Great 10 Question Interview I Did, One Question Being How I Structure A Typical Day

Check out this great interview I did a few weeks back with Behind The Spread:

“Tim, you are one over-worked blogger/investor having to manage various tasks from writing to investing, not to mention your personal life. Many struggle to manage just one thing. So what does your day look like?”

It’s not over-working if you love it. There is so much bad information out there in this joke of an industry, I could live 10 lifetimes and still not be able to fix it all. I do what I can to put a dent in the pollution, ideally inspiring others to follow my lead:

Go to bed at 2-3 AM EST, after sending out a daily watchlist to TIMalert subscribers around midnight

Wake up at 7 AM, reserves shares to short on any pump & dumps, check and respond to emails until 9 AM

9 AM-Noon I watch the market for potential trades

Noon-4 PM I either trade or work on my new DVDs, websites or write blog posts

4 PM -9 PM Dinner, reading, spend time with my beautiful girlfriend Daleela

9 PM-11 PM, Respond to emails from throughout the day

11 PM-2 AM Write the watchlist for the next day, research stocks

Download a PDF version of this post.

“You have been blogging for quite some time. Has your blogging experience impacted your trading in any way? What valuable lessons have you learned outside of trading?”

Blogging helps my trading immensely. Initially, I was addicted to trading, and my overall results suffered as any addict can attest. However, now every time I make a trade, I have to send out an email alert to TIMalert subscribers, write a blog post, and send out a text message. Furthermore, I know I have to do the same when I exit too, so it makes me focus on only the best trades!

“As you already know, the ‘brand’ Tim Sykes has become quite controversial. People either love you or hate you. What are your thoughts on this?”

Who cares what people think! How can there be anything controversial about someone who has already turned thousands into millions before, who is up a verified 400%+ in the last 20 months, and who is the top ranked trader on Covestor for the past year? It’s more controversial that I still have to put up with all these morons claiming I’m a scam/fraud. My only real haters at this point are stock promoters, who are going to hell anyway, and penny stock suckers, who will never allow my strategy to be right because it’d nullify their purpose.

“Do you have any interesting facts about yourself that not many know about?”

I got rich at a very young age and found all my money not very fulfilling. Teaching suckers not be suckers anymore and cutting through the industry BS, while earning enough to keep my Jewish roots satisfied, is infinitely more interesting to me now.

“What drives you the most to be successful? Can you tell us some of the inspirations that keep you going? Both trading and managing your own business are not ordinary and simple tasks. However, you seem to succeed at both! Any secret ingredients?

I get inspired every day by all the fraudsters, liars and cheats in the finance industry. I know I can do better than them and eventually hurt their business enough so that they quit. Oh yes, I have an opinion on them. It’s disgusting what finance people resort to in order to pay the bills. The good news is that these creatures will always exist in some form, so I teach people how to profit legally from their evil, yet predictable actions.

“Can you share some past investing stories? Best and the worst trade you’ve made?”

Sure, Chapter 6 of my book “An American Hedge Fund”

Click to view the PDF file Tim shared with us. It’s an interesting chapter.

“What did you learn from the hedge fund experience?”

1. Don’t be too greedy
2. Stick to what you know
3. Everyone on Wall Street is full of sh*t
4. There are new suckers born every day

“So what does it take to be a successful penny stocker? Not all are fit to succeed in this field.”

1. Patience
2. Discipline
3. Knowledge of past setups
4. My instructional DVD training

That’s most of the interview, but you can read the whole thing HERE

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