How To Make $75,000 In 2 Days & Predict A 25% Stock Price Drop - Timothy Sykes

How To Make $75,000 In 2 Days & Predict A 25% Stock Price Drop

UPDATE: I am currently short 15,000 shares of HAUP, another $2,700 in unrealized profits takes my total profits on this stock to $15,000ish…subscribers to my 4 newsletters are banking too, thank you pumpers!

When I sent the daily video watchlist to PennyStocking Silver subscribers last night on Hauppauge Digital, Inc. (HAUP), just as I do every night:

…after all, I wrote this initial post exposing how HAUP exploited a minor product for Apple Inc. (AAPL) to spike their stock price and stay listed on the NASDAQ (they were facing delisting if their stock wasn’t over $1/share today)over the weekend, I also did a 23 minute trading lesson on how to understand HAUP’s price action (you can see that trading lesson HERE but you must be registered as a PennyStocking Silver subscriber first!) to help my students be fully prepared for today’s price action.



…the EXACT same chart pattern I detail again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again in my 10 instructional DVD packages, namely PennyStocking Part Deux and TIMfundamentals Part Deux, an the solid, if not extraordinary gains reported Friday and today by TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking Silver subscribers on, I did a good job.

I have personally profited just under $12,000 on 5 trades which you can see below, but thanks to the amazing ticker page of HAUP, you can see dozens of PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers profited from this runup as our total gains are approaching $75,000

(two subscriber profits were not posted, but emailed directly to me)

+5,400 on HAUP, maybe reshort later.

Got $2500 (realized) shorting MBLX from $17.08 and $8700 (unrealized) shorting HAUP from $6.47

See my trades and some of my favorites of other people and visit THIS page to see all trades of HAUP: $4,760.00 profit on $HAUP Nailed the morning breakdown aided by overall market selloff, great 1-hour tradeless than a minute ago via $1,045.00 profit on $HAUP Pretty good trade shorting premarket, covering into morning panic near the openless than a minute ago via $707.00 profit on $HAUP I let a $5k profit slip, shoulda woulda coulda canceled LiveStock, good lessonless than a minute ago via $3,621.00 profit on $HAUP Wanted more, but intraday support wouldnt crack so i listened, wish u would tooless than a minute ago via $1,603.00 profit on $HAUP Decent short into hype PR, but discovered I need an early train tomorrow!less than a minute ago via $13,502.50 profit on $HAUP absolutely nailed the short on it and held over weekend first trade in Sogoless than a minute ago via $2,400.00 profit on $HAUP in 3.14 for ten minutes, out @ 3.26 with 20k sharesless than a minute ago via $1,484.00 profit on $HAUP Held O/N for the weekend and sold at the open this morning for a nice gainless than a minute ago via

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