How To Make 1,000% On Your Money

How To Make 1,000% On Your Money


How To Make 1,000% On Your Money

I have a cool gift for you and while most people like materialistic gifts, I prefer the gift of knowledge…so register HERE for a free webinar on November 2nd by my friend Teeka who specializes in a crazy market that has 1,000%+ returns lately…and in case you’re like me and not great at math, a 1,000% return means you can turn $1,000 into $10,000 or $10,000 into $100,000 which is just awesome!

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And I have to confess that in the past, I’ve personally missed out on this opportunity so while I’ve made millions, I could’ve made millions more if I hadn’t been so close-minded so today that changes and I’ll be tuning into this free webinar HERE too.

Right off the bat I want you to know this while kind kind of return sounds crazy, SEVERAL people I know have achieved this the past few years, including several of my students and even my business partner, and my friend Teeka is one of them who is giving a free webinar HERE on November 2nd so be sure to register and tune in and learn…as I’ll be tuning in too as my education is NEVER complete and I’m always looking for new strategies that can help me profit.

Never forget that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income so I don’t care who you are or what you currently make, in this fast-moving world you cannot afford to get too comfortable with any one strategy, you must learn multiple niches and utilize multiple strategies too.

Let me give you the link to the free webinar HERE one more time so you have no excuses and because it’s literally 100% FREE the only way anybody will miss it is due to laziness, and laziness is your enemy if you want to achieve wealth in this lifetime.

If you’re going to become my next millionaire student, you need to get ready to study harder than you ever thought possible and, more importantly, you need to start thinking outside the box and be open to ALL strategies and patterns as finance is a huge industry and you never know what you’ll be best or worst at so it’s important to learn as much as you can and test, test, test.

As I’ve outlined in my recent blog posts HERE and HERE, you must be open-minded to EVERYTHING THAT CAN MAKE YOU MONEY and be meticulous in keeping track of EVERYTHING YOU TRY as while it’s impossible to be completely perfect, practice and preparation makes you as close to as perfect as you can be…

…and when you’ve studied and practiced various strategies and patterns enough, that’s when the odds of you making seemingly incredible returns like 500%, 1,000% or even 10,000%+ goes way up, just like my students HERE and HERE and HERE have proven…and I myself proved when I first began with just a few thousand dollars two decades ago before turning it into several million in under 4 years before I graduated college.

Why am I reinforcing these principles so heavily in this post? Because this free webinar HERE by my friend Teeka is on Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, which I know SO many people will hate on or ignore right away, despite the fact that the 2 most popular crypto-currencies are the 2 best-performing asset classes in the entire world in the past 3 years as Bitcoin has gone up 30x or 3,000% while Ethereum has rocketed up roughly 25x or 2,500%!

So, while you probably thought my saying “how to make 1,000% on your money” sounded impossible and just hype like too many BSers in finance, this % is actually actually lowballing this crazy sector that has performed 2-3x this much in just the last 3 years, check out their beautiful charts and see how these 2 crypto-currencies have done it:

And understand that these are just 2 of over 1,000 crypto-currencies so this free webinar HERE on November 2nd by my friend Teeka will cover MULTIPLE crypto-currencies, up and coming ones you and I have never heard of, and ones to watch out for too as it’s not enough just to know a little about an industry, if you want true success, you need to learn ALL the ins and outs and having an experienced mentor helps reduce the learning curve dramatically as I outlined here.

And, to sweeten the pot and to show you just successful Teeka has been, he’s giving away $1 million in Bitcoin to some lucky attendees on this free webinar HERE on November 2nd, which is actually a little insane so I love it!

I appreciate people who do crazy things like that once they’re successful as I recently gave $1 million away to charity, but Teeka has new idea and is giving away the money to people who prove they can follow instructions and be solid students.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Teeka will also have some mystery guests on this webinar and I know one of them and I can tell you that they are one of the most prominent figures in the entire Bitcoin world, who have made literally tens of millions of dollars the past few years alone, so I’m excited to hear what he has to say…especially since they’ll be discussing some up and coming crypto-currencies as well as if you want to make the 1,000% returns, you can’t just focus on what everyone else is focusing on, namely Bitcoin, you need to take some shots at lower priced options.

That’s been the secret to my success in the stock market as penny stocks are hated upon by 99.9% of the world, but as I showed in today’s little video that I made:

…they’re actually pretty predictable and it’s only because I know what to look for, having been in this niche for the past 2 decades now…that’s what experience does for you and that’s why I’m introducing you to my man Teeka who is one of the most experienced guys in the entire Bitcoin world so if you’re going to learn about this niche, learn from someone who has seen it all and has also made millions of dollars and outsized returns in just a few years!

Anyways, I have to get going to my next location, I just donated $50,000 earlier this week to a great hospital in Las Vegas that helped treat shooting victims for free, now onto Houston to meet some charities I also donated $25,000 each to as they did such great work helping victims of the recent hurricane.

I can’t encourage you enough to register HERE for this free webinar on November 2nd as I want you to be able to live the life of your dreams and have the financial freedom to do WHATEVER you want, and I’ll tell you righ tnow, it’s not going to happen with typical strategies and stocks discussed daily on CNBC, whose ratings are at multi-decade lows since they NEVER think outside the box and so CNBC viewers NEVER have the potential to make 1,000%+ returns…you do if you open your mind and buckle down and study hard!