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The Jew Of Wall Street Reviews The Wolf Of Wall Street

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Having created 2 millionaire trading challenge students in the past 2 months (see my first millionaire student HERE) and see my 2nd millionaire student HERE who started with just $1,500 of his own money 3 years ago), I’ve been pretty busy as of late as people are beginning to realize I’m not just a guy who posts ridiculous photos on my Instagram account and awesome videos on my Youtube channel (like this new youtube video of a few multi-millionaire traders chatting, which I just posted last night), but as someone who is actually serious about creating millionaires from scratch.

Read this CNN article about my 2nd millionaire student HERE and realize that my free video lessons HERE are just the tip of the iceberg…you gotta study a ton if you want to be rich legally and not get rich illegally like “The Wolf Of Wall Street” did.

That said, as I posted earlier this year, I was VERY excited to see “The Wolf Of Wall Street”, about the man who really revolutionized the boiler room industry and created so many great penny stocks pump and dumps which have made so many short sellers like me very wealthy…and so many gullible investors broke.

The movie “Boiler Room” was based on his fraudulent firm Stratton Oakmont and I did a spoof video from what many consider to be the best scene of that movie:

The difference being that I actually do teach people how to become millionaires from scratch trading penny stocks, just as I did, it’s not BS, and as proven by my first 2 millionaires just a few weeks apart from each other, I’m able to back up my improbable claims…which will be made even clearer by every new millionaire student in the future.

But I tried watching “The Wolf Of Wall Street” without any bias so I could give a fair review.

Long story short, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t help but be offended by the man, the movie and the real life case just as I was initially offended by the book.

I proudly promote a lavish lifestyle (paid for by legal profits) to inspire people to study and it’s expected that the youth of America, especially the male youth, will celebrate similar lavishness and exorbitance in this movie (paid for by illegal profits) just as they have celebrated “Scarface”, but make no mistake Jordan Belfort is one of the sickest human beings to ever walk this planet and had he never been born, the world would be a better place.

Of course, someone else probably would’ve done the exact thing he did — and many continue to scam people in a similar fashion today — but the hookers, the drugs, and most importantly, the lack of caring about other people make me sick to my stomach.

I would gladly give up my wealth if the penny stock promotion business had never been invented or flourished, but I can’t undo what’s been done and I see education as the single best tool to combat such manipulation.

I don’t mind that Jordan Belfort continually hurt himself with drugs, he deserves all the pain he got and will get in the future, but hurting thousands of other people and giving penny stocks a worse name than they already had…well, he’s screwed up hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people’s of lives.

Because my #1 biggest problem is getting people to even believe that it’s possible to legally turn thousands into millions trading penny stocks, given their reputation…some people refuse to even watch my videos for one second because they think I’m just lying about everything…all thanks To Jordan’s Belfort’s dealings which hurt so many in the past.

Yes, his dealings also created the trading opportunities from which my students and I profit and people’s distrust inspired me to create Profitly where we show EVERY trade along the way so I have made the best out of a bad situation so I’m not bitter, I’m actually thankful for maggots like him existing, but I think Jordan deserves to go straight to hell and its a virtual certainty that he will.

And that’s exactly what Scorcese wants you to feel as he vilifies Belfort/Wall Street for these unethical dealings, but Scorcese also knows that’s the reality in finance and that the male youth of America will celebrate Belfort’s life much more than they could ever care about those who got suckered.

As further proof of what a scumbag Belfort is, despite making millions from his book and this movie, he’s trying to get out paying his victims back the money he stole from them, having paid roughly $10 million out of the $100+ million owed to them.

Call me conservative or narrow-minded, but I wish Hollywood was more interested in making inspirational/sentimental movies like “The Natural”…but that’s just a dream as our society is obsessed with crime and criminals infinitely more than entrepreneurs and teachers who should be the ones celebrated/immortalized by film.

Sure, sure, you have some breakout movies like “Mr. Holland’s Opus” and “The Aviator”, but the # of hit movies and bestselling books about criminal behavior dwarfs any uplifting or educational story by a wide margin…this isn’t on Scorcese or DiCaprio or even Jordan Belfort, but on society itself.

So while I’ve heard of people being similarly offended by this movie, many more love the character, the story and the crime.

Great movies polarize audiences and this one is no different…yes I am offended, but I appreciate the film as it is well made and sadly almost all of it is true. (Belfort wasn’t as bigtime as he claims, he wrecked a Mercedes not a Lamborghini like I actually do :))

In just the first weekend of release, “The Wolf Of Wall Street” has already done $34 million in box office business, more than the entire $28 million pulled in by “Boiler Room” when it was in theaters so the only good that will come out of this is that penny stock scams are more in the mainstream and people will be less likely to trust those who pitch them these BS stocks.

Perhaps some future kingpin penny stock promoter will be inspired by all the drugs and girls and Scorcese/DiCaprio will have helped in creating someone vastly more competent/evil.

Even though people will remain distrustful of my teaching and I solely due to my trading penny stocks, at least they’ll better understand the kinds of stocks that I bet against or short sell and that they are mostly all blatant scams…then I’m on my own trying to teach them the ins and outs of trading these kinds of stocks, but again, as I create more and more trading challenge student millionaires, gradually people will realize NOT all penny stocks aren’t scams and that not only did I make my first million buying penny stock breakouts, but that I buy penny stocks breaking out to new highs nearly 40% of the time and that’s helped me earn 64% on my money in 2013 alone, nearly triple that of the major stock market indices.

Watch this video about “How To Buy & Invest In Penny Stocks” where I explain the indicators that have made me tens of thousands of dollars the past few weeks buying stocks like XXII, PLUG, UQM and GSAT before their 20-100% spikes within a few days/weeks.

And watch the video below where I did a spoof video of a penny stock promoter confessing to promoting 77 penny stocks (all real promotions and all of of which have gone to zero or near-zero)

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

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  1. timothysykes

    Interesting, please do tell me how I “steal from those being scammed”…I teach them how the scam works so they can avoid them or better yet profit off them if they learn how to short sell…as I said education is the name of the game, without it, you’re poor..and bitter…and probly like you šŸ™‚

  2. e

    Well to get shares short you have to get them from the suckers who went long. So I don’t see how you couldn’t make that connection. Regardless, Tim, you’re not that wealthy… Not dissing your strategy but from the sound of this article, it seems like you are trying to justify your approach to try to get muppets to subscribe to you and differentiating yourself from some guy who ran a boiler room.

  3. ad

    this was barely a review. you just are promoting and over-hyping your program. not to say your program isn’t good but if you say you’re going to review a movie then do so, don’t just talk about your penny stock program. Waste of a read.

  4. timothysykes

    the people in boiler rooms pitch penny stock scams knowing their customers will lose $, if my customers study the rules I show them, they make money…its the complete opposite and it’s sad that you don’t realize it…but my haters are pretty incompetent so I don’t blame ya…i’ll tell ya life does suck when you have a few million in the bank and 2 millionaire students created in just a few weeks of each other, tough life i tell ya!

  5. e

    You don’t need to justify your “happiness”, I never addressed anything about your life, personality or competency. I’ve been a reader before your focus to teaching. You used to respond to comments in a respectful and intriguing manner, now you’re just a salesman. Good luck to you Tim, much success to you.

  6. David McDonald

    I totally disagree with u…I’ve been watching all Tim’s videos and reading a lot of stuff that he puts out, and I don’t see a scammer, I see someone teaching how to avoid shit like that, someone teaching the true nature of trading and how to be successful. im taking the (Millionaire Challenge) and im on my 5 homework assignment and so far I’ve learned a lot and become very anxious into working with him…u should try the challenge and see exactly what I see, maybe it can answer some of the questions your asking yourself right now..

  7. lite

    what i can say is join the challenge, ready and listen careful what he will came out successful.

  8. David McDonald

    @Lite…yea I am taking the challenge and enjoy it so far…I was disagreeing with someone who was talking negative, but he deleted his comments…but I support what tim is doing and hope to work with him…im on my 5 homework assignment and that much closer to success…hopefully…but motivated and determined to be one of his success stories

  9. Nick N Marcela Hernandez Barne

    Tim Sykes actually gives enough free information that one can learn a large amount of information. This video is an example. And no, he isn’t promoting anything in this video…..IF you knew anything about trading, you’d know this video goes over technicals again and again. Apparently trading terminology is a foreign language to you, Ad….whoever you are…

  10. Ad

    Nick i just graduated from Chicago Booth School of Business with my MBA and work at Merrill. Im pretty sure you know jack shit compared to whay i know. But keep your hopes up bud. You’re definetly on your way of making $1. Maybe you can pay off rent then.

  11. Ad

    Actually nick i didnt mean any offence. Im sure you’re a great trader. tim you should delete my last comment to avoid any harm.

  12. Asad

    I can’t believe how much negativity there is out there. All I have to say is that most of you guys who are so pessimist about Tim and his teachings are probably lazy bums. I am taking Tim’s challenge and am a financial executive at a big firm. I can confidently say that Tim is miraculous with his teachings and those of you who aren’t going to benefit from it, just need to STFU.
    I have been getting his homework assignments and on the 6th assignment. There is no book out there that will filter the good information for you the way Tim is making it happen. As a student of Tim Sykes, I challenge all of you pessimist freaks to show us your portfolios or show us how great of a trader you are. If you have nothing to show for then like i said earlier, stfu and take your negative comments elsewhere. Don’t disturb our sensei with your negative energy. šŸ™‚

  13. Nick N Marcela Hernandez Barne

    If you are so intelligent, you’ll know you need to proof read your shit as you apparently can’t spell. Also, the simple fact that you can’t comprehend what Sykes does speaks volumes about you. Enjoy your meager $100K per year job, chump. Oh, and a free tip to you (this will help your job performance) I highly recommend you look into Coal/Mining stocks. You’ll thank me for your promotion later.

  14. David A.

    Timothy Sykes, on January I’m buying your monthly paid subscription. I need to ask you. Why is your $50 per month while the rest r over $100?

    Is there a difference in profits? Or frequency?

    Hope to be a trading challenge student.

    David A.

  15. David McDonald

    Tim, I’m looking into getting your silver plan, but I was wondering if your plans allow a “pay as you go”, like month to month??

  16. David McDonald

    so if I decide to trade when purchasing your plan, are you there every step of the way for guidance??

  17. WMC

    Wow, that’s a great review of that movie. Don’t know what you read, AD.
    In fact, I felt much of the same way about Jordan Belfort as Tim Sykes but did not know enough about the operation to comment with certainty. I’m pretty sure that what TS wrote is relevant.

    The video, if you can read, was titled ‘a parody’.

    Use a dictionary to learn that a review and a parody are not the same thing. I know — you are too lazy to actually look up words. Too much detail.

    The video was brilliant in that what he says is all true … yet it was presented in as ‘pure fucking Jordan Belfort’.

  18. timothysykes

    hello no, you’ve already asked too many questions which means you’re lazy…i’m not looking for lazy students, everything is online if u click around enough

  19. David McDonald

    no actually, ive been looking this whole time, im just very new too this and some things I understand, and some things I don’t, i didn’t think it was a big deal tryng to learn from someone who i think is the best.

  20. SamTheMan

    Tim- I think you are a smart and ambitious guy and admire your work out here, people have to remember nobody gets rich overnight, if you work hard, study hard and make a consistent effort EVERY day you will eventually become a success! Keep up the good work! By the way LOVE the Bar Mitzvah picture!! Do you remember your Haftorah reading? ( I remember mine and I am a lot older than you!! ) From Sam

  21. Marc

    I’m looking at these comments about the different plans Tim offers and I can’t help but wonder…can these people read? Click the link, there it tells you everything however you do have to read it… why are they asking you such stupid questions? If you really don’t know anything about trading; buy Tim’s DVD’s and watch them over and over until it sinks in, then join one of Tim’s programs and get in his chat room. Like driving a car… yes you have to learn how first before you start trading and no Tim can not drive the car (or the trade) for you. If you think you need Tim to hold your hand while you make your first trade then you haven’t learned from the DVD and you are not ready yet. Simple enough?

  22. Marc

    I’m sorry if I sound angry Tim but I don’t see how you can make it any clearer to people but then again maybe English is not their first language so they have trouble understanding.

  23. Marc

    Ad only graduated from Chicago Booth School of Business with my MBA so you’ll have to give him a break. What’s wrong with you WMC? You expect way to much from a college education I think. ROFL Can you say/spell sarcasm Ad?

  24. Matt McFadden

    Like the parody and look forward to seeing DiCaprio’s movie. I’m on board Tim and will be opening my account in the following weeks. Reading, watching, and following every trade. I have ventured into trading in the past when I was 18 and in high school. What I’ve learned from Tim’s method so far is that I tried WAY to hard to do and learn everything at once. Keep it simple and develop your skills to a particular trading strategy before/ if you move on to another. $$$ is my motivator and plan on sticking it out for the long haul.

  25. keysmank

    As a former broker the white shoe firms were doing the same thing. They only got occasional fines or demotions .

  26. Russell

    There is just one flaw in the transparency Tim is trying to portray, you can skip posting your losses on

  27. timothysykes

    Interesting/incompetent hater…tell me, how do I avoid posting losses when EVERY trade I do is in realtime? Do I pause time and rewind and undo the trade while simultaneously wiping the memories of my 2,500+ students? Do tell your hypothesis, this is gonna be great!

  28. janizajc

    I mostly like you posts, but this one is to me like you just had to answer to an event of this scale with these kind of topic. I’ve watched a couple of interviews with the guy and he is not a bad person. And the movie is quite good actually!

  29. timothysykes

    Are you kidding me? I dont care what he sounds like in interview, his whole business was to scam people and thousands of people’s lives have been destroyed…for which he has never apologized…he only feels bad about the drugs and ratting on his friends…he should’ve been branded SCAM on his forehead for what he’s done

  30. janizajc

    Don’t be such a whiny kid. It’s two things, either you’ve learned from your mistakes of the past or you’ve not. The past is the past.

  31. Jim Young

    You raised a valid point here. The way the world works if you scam regular people out of their money they will leave you alone. No jail time. But Jordan Belfort dicided to scam a billionaire who was an insider so he got caught.

  32. rich

    That you believe him (his well rehearsed for TV nice guy act) is exactly why he was able to pull off his scams on gullible, naive, greedy people. Some maybe deserved to be relieved of their money, however I bet most did not.

  33. salem j.

    I just watched this last night.
    Scorsese clearly believes the guy is still a scumbag.. Why else would he end the movie on the “sell me this pen” scene? Belfort to this day continues to sell people “pens”

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