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I was having a great December as I’ve made roughly $30,000 trading sooooo many hot stocks (see my trades here), mostly in the crypto-currency/Bitcoin space (see my take on Bitcoin here), and my friends and I had some great charity events dressing up as Hebrew Santa Claus and giving out toys to underprivileged kids in Miami Beach for my Timothy Sykes Charity

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…before we jetted off to Mexico to relax a little while I also surprised a local animal shelter with a $50,000 donation:

…and explore some crazy caves:

…and while that was all well and good, my schedule trying to fit everything in for my Timothy Sykes Charity has been crazy and that led to my biggest mistake of 2017.

And, instead of shying away from discussing my mistakes, like far too many traders do, instead I made a video lesson about it so you can learn from my screw up! Watch the video below, which we’ve also transcribed for my valued deaf students, and please leave a comment under this blog post promising me that you’ll do better than me:

What’s up. Tim Sykes, here in Tulum, Mexico. Check out my view, life is pretty damn good but this video is not about what’s good. The other day, I made roughly 5 grand in trading. I gave $50,000 away to Coco’s animal shelter. We visited a Save the Children Mexico School where I donated $100,000 to them, to help the kids recover from the earthquake, those are the good parts of this trip. This video is not about that. This video is about when bad shit happens because, unfortunately, while we were rushing from charity to charity and we’re trying to catch like a sunset shot here, I actually lost my backpack.

It has my passport. It had my laptop in it. It had two phones. It had my new iPhone 10, which I haven’t even bothered to open yet. So some lucky Mexican person is just having a great “Feliz Navidad” right now and I’m having a shitty Navidad. It kinda sucks, I’m not gonna lie. I have to get a new passport, my laptop. I tried to do the “Find your device,” I tried to do a “Find your phone,” with the phones, no luck. This has been in the past 48 hours.

I just got a massage, so I’m a little oil up. I don’t know if it looks weird. I’ve been stressing. I’m still hearing this place but even in beautiful places bad shit happens and you can’t really control it. I don’t know where my backpack is. If anybody out there watching this finds my backpack, there’s a lot of stuff in it that I need, that has sentimental value. The phones are useful, but I have so many photos and videos from so many trips. Unfortunately, I’m not the most organized person. Some of it is backed up, some of it isn’t. It just sucks and there’s no pretty way to say it.

The life lesson that comes from this is: A, backup all your stuff because you don’t know when you’re gonna lose it. B, probably don’t bring your passport gallivanting around Mexico even if you’re in a rush. C, be meticulous. You know, I have a lot of stuff going on and it’s not a total surprise that I lost some of this stuff because, frankly, I’m just rushing around trying to keep up with my charities, trading, teaching, traveling, living, eating, getting massage, responding to your DMs and emails. I’m sorry, I’m so far behind.

I wish this were a better situation, you know, but it’s important for me to document it. I don’t wanna graze over the fact. I don’t wanna pretend that life is so amazing and I never screw up because I do screw up, and this is a big, big screw-up. So I might be in Mexico a little longer than I initially planned. I might be in Mexico for…I don’t know how many days. I got to figure out my passport situation. I’m gonna go around still looking for this backpack. I might have just left it in the corner somewhere. No one can even seem to find it, I’ve already gone through security tapes. I know some of you guys are gonna message me about that but at the same time, it’s just a really shitty situation, and you can learn.

Check out…put it around. Look at what we’ve got going on around here, we’ve got beautiful girls, we’ve got all these models, we’ve got great photoshoot. Say hi. There we go. Thank you for keeping it classy and here I am trying to deal with my whole backpack situation. Shit happens and you can’t control it. Well, you can do a better job being prepared for it. You should back up your stuff. You should be more organized than me. Learn from my mistakes, and also when bad stuff does happen, you have to, you know, figure out how to react. Bad stuff happens to everybody. It’s not just me.

And the way that I have bad stuff might be a little different from the way that bad stuff happens to you but I’m trying to stay positive. I’m trying to, you know, still live, I guess, you know, we’re here. I’m trying to enjoy the moment even while I’m searching for the backpack and I’m not gonna totally freak out. I’m not yelling at everybody. Evan, who is filming this. Say hi, Evan.

Evan: Hi.

Tim: I’m taking it pretty well, right?

Evan: Yeah.

Tim: I mean, some people say, like, I should be angry or crying, I have a temper problem. I’ll let me get that too, I just…I don’t know, how should I react? Should I react better, what do you think?

Evan: You’re doing great.

Tim: I’m doing good. Amir is here too. Handling it to Amir. How do you think I’m handling this backpack, passport, phone, laptop?

Amir: Ratherly calm. It’s kind of terrifying. If I lost what he lost, I’d flip the table.

Tim: You would what?

Amir: I’d flip the table.

Tim: You’d flip the table?

Amir: Instead I just lost backpack but…

Tim: You know, I mean, it’s…

Amir: I’d jump off a cliff.

Tim: I’m not a cliff jumper. I’m pissed but I’m also still stay rational about it because getting angry will solve nothing. I know many of you guys, who lose on, you know, stock trades and stuff like that, it doesn’t matter in the long run. No small loss will wipe you out. But if you lose your temper, if you go all-in, if you let anyone loss really get you, and end your whole education, end your whole journey, that’s when you lose. I’ll get a new backpack. I’ll get a new passport. I’ll get a new laptop. I’ll get new phones. I’ll get some money that I left in the backpack too. I’ll get it again, it’s not the end of the world.

So when bad stuff happens, stay positive. Don’t just be a deer in headlights, you know, if you’re making a bad trade, cut your losses quickly. Right now, for me, there’s not much I can really do. I’m checking with everybody. I’m checking security tapes. I will try to find this. I’ll stay in Mexico as long as it takes to find this. Danny, how do you think I’m holding up? [inaudible 00:05:45] this together. How do you think I’m handling this?

Danny: I have no idea.

Tim: You think I’m handling it pretty well?

Danny: You’re are handling it much better than anyone that have about. I’d be freaking out.

Tim: So that’s the lesson here. This was only supposed to be a five-minute video. Is it okay that we’re going over, Evan? We’re still recording this, right?

Evan: Yeah.

Tim: I want you to see it from all sides because these guys have seen me lose my temper and it’s not pretty, and I don’t want that to happen here because it’s nobody’s fault but my own. And it’s important when you screw up not to take it out on others, not to blame it on others, not to, like, say, “Oh, this sucks or life sucks.” This is my fault, and this is a good experience in the long run, no different than what I lost $500,000 plus, it sucked. This was a little over a decade ago, but it made me an infinitely better trader teacher. It made me a safer trader and teacher.

And now, guess what, now that I’ve lost pretty much almost all of my electronics, I’m gonna be better in the future. That’s what you need to think of when you make mistakes. That’s what you need to think about when you have these, you know, kind of shitty situations. How can you utilize it to make yourself better in the future? It’s gonna happen. No matter what I say to you, no matter how meticulous you are, something like this will happen to you, and all you can control is your reaction, and I’m trying to encourage you to react the best way that you can.

I’m not saying I’ve done it perfectly, but I’ve tried to stay rational. I’ve tried to stay calm. So far, I haven’t gotten crazy or too crazy. I’m not gonna do what everybody thinks. I’m not gonna freak out. Well, that’s the lesson. So if you understand this lesson, leave a comment underneath this video saying, “Stay calm,” and that’s what it comes down to. In good situations, go celebrate and bad situations, learn from it. Congratulate Amir, because he’s just got freaking 100,000 followers on instagram.

Congratulate Danny because he’s got out of college and now he is ready to light off his dreams. Congratulate Evan, who is filming this. Film him, show him because he just took his finals, and he left right after finals, and he came here. So, it’s a little bit of a different college experience. What do you think so far of this trip?

Evan: It’s so real. I love it. I’m having the time of my life.

Tim: Right? So, there’s good stuff happening, there is bad stuff happening. We celebrate ups, we deal with the losses, and we move forward.

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  1. Ruben

    WOW , the best video lesson I´ve seen in a while . Sad this happen to you Tim , but on the other side , you just open my eyes to see that bad stuff happen to every body and could be even good if you learn from it and make you a better trader/person . Thanks for sharing

  2. Sunny Stiver

    Interview airing at 0600pm my time. You are tagged on Twitter and facebook both buddy with a live feed link. Hope you get to catch it. And it sucks I got to give profitly up for a few months; BUT WE GOT A PLAN~ just like trading; make a plan and trade the plan or you will wind up trading someone else’s plan & that a good way to go BROKE~ we damn well already broke BUT~~ BUT~ SO WHAT HAPPENED WAS, God used Timothy Sykes + Ellen DeGeneres to save the day! I am the single poorest RICH AS SHIT PERSON IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW! Thanks Friend~ for just being you with the volume all the way up loud!

  3. José Zamora

    Que lastima que te haya pasado esto Tim, pero te doy un plan que vas a ver que funciona. Pega hojas por todos lados avisando que vas a recompensar a la persona que encuentre tu Maletin con tu Pasaporte y tu Laptop con por ejemplo 5 o 10 mil Dolares lo que tu consideres. Y vas a ver que en cuestion de horas tienes tu Maletin de regreso. Is just an Idea. Saludos Tim!

  4. Anonymous

    Another f’ing evolutionary life experience. Sorry for your loss. Yes, its all replaceable, it still stings.

  5. Katherine Crawford

    Another f’ing evolutionary life experience. Sorry for your loss. Yes, its all replaceable, it still stings.

  6. Mark Dubray

    After watching your current video I suggest get out of there quietly. No need to publisize your situation further. Your in another country where being a privileged tourist could work against you. Take care.

  7. T

    Great lesson for readers to keep calm live on… it Really is a reason to be upset BUT! WHY! you are going to be replace it all as you said. Great Job holding up…On to the next Stock pick!

    Your Student

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