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We got my site working again, take that hackers! They failed to hack, just slow us down, grrrrr, only makes me more determined to teach the truth…eay

to shutdown one blogger, not easy to shutdown 1,000 students who know everything he does too 🙂

Groupon might not be profitable, but their growth is something I have never seen before

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $193,415, this account was up 56% in 2010, up 141% in 2009 and is now up 1,458% since 11/07 start

Total Account Balance: $758,000ish up 26% in 2011 so far, up 57% in 2010

Yesterday was a $23,000ish profit day for subscribers and I ($800ish in profits for me):

Too many trades lately, go look on Profitly to see how everyone’s doing

Mariposa Resources Ltd (LEXG), Jammin Java Corp. (JAMN) are both still potential shorts…when people realized JAMN’s auditor resigned yesterday everyone wanted shares to short, they went fast. Potential shorts every day.

Majesco Entertainment Co. (COOL) continues to be the strongest stock I’m watching, actually nearing a technical breakout now, but its already come so far so fast the past few days…tough to guess the top, so it’s still a potential buy, but I hope to buy it on a big dip….congrats t the bigtime newsletter that’s rumored to be pushing it higher.

Glu Mobile Inc. (GLUU) and Zagg Inc (ZAGG) both were finally stronger and I was tempted to buy, but neither has any catalysts on the horizon to inspire me to really buy these semi-breakouts and this market is far from bullish…I’m watching closely, potential buys.

Renren Inc (RENN) is now down around $9 making it a great 25% dropper from the key technical break at $!2…pretty amazing how well that simple pattern works in just 2 days, but yes, that was the opportune time to short sell and as you can see, just like shorting pump & dumps, you don’t have to be quick…but unlike pump and dumps, this drop has been very choppy and now twice I’ve profited from buy the panic dips intraday…I hope we get another morning panic today to buy into…tough for me to short when its dropped so much so quickly, even though the chart is totally “Broken”, it can still bounce, remember, up until a few days ago this was one of the hottest companies in the world…one tip: don’t try to guess where the bottom will be, it may be at $6 for all we know, just try to use logic and Silver subscribers watch my now multiple video lessons as to how I spot the intraday bottom each day…I’ll be detailing these intraday patterns IN DEPTH at my upcoming Vegas seminar so get excited.

High Plains Gas Inc (HPGS) is a potential short but I waver as to even mentionit here because it’s such a blatant pump, EVERYONE wants to short the stock….not one share available to short anywhere, very sad, but expected.

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. (JVA) jumped from the $8s to the $12s on a great earnings report…now this is a perfect multi-month technical breakout, but like everyone, I didn’t think it would jump so high given their business model…but it’s good to see earnings breakouts continuing to exceed expectations…I would not say potential short as others have, I’m sticking with potential buy, especially on any big dips.

BOURQUE INDTS INC (BORK) has a ton of shorts given that nobody knows exactly how many shares are outstanding and its gone from roughly 40 cents/share to $5/share the past few weeks…some brokers say 50 million shares outstanding; the strange reorganization paperwork says 150 million shares…either way $250 or $750 million marketcap is absurd, potential short, but obviously be careful as it looks to be going Supernova