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See How This Penny Stock Trader Lost 25% Of His Account

This is a sad but important blog post from new trading challenge student who broke my rules and paid the price.

Shame on some of you for thinking that you’re gonna win every time or that you’ll somehow do great even when you break rules I’ve worked my ass off learning and refining for over 14 years.

I’m not perfect at all — if you look at all my trades at you’d see I lose roughly 30% of the time.

Heck look over to the right side of this website and you’ll see I haven’t made much money the first week of May 2013 as I was over-trading and got caught with position sizes that were too bid when a certain earnings winner, BCOV, didn’t act the way I thought it would.

And yet despite a few thousand dollars in losses, I still made $4,000+ for the week because of this one trade where I made $6,000+ which wiped out all my small losses from the week and more.

That’s the key to my success and what I teach in these 7 free video lessons — you have to cut losses quickly when a trade isn’t acting right to prevent giant losses that affect your confidence and total account value.

My new trading challenge student has now learned this important rule firsthand and sadly, actual losses are what it takes for the value of this lesson to be driven home.

At least try to learn from this guy’s mistake:

Tim has many rules which he often stresses his students to follow, last week I broke them. My reason for writing this post is to STOP you from doing the same.

I only had a $965 account and had tried to follow Tim’s rules and teachings to the letter on every trade, but as a newbie some profited and some didn’t. On the morning of Wednesday 10th April I had just closed a long position on the stock $PSON making $32 before commissions and I was pretty pleased with making 10% on my account over the couple of weeks.

But me still thinking the stock could go further I bought in again.

Tim often mentions how he watches every tick and trade when he has a position open because it allows him to feel comfortable and gives him a quick escape if things go south. This is where I went wrong. I left my desk for 3 hours and the price fell off of a cliff.


To make a long story short I lost $242 which was about 25% of my account.

During the trading challenge webinar on Tuesday evening special guest PrePromo Alerts Tom McCarthy said that a good trader should feel like they should have held longer and a poor one feels like they should get out sooner. In this situation I was the poor trader.

I have learned many valuable lessons from this mistake, and it has reaffirmed my need to learn Tim’s strategy before I continue trading.

Tim has a library of over 1,000 lessons, all of which have been categorized, a a total of 12 DVD’s and realtime alert newsletters with a chatroom, daily watchlists and trade alerts. To find out more click here.

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Hey Everyone,

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  1. zach

    hey tim when is the best time totrade if i work from 4am to 4pm pacific standard time, with a 30 minute lunch after 11? buying your monthly subscription just want to know when to trade.

  2. dday500

    Study is the key, A fool and his money shall part. Not following directions will get you broke, also not paying your taxes. Listen folks Tim give you everything you need to be successful what he can not give you is the will to study it. Get off you butt and attack this information with an enthusiasm unknown to man kind. If you do this maybe, just maybe Tim might stop by your crib or invite you on a trip to a warm island. Look get yours, if you want to live like Tim, He is showing you the way, run, jump in and never look back.

  3. Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

    It’s hard to look at but that’s reality, there are plenty of countries where $500 (minimum required sum) is a lot of money. To be honest, the ones with small accounts (not generalising) learn better than those with big accounts, because since they got very small sums of money, they pay extra attention when trading and picking out profitable plays. There are also people who started big and knew how to play, but overall people with low sums of starting money play safer.

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