering themselves in my program. Overall, they’re receptive and open to learning and they’re committed to improving themselves. They want to reach their goals and they’re willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

It inspires me to continue improving myself, so that I can reach the next steps in my career. This allows me to become a better and more thorough teacher and mentor, which improves the welfare and careers of my students. Win-win.

7. They remind me of how far I’ve come. I’ve changed a lot since I made my first successful trade. There are things that I did early on in my career that make me cringe now. Part of this is because I didn’t have a mentor (a mistake I still regret).  But, part of it is just that I didn’t know any better.

Time and experience have taught me a lot and I teach what I have learned in the program. This allows my students to avoid many of the mistakes I made as an early trader. So, not only is it a powerful reminder for me, but it allows me to teach better lessons to my students.

8. They make me want to keep going. Even longtime millionaires and successful traders have times when they feel discouraged or like they want to change gears. However, my students serve as a powerful reminder of why I do what I do. And, with that constant reminder, it makes me want to keep going.

When I became a teacher, I knew that I wanted to share my secrets to success with the world, but what I didn’t necessarily count on is that many gifts that being a teacher would bring me. My Millionaire Trading Challenge students are a true inspiration to me and hopefully to you, too.

Are you ready to find success? Leave a comment below and let me know if you’ll be a truly dedicated student because the journey is NOT easy so you must be dedicated from the get go!