How To Get Rich By Short Selling Mini-Enrons Faster Than Jim Chanos

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know I had a decent, if not great, September (see all my Sept trades), pushing my 2010 performance up to 49% to make these nice charts

It’s interesting to note that out of nearly 30 trades, only 3 account for the vast majority of my gains…and unsurprisingly, these three stocks were all paid-mailer pump & dumps, which I exposed in these three articles:

Revolutions Medical Corp. (RMCP): The 3-Employee Penny Stock Trying To Prove Past Fraud Is Not Indicative Of Future Fraud?

7 Reasons Why Sunvalley Solar Inc. (SSOL) Is A Blatant Pump & Will Soon Drop 50%+

The 9.5 Million Share Pump With Accounting Problems Up 1,500%–How Is This Legal?

Also not surprisingly these three articles were the most popular blog posts of September, mainly because they are real-time representations of the one pattern that has made me a millionaire which I go over and over and over in 3,000+ blog posts and in all of my instructional DVD packages.

If you’re just joining in, it’s too late these pumps around…all have dropped 50%+ off their artificially pumped up highs…but you can see the charts below and be better prepared for next time…as there always is:

(hence the blog post title: Jim Chanos became a billionaire because he had the smarts to short sell the mother of all pumps…you’re not Jim Chanos…you as an ordinary person have far greater odds of getting rich by short selling these little pumps…trust me, I have and I ain’t that smart!)