I Was Robbed

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This is the disclaimer that pops up now when I launch my Etrade PRO charting and Level 2 platform.

But last week when I was waking up at an ungodly hour at my $5,000/night penthouse suite in LA to make big money before the sunrises like HERE, there was no such warning and I had to spend an hour on the phone with their technical support team to be told at the time there was no fix.

Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but in this case, the Supernova MJNA was getting close to breakdown, there were shares available to short and I was flying blind.

Within a few minutes MJNA tanked nearly 50%, a perfect $5,000 profit for me…gone…since I was robbed by my “trust” trading platform being down.

In a few months, what Etrade does or does not do well with Etrade PRO will not be my concern because my team and I have been working on a replacement called StocksToTrade.com.

We just released it publicly it a few weeks ago and early beta testers/users have called it “amazing” and that it makes them “feel like master of the universe”, mainly due to our superior stock screening tools.

I was determined to grow StocksToTrade.com and make it truly great, but missing out on that definite $5,000 profit on MJNA just made it a necessity NOW as opposed to later.

mjna crash copy

So good job Etrade, you spend so much money on commercials and marketing because your brokerage sucks, which is fine, but now your software robbed me of $5,000 which is not fine so I have redoubled my efforts to making StocksToTrade.com the single best platform out there.

No commercials, no big marketing budget, we’re just gonna spend $ on making it perfect…so that traders will never have to fly blind and miss out on great trades like I did with MJNA

(I still made nearly $2,000 shorting MJNA on the bounce after the initial panic…catching that trade live too…there’s always angles to trade on Supernovas, but none are greater, more rewarding or thoroughly enjoyable than the #4 crash pattern from my PennyStocking Framework DVD which Etrade PRO made me miss this time)

Check out a brief video intro about StocksToTrade.com here: