How The Profitly Affiliate Program Made Me $2,000 In 4 Days - Timothy Sykes

How The Profitly Affiliate Program Made Me $2,000 In 4 Days

Besides being co-founder of Profitly, I’m also just a guru…no different from the many thousands of other trading gurus out there, perhaps just a little more brash…transparent…and most of all, good at explaining my strategy down to the last detail and helping my students of my 4 newsletters make more $.

Well, Profitly was designed not only as a platform for investors and traders to show off your track records nor was it designed solely for gurus to be able to deliver trading alerts, watchlists, video lessons and webinars…from the beginning we had the idea to encourage users to refer our wonderful site to their friends and family via twitter, Facebook and email and TO PAY EVERYONE AS AFFILIATES FOR THEIR REFERRALS.

So last week, we introduced the Profitly affiliate program at and if you go there and signup and refer ANYONE, you’ll get 30% commissions on whatever premium products they buy on Profitly.

Once you signup on, you’ll be given an affiliate code that you need to put on the end of any link when you link to Profitly…mine is “?aff=12″…soon it’ll all be automated whenever you post a trade or have a widget on your website, but for now you gotta link manually.

Download a PDF version of this post.

Watch the video below, go visit to see more details and realize that while currently our current premium offerings are just a few products on this page, we’ll soon have many more premium products and affiliates get 30% commissions on them all!

A special 50% commission for anyone you refer to our own premium stat and features product explained at

Profitly Affiliates

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Hager Garcia

    Tim you are a genius!! I’m going to blog like crazy!!! lol.. I’m going to make you richer, while I make some money (:

  2. Hager Garcia

    Tim you are a genius!! I'm going to blog like crazy!!! lol.. I'm going to make you richer, while I make some money (:

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