9 Ways To Become Successful

how to be successful

How to Be Successful

Do you want to learn how to be successful?

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Sure, everyone would like to be more successful in business and in life. But, if the process of attaining success seems confusing to you, then I want to shed some light on it. These are 9 helpful things that can streamline the process of finding success. How many have of these things are you doing?

1. Decide that you want to be successful. Action follows intention. What does that have to do with how to be successful? Everything. First, you need to really want to be successful. I don’t mean in an abstract, “sure, that would be nice” sort of way. You really need to want success so badly that you’re compelled to take action. It’s only once you reach this point that you’ll truly be able to pursue success.

Like my 22-year-old trading challenge student Steven who found me on instagram because he liked my Lamborghini and who I just featured in a video lesson today because he’s studied perhaps more than any of my other students and now he’s been successful enough to buy his own dream car, a McLaren:


Learn more about him and his determination in this classic interview he gave me a few months back:


There are many admirers of my Lamborghini and my Ferrari, too.  But, do they take that admiration and turn it into anything useful?


Believe it or not, there are many people out there who have never actually taken the time to really make a firm decision and commitment to their future success. This is a simple thing, but so important. Don’t overlook it. It’s the basis for everything that follows.

If you’re TRULY ready to be successful, leave a comment below — you can say whatever you want, just write down the goals you hope to achieve and then once they’re written spend every waking second trying to achieve them all…and more! 

2. Define success. There’s not just one definition of success. Success to one person might mean owning their own home and holding down a steady job; to another, it’s owning ten homes and multiple businesses. So before you can learn how to be successful, you have to get really straight in your mind about what that actually means to you. What do you want to achieve, and why? Figuring out what success means to you is a big step which makes it attainable versus intangible.

3. Figure out how to attain that success. Now’s where things start getting real. Now that you have decided that you want to be successful and you know what that means, it’s time to start figuring out how to make it happen.

Say that your goal is to own a chain of coffee shops. Trouble is, you need money to make that dream a reality. So you need to earn money, but how? Well, that is ultimately for you to answer. However, if you’re reading this blog, chances are that you’re intrigued by the possibility of using penny stocks to make that happen. Trading penny stocks is a great way to make money and for many, an invaluable way to diversify your portfolio of moneymaking opportunities while giving you the flexibility to concurrently pursue other dreams.

4. Get to work. Now that you’ve taken the time to figure out how it is that you want and have a rough idea of how it is that you want to get there, it’s time to get to work. If you have decided to take the route of trading penny stocks, you’re in the right place. In the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge, I guide my students through the art of trading penny stocks, starting with the basics and building up to more complex and involved techniques that I have used throughout the years. With several students who have broken the million dollar mark under my tutelage, I have a proven track record.** You need to apply yourself to your chosen means of making money with all that you have.

5. Give yourself time and room to learn. At this point in your journey, there’s been a lot of hurrying and excitement and planning. But at a certain point, it is going to start becoming less about dreaming and more about putting in the work. Yes, you need to constantly keep on revisiting your dreams, but now you must balance that by doing the necessary work.

It might not be the most glamorous part of the process, but putting your nose to the grind and studying, learning, and amassing as much knowledge as you can is a hugely important part of becoming successful. Usually, for students who are part of the Tim Sykes Million Challenge Team, a lot of this is learning by doing. This means actually getting in there and trading and learning from the process.

6. Fast-track your career with a mentor. Most successful people have a mentor. This is true of even powerful leaders and visionaries like Mark Zuckerberg. If you’re not clear on what having a mentor means, in a nutshell, it means that you have a relationship with someone in a similar career who is further along than you. It’s almost like they can play master to your apprentice, offering you not just basics but a more anecdotal and experience-based education on what to do and what not to do. A mentor can be an invaluable resource in helping you gain success in the most streamlined way possible. I act as a mentor to the students in my challenge.

7. Set a routine. Successful people know that there’s a benefit to repetition. Setting a routine can be a huge part of how to be successful. There are several reasons why.

For one, if you follow a specific routine, it’s a lot easier to measure your progress.

For another, setting a routine makes it easier for you to avoid habits and get work done. Often, a great routine starts with waking up early, which allows you to get things out of the way and get some reading done so that when the trading bell rings, you’re ready to go.

8. Keep reminding yourself of what you want. As you begin to immerse yourself in the process of trading, sometimes it can be easy to lose yourself in the daily grind. That’s why it’s important to revisit your goals frequently. It might be on a daily basis, or weekly or monthly, depending on what works for you. But remembering and adjusting your goals to your current space can help you stay motivated and help you stay committed, particularly when things get tough.

9. Be able to learn from your mistakes. Mistakes and failures. They both happen, and they both suck. But there can be a silver lining. It’s not just a line you’re fed in business education: mistakes truly can be your best teachers. The thing is, you have to have enough strength of character to recognize them for that.

The ego will tell you all sorts of things about making mistakes. It will tell you that you’re a failure, that you should sweep them under the rug. But don’t do it. Just as you should own your successes, you should own your failures. If you are able to learn from a mistake and not make it again, then truly, you’ve learned a great lesson of success.

Becoming successful requires dedication and hard work. By actively pursuing the tips and techniques listed in this post, your chances of becoming successful could drastically improve, whether you’re trading penny stocks or doing something else.

Watch this telling interview with my 2nd Millionaire trading challenge student as we review his journey and the many, many mistakes he made along the way, but which he also learned from and that made him better in the end!


If you’re TRULY ready to be successful, leave a comment below — you can say whatever you want, just write down the goals you hope to achieve and then once they’re written spend every waking second trying to achieve them all…and more! 

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Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

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  1. Tanner Kauffman

    Been studying and trading unsuccessfully for 8 months now.
    BUT I have learned a shit ton about the market and mistakes that I have made and will never make again.
    I bought How to Make Millions and now in the next 15 months im absolutely dedicated to becoming a millionaire. No doubt about it. I will have my own lambo 😉

  2. Eric

    Having the goal to dream, the desire to work harder than you thought possible, and the determination to never give up no matter how frustrated you get; these are the keys to success.. Mentors provide the training, you must provide the desire, determination and drive to at least meet them half way … Don’t be stubborn listen to everyone who tries to help. It doesn’t matter if everyone is successful, you can learn from all mistakes easier than from successes .. If you have success immediately , you don’t appreciate it as much as if you failed before you get there

  3. LLaTonya Wilson

    I I want to be successful & pay off all debt & build a business from ground up & own it. I want to be able to help others & my children as well. I want to leave a blessing to my grandchildren.

  4. Margaret Mukami Nderitu

    I really want to be successful and i have already taken steps to your millionaire program. I am looking forward to getting a mentor and i cant wait to get started.

  5. Danielle O.

    One goal I had began 10 years ago when I was trying to figure out how to trade stocks. I heard you could make good money doing it, and I needed some extra income. I bought some books, I even bought a couple of stocks, but I was stuck, I didn’t know how to get out of these stocks or what to do with them. So I let them sit, and pushed that idea/goal aside. I didn’t know where to go to really learn about the stock market, so I mostly gave up. But last year I decided I would dive in again and try to learn more about trading, using the internet to learn this time. That’s when I found Timothy Sykes and his Trading Challenge. It took me 6 months to save up before I could start, and now here I am! I’ve learned so much! I feel very blessed that Tim has decided to teach how to trade, because I would be lost if it wasn’t for him. I now have new goals, goals that deal with making money in the stock market, because now I KNOW I CAN!! I’ve learned so much! And I have goals of learning more! Thank you for this most valuable opportunity Tim! And thank you for your time and effort that you put into teaching!

  6. Shaun Hewett

    I want a better life for my family. I’ve always had goals, and always worked towards them until they were obtained. This will be no different. I already have a full time job, but I’m open to new possibilities. I look forward to the process, obstacles, and success.

  7. Joe Zinser

    I have been self-employed most of my life. The businesses have been modestly successful however most of the people you know who are self-employed will probably tell you that the other part of being self-employed is a lot of responsibility and many times you have to think of yourself last. Each business has experienced success but I have never had peace. Either Financial Peace or personally. I have missed many things with my work schedule and at 50 years old now I look back sometimes and ask myself why. Hindsight being 20-20 it’s easier to second-guess yourself. With that said I’ve also gained some wisdom. This challenge that Tim has is my goal. Not necessarily for just the monetary benefit. I will learn this no matter how long it takes me and the reason will be my goal of personal and financial peace. I have two sons that are both on academic scholarships. Much smarter than their dad ever was and that is one thing that I look to as a success. I know they are on a good road so now it is time to take care of myself. That looks like a very peaceful Vista behind you and your students in the picture above Tim. Maybe with hard work I can see that sometime.

  8. M.Hoopes

    I have been working for years and have managed many people the drive for excellence and having goals these days seems to be a thing of the past. Goals are what has driven me for years in my military and civilian career.

  9. Matthew Fincher

    After reading and writing this comment I plan to re list all my goals. I recently discovered a new strategy to profit from called short selling where I manage to see more opportunity, bad news is I have just been listed as a pattern day trader. Been given that title tells me that life is finally telling me to step back and re collect. Practice the rules and watch more lessons than I do now and actually take a breathe from trading to eliminate the fear of missing out. I need to work on learning to beat the mistakes I keep making now, I need to learn to be patient, and follow my own plan if I plan to have the things I so desire. What better time do I have than now to put this new study plan into effect so I can come back later on, but be better than I am now.

  10. Nic & Marissa

    We have a short term goal to become debt free and a long term goal for early retirement. Ultimately we want to learn all we can and be an example to others.

  11. Aisha Burke

    Learn, enjoooyyyyyyyy good change, stability for my children ( home), set back by 4years due to Mommy’s passing, time for a major come back and be comfortable with excellent skills in trading with Tim’s help. Set my children up towards more greatness. Thanks for the opportunity

  12. Nageswara Rao

    Joined the challenge program few days back and started going through the DVDs,videos and lesson posted by Tim. You dnt need to start from the beginning when you have tons of lessons that you could learn from others. Finding the right direction is crucial for one to start. Luckily I found Tim’s challenge. The best thing with the program is equipping the trader with the knowledge that he needs for the life time of trading. Though learning is an infinite curve I got the confidence that once we finish the beginner materials we should be in a good position to begin trading good. It’s not necessary that each trade should gain you profits but when you see the long run it will give you the results that you wanted.

    Sooner or later I am sure I am going to capitalize on my learnings and create the foundation to fulfil my dreams. Thanks Tim.

  13. Than Chau

    Hi Tim. I got nothing much to describe. After I’ve been watched most of your videos on YouTube. My goal pretty much similar like you. I want to follow your footsteps. Be honest, who’s doesn’t want to make money. Of course, most of us do. I almost can say every body. But, if you don’t have the knowledge, the skills, the ability. Especially, your good behavior can help you to achieve your goal successfully in your career and in your life. In the meantime, study, study study. Learn, learn ,learn from the DVDs I just received today afternoon. I will go through every single one. I’m glad that I’ve found you. I do appreciate you very much to be my mentor.

  14. Victoria Olekaibe

    I concur with everything everyone has said and you definitely need guidance especially when it comes to financial freedom, there has to be a determination and a willingness to change and action behind it. Being told No for my dreams to be fulfilled and being underestimated my whole life has lit a fire in me to change with action. I will do whatever it takes within the law to get what I want, No matter how long and arduous the road is. The thing is to start, do something to propel you forward.

  15. Bonnie Patterson

    Goal-finance my life with an improved lifestyle that includes less stress and more positive experiences. Expend energy and resources in support of that goal and adjust that energy and resources as needed to complete the goal. Enjoy the journey, That’s the most important.

  16. Truck Driving Deva

    At the age of 17 I told my mother that I was going to be rich. She laughed kind of. The surroundings and neighborhood I grew up in becoming rich seemed impossible.but not to me. I struggled and survive life. My Ultimate Dream is 2 start a clothing line. This is the reason why I want to get into trading stocks it opens door

  17. Barbara

    My first goal is to learn how to trade overnight because of the PDT and my work. I can have my phone on, but, I can’t watch it all day. I want to become very successful at trading overnight part-time. I see myself making $1,000 per day.
    My second goal is to learn midday breakouts.
    Eventually I see 10,000 and 100,000 in my etrade account.

  18. Bridget G

    Tim, here comes a big challenge. I am 61, newbie to the stock market, novice to trading penny stocks but I have hope I dream BIG!
    My story is too long , but I have come this far. When I watched your interview on Steve Harvey show, I just knew that this guy is THE real deal, my prayer was answered.
    What I know is that the price of success is hard work, and if I can be allowed to quote one of posts that ‘Failure is simply not an option.’ I want financial freedom as I enter retirement and not to be a burden to my children and grandchildren. I want to leave them a healthy inheritance. I want to pay off my mortgage, travel and have consistent flow of income.I want to drive the latest brand new Mercedes , Audi and treat my family to luxurious holidays!!
    Thank you Tim for unlocking the secret.


  19. Janie Borden

    Hey there , all you’re info is so helpful and informational.
    I’m successful and rising to where I want to be . We all measure success different . Be happy right where you are and you’re success will follow . Thanks again for all you’re knowledge .

  20. Julio Colon

    Well while I wait for money that was promised I am reading looking up things on the market and following you to learn more. I am looking forward to become your next millionaire student and hope that the time comes all will be a reality.. .

  21. LaSonja Williams

    Looking to work hard, learn a new skill and reap th benefits of success. My goal is to learn to trade for a living.

  22. Sonny

    Honestly, the best part about having money for me is the fact that I will be able to pay impressionable, financially-needy college girls to do what I want them to. I like pictures of vacations and cars, but what about the GIRLS?!? I never will get married but I just want to use women as much as I can. Laugh all you want, but girls need money, and I will be the one that provides that in return for something.

  23. Robert Stephens

    I buying stocktotrade tomorrow. And trying to buy how to make millions DVD next check and I’m going to start trading after my birthday Next February trying to save 4 grand. I’m going to have a loan debt payed off and bed payment completely payed off I’m super motivated and if I need extra money I can cash 3weeks and 4 days of my vacation time in.

  24. Isaac Quarshie

    I count myself very fortunate to get access to teachings that have to do with trading stocks. Three years ago I had interest in stocks but I didn’t have any idea how it works. Now that I have found Tim and his team, I believe I will get the necessary information on how to start. Thank you so much for the information so far. I am looking forward to have more knowledge on how to trade on the stock market for a better life.

  25. Rita

    I’ve always worked hard and been successful throughout my career in building and expanding other people’s businesses. I’ve always felt that while I have been successful in building other people’s wealth I have not done it for myself or my family. I owe it to myself to use my hard work ethic to benefit and grow my own financial wealth. I want to be able to walk into any store and not have to worry about money. I want to be able to travel with my family and not have to fly economy. Looking forward to my financial success.

  26. Lehwelere

    That is true but being in my world is not that easy but also saying thanks to you Tim for showing me how to be successful but learning from your own mistake is a big lesson

  27. Scott T

    Well reading through this blog although I may not be successful yet if the setps given above really will mean success I am very much on my way.

    You talk about success like it is a Monetary goal like well I want to be successful that way i will be able to do this buy that, that is not what i really want and I think they I may have been a little lucky because I have been putting the time,work,effort,study,discipline EVERY SINGLE DAY because I want to be an amazing trader, no that is an understatement I want to be an exceptional trader I want to be like Jesse Livermore I want to become so good at trading that I am able to see and do what others do not and can’t and it is this drive, this passion that if I continue to do what I do I hope to be the trader who is able to trade everything and be a real Neo of the stock market.

    But with such drive I must remain calm and to limit my emotions while trading and not to be ignorant, close minded, greedy nor synnical and if one day I do become a wealthy man and a hell of a trader i must be humble and remember where I came from and who I used to be.

    Thank You

  28. Taz

    Tim, I’m based in the uk, do you have any other UK students using your strategies on the UK stock market or do you strategies only work on US stocks I.e. OTCs etc.

    I’d love to go for this but looking at UK stocks, I just don’t see how the same gains can be made as the markets are regulated differently.


  29. Alicia

    My current goal is to save money for the millionaire challenge, and the second goal is to get out of the middle class. In order to fulfill this commitment I increased my work hours in sales and began studying Tim’s free YouTube and website content during any available down time to stay focused.

  30. longo

    Hii how are you timothy? I live in belgium, i work now 9/5 but its really nothin for me.. i need to work for payin my bills that i have .. now its around 35k , but i dont stress because i know that 35k gonna help me to the top one day, im not given up till i have what i want, my parents a house, and than i look over for me .. i know its not easy , but everything is possible with patience and ambition.. i know i can do that! 😉 now my question is it possible to work whit you from belgium? Thanks bro take care

  31. Awuyo Ecegeri Simon

    I am a retired lecturer still physically active. I only need capital and mentoring. I will become a billionaire and God will bless me with my dream car Ferrari.

  32. lars cronin


  33. EN

    I am focused, determined and now, I am out to get it! Success,…you better watch out, I am coming for you. Thank you everyone for your inspirational goals. Together, we will go far!

  34. Dwayne M

    I desire to become Financially FREE! This is a growth journey. In the First phase I want to eliminate all my DEBT: mortgage, student loans, credit cards. Second Phase is to build Wealth in cash, investments and business. Third Phase happening some with 2nd is for me to be able to help secure my Family.
    Thank you Tim S. I am part of the MMP and working, studying and learning to understand these skills of Penny Stock Trading.

  35. Jai

    Im single mom working full time while battling sarcoidosisz. My goal is to secure financial security to take care of my daughters and no longer punch a clock so that I can take better care of myself. I will have to do my best to save money to start the program but I have no choice because I am my daughters ONLY support and letting them down is not an option!

  36. Jai

    I’m a single mom working full time while battling sarcoidosisz. My goal is to secure financial security to take care of my daughters and no longer punch a clock so that I can take better care of myself. I will have to do my best to save money to start the program but I have no choice because I am my daughters ONLY support and letting them down is not an option!

  37. Jumanne

    I want to have enough skills and techniques to effectively, efficiently and profitably trade penny stocks to my own gains. Currently im hardly learning and reading every piece of information related to trading that may shed light to trading world of course I’m so nervous to loose my hard earned money. Hope these material and many more to come will help overcome this.


  38. Tetyana Smith

    Tetyana here

    Car all great, I am ok with my bed to the bone minivan 🙂
    I like that thing to be pay off …

    Here some goals:
    To learn a skill that has no due date on it, no 50 no 70 no 100 years
    Skill that I like to teach passengers in my minivan.
    I want to be out off debt for ever, and I will reset new goal after.

    Cannot wait to have knowledge and wisdom to trade.

  39. Kamran Ahmad

    It’s been a month since i started studying Penny Stocks, as i belong to a low class family and i am really very passionate to be financially independent because i don’t want to live as i am living. I don’t have enough money or sources to start trading and don’t know the outcome how to arrange it and really start but i am learning and studying it independent of what will happen next. I have a job from 9am morning to almost 8 or 9pm evening and after i arrive home i study it, i am doing this very hard way, my life is very tough and stressful this time but i believe in hope and hardwork, May be one day i will be successful.

  40. Jeremia

    My dreamer is to be a successful penny stock trader. Still have to save up money while studying from Tim. One day is one day.

  41. Hector

    Hi Tim I’m doing trading by my self for almost 2 years I didn’t know anything, but I believe whit your help I can be your next and first Latino to make some money

  42. DNN

    My mother worked for the City of New York in Brooklyn for 35 years. If side hustles and affiliate marketing-blogging was around in late 1950’s, she probably would’ve been a billionaire by now as hard as she worked and successful beyond imagination.

  43. Debbi DiMaggio

    I am a go-gotter, no question. I motivate myself. I am my only competitor. But I want more. There is always something more. The unknown inspires me. The person’s story I have not heard yet, the charity I have not helped, the person I have not yet met. I’m interested in everyone and everything. I am curious. Some used to say I was nosy. But I know now, I just have an insatiable appetite to learn.

    I am a successful Realtor in the Bay Area, but there is always room for improvement, to grow and to prosper. I am an author, I’ve written 3 book, all focus on sharing what I know with a goal to inspire others. The first book, Contained Beauty, Photographs, Reflections and Swimming Pools; the next, The Art of Real Estate and the 3rd, Real Estate Rules! 52 ways to achieve success in real estate. The later two books focus on guiding Realtors to success as well as helping Buyers and Sellers (book 2) and Real Estate Rules! (book 3) is poised for anyone interested in branding themselves, whether a Realtor or and Actor. I also hope to inspire my kids and their friends. My 4th book, Fabulous or Beauty, At Any Age, (working title) a beauty book to share with men and woman showing them all the various ways they can care for oneself, from yoga and meditation, to simply routines such as moisturizing and playing card games to keep your mind fit. My mother in law in almost 90 and her mind is sharp. Why? Because she is busy, she is active, she keeps her mind running. Use it or lost it, as the saying goes. Beauty is mental, spiritual and physical well-being. I hope to help others lead a healthy and prosperous life, whatever that means to them.
    As there is never an ending to my book, I am also working on another vehicle to inspire others, through Foundation 4 Success. On the Other Side of 25. If I knew then what I know now. I’ve got the information locked up in a power point presentation but need help launching it. On a braver note, I have opened my Real Estate practice to Beverly Hills and the LA area, I fly back and forth as I am building my business and making new connections. I love helping people and hearing their stories, Real Estate and Philanthropy are two very important vehicles that allow me to find inspiration and happiness. How may I help you?

    Fondly, Debbi DiMaggio

    PS. Thank you for asking!

  44. Cheri

    My Goals

    I would like to learn how to trade penny stocks professionally so that I can generate revenue without answering to anyone else but myself and build a sizable portfolio of capital to trade with so I can become the next Steven Dux.

    My immediate goal is to subscribe to your Tims Trading Alerts as well as practice paper stock trading via http://stockstotrade.com/

    I would like to get to a point of generating profit via paper trading practice within the next 3 – 6 months and be in a position to have gained enough experience by Jan. 2018 to be sitting in a positive paper profit so I can start live trading.

    My long-term goal over the next 12 months is to be able to learn and master my trading process to the point of generating $2000 A DAY then use some of the profits to successfully acquire a new study visa for NZ so I can go back and complete my Applied Management Diploma and support myself and my husband financially until I’ve completed my Diploma.

    I would then like to purchase a property in New Zealand in 2019 CASH so that I have a solid roof over my head and be financially free enough to start making a positive difference to various people’s lives in my network, who need some help and then look at how I can contribute to environmental conservation of our planet.

    Once I have achieved these goals which I suspect will be around 2020, I will look at acquiring 2 Jet Skis and a Bugatti Veyron as well as be in a position 2 be able to afford my own personal fitness coach, chef and housekeeper as well as have enough money saved for my retirement and whatever travel adventures I would like my husband and I go on.

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