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20 Students Speak Up, How Should I React?

50% off blowout sale for just a few days on these annual newsletters here and these DVD study guides because providing educational tools for those who want to grow their accounts exponentially is my primary focus in life.

A few months ago, I highlighted a great trading challenge student email HERE in the blog post titled “Best Email Ever” and HERE is another blog post with “The Best Tweet Ever“, but in the past few days not one or two students are messaging me, 20 separate students have all sent me messages this past week…and I don’t know how to react because these comments are CRAZY!

The US stock market has recently been on fire as have my newsletter subscribers and I thanks to incredible penny stock volatility as evidenced by this the stock VLTC, which I was buying in the 2s and 3s before it spiked to 21 and its offered great shorting too now since I began shorting at $17.87…just the latest Supernova as outlined extensively HERE…several of my trading challenge students rode the stock up much of the way and made 300%, 500% even 700% on their $ in just a few days…having more patience than me, as I made just a few thousand dollars and am up a mere 50% on this small trading account begun on February 2nd, 2015.

vltc 11.61 copy

A mere 50% gains in 3 months for my account because as students have begun learning, my personal profits are VERY far from best case scenario, just like I’m always saying about my overall $4.2 million in trading profits as I have no doubt many students will surpass me in the coming years, this one already has in his first 4 years and he made nearly $100,000 last week alone.

More important than my trading are the student comments posted below and that’s why my focus is on creating more success stories FAR more than my own personal trading…and it’s particularly laughable that some people hate on my success and that of my students, but my focus is purely on creating more millionaire trading challenge students as there will always be negativity and ill-researched comments regarding my strategy and penny stocks.

If you have ANY doubts about my strategy and abilities, don’t waste your time learning from me, I’m OVERWHELMED by dedicated/hungry students willing to follow my instructions and they are the people who I spend my precious time on. You’ll see my students come from all walks of life — from over 70 countries now — and it’s not just about the $ they make with my strategy, it’s the knowledge they gain and the life-changing self-sufficiency and freedom they now enjoy:

Kaleb Mickens, I’ve only been tims student for about 2 weeks now, was a little hesitant on buying his program. After thorough research of his credibility, I decided to buy his program. In 2 weeks (with multiple hours of studying) ive learned so much, so fast, it is ridiculous. I’m sick of seeing negative comments about him, considering EVERYONE that makes these malicious comments have not done their research, which means they are LAZY in the first place. It is literally insulting for us students who spend hours, and hours, and hours a day, learning tims strategy, to hear bullshit from people who have not even witnessed his teachings. Even his free fucking videos on youtube give a plethora of knowledge and insight into his strategy. Sorry for the typos im not an english major, but fuck it, im a penny stock major now. Thanks Tim -Cash717

Hi I am a new trading challenge student and I just wanted to thank you because I made over $3500 last week which is my first full week in the challenge. So excited that I almost made the years tuition in 1 week. My best week by far!
-William M.

Oraclefish: Tim, hust wanted to thank you for putting out the How To Make Millions DVD – started it yesterday…on disc 6 now. Learning SO much! For someone who’s never traded before, this is priceless!

Kris Danielson
Tim finished all your How To Make Millions DVDs and I’m a penny stocking silver subscriber and I’m loving it I made $800 in one day from a $2000 investment on $COOL

Tim, It pays to get up early and read the news! I saw the Icahn news on this stock 4/1/15 pre market and knew about the Icahn effect. I bought right away as fast as I could. Made enough on one trade to pay for the Challenge course and have $1,501.59 left over after commissions; which by the way is STILL a 121% profit!
4/1/15 8:45 AM EST buys average of $2.00 X 622 ($1,244.00 position)
4/21/15 9:40 AM EST sell. $13.30 X 622
Commissions= $18.01
Profit with commissions= $7,010.59
-Mike O.

Hey Tim, Just wanted to give you a quick shout-out. I just grew my $5k account 20%!!!!!! in the past TWO DAYS trading your strategy on VLTC. Buying and selling through the spike up, not being greedy, taking profits and holding overnight to take advantage of the morning spike….it’s nice to spot and take advantage of this picture perfect pattern WITHOUT any alerts or notices. I am still learning but I can see the improvement already! THANK YOU!!!
-Elliott M.

Hey Tim, Just a quick note that you can now add me to the list of students that have watched all your PennyStocking Silver Video Lessons. Took about 9 months but I’m all caught up. Currently 2718 lessons or 226 hours. I wrote a little about it here: http://profit.ly/user/Riches/blog/timisms

I’m broke as a joke and probably have one of the smallest accounts of all your students but I’ll make it work thanks to your dedication as a master professor and my desire to succeed! I even started my own blog hoping the affiliate program can also help to build my account: http://millionairetraders.blogspot.com/ You’re the man Tim, thank you so much for every single lesson!

$GENE Covered finally after holding a few weeks Covered 3k@4.70 in from 7.04 ave +7020 best trade for me

mp0402: Hey Tim, im a silver subscriber and today was my first day trading. I watched a few videos, tried my best to learn terms and indicators in a short time. I’ve been studying two weeks and today with my measly $675.00 account I shorted $PSTR two times for a profit of $310. Cant wait to get back at it tomorrow. I was recently laid off and after today I don’t foresee having a problem like losing my job to the man anymore!

SaraHubz: $GBSN first short today @5.40 now at $4.77 Glad to have the “backhand” now from your lessons / DVD! Thanks!

benglish93: Wow Tim, your patterns really do work. I’ve just been paper trading this week since I only started learning/watching DVD’s last week, but I would have banked, so many plays! Glad to be on board.

StockyPete: $SYRX 10% profit in 5 minutes

SethMcClain: Tim, I profited 2.44 per share $VLTC! I’m actually light headed

bobstar: tim, bought this Earnings Winner $SIFY on dip @1.55 and sold @1.68, 3000 shares for a +$390 profit! thanks TIM for your teachings….I’m still adapting this beautiful strategy for my style!

Merritt: timothysykes,‬ I just got a 40cent per share gain on vggl in about 20 minutes

Hi Tim,

I’m sure you have way to many emails and will not get to this one, but I thought you would appreciate this story of GBSN vs CMG. One of my friends, who went back to school for an MBA in finance a few years ago, was working for a huge firm recently, quit and just moved to Austin. We were talking and he say he was tired of making money for other people and started day trading for himself. He was shocked that I could have an intelligent conversation with him after just learning to trade in January from you (just by watching HTMM, videos and watching your trades real time). I had no idea he was day trading for himself till 2 weeks ago and never talked to him about it prior to then. Today, we went to lunch, he was short Chipotle and talking about how it was down $7 (at 12pm) and excited. HA! $7 off $650? thats $.07 off $6.50 in your strategy. All on my own, learning from your HTMM dvd, videos and alerts, I shorted GBSN for the first short trade I’ve made at the afternoon fade at $5.40, without any alerts from you. I told him how I was up 11.6% on my investment for the day holding overnight and he FREAKED OUT and wanted to know what I know! A guy that buys $650 stocks and spent money on an MBA was SO SURPRISED by what I’ve learned from you in 3 months. I thought you would enjoy that info. Hopefully after my summer travels are done I can become a trading challenge student and get out of my cubical in a few years. Thanks again! Appreciate your loyalty to teaching. I have a bachelor degree in economics and business and it hasn’t done anything for me! Wish your teaching was around when I was in college (but I’m 31 so that would have been impossible! Ha!) OH and screw all your haters!
-Sara H.

Tim, I’m having a great time. I have made about $1,250 this week on the market and my salaried job as a government lawyer pays me about $1,250 as well. Doubling my income feels great. So far I’ve been risk averse. I have about $25,000 to trade and my profits per trade have all been under $1000 and usually under $500. I’m trying to learn to find the stock picks that I can have great confidence in… and I’m looking for that stock that will spike a dollar (My trade size is almost always 1000 to 2000 shares). Anyhow, I’m still learning and watching the DVD’s nearly every night. I was thinking of creating a detailed watch list of my own — just like you do. Would you be willing to take a look at a watchlist that I make… and give your input — good or bad? Thanks… I’m so glad I found you.
-John Z

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  1. John Wayne

    Haters are going to hate. To each his own I think I found what I can do myself without having employees and learning to code that next app for $1.00 a shot. Read, watch and do your own DD. If you don’t like to read and do your research this isn’t for you.
    I continue to learn everyday and this has been the best ride so far in my life. So if you want to hang out by the sidelines and wish upon a star do that. Pay raises are getting far and few and jobs are being sourced out to “people who will do the Jobs Americans won’t do”
    Your choice, there are no dress rehearsals in life and you don’t get a do over. The definition of hell is meeting the person you could have been. GL to you all

  2. Shawn Prakash

    Hey im a student and had question. To the student to shorted pstr twice with only a 675 account, which brokerage did u use? I also have a small account but am using etrade. They need a minimum of 2000 dollar account to short from my understanding. If you could let me know thatd be great! Much more plays id be open too if i could start shorting. Sooner the better lol.

  3. slogan

    so your new dvd how to make millions, should i buy just that or also your other dvds? just watched your video about how to make millions and you said that all informations is in this dvd, wich means no need to buy the other dvds?

  4. Mike

    Is the “how to make millions” DVD for charity the best dvd to learn? or are there other dvd courses?

  5. Dan Rodela

    I am very interested in learning, I injured my back and I’m 59 yrs old. I need to do this, I’ve never done any trading in stocks. I’m also a ex Marine and it would be nice to help veterans financially . It’s scary at my age because it’s almost impossible to find a decent job, and I have friends in the same boat. My goal in life has always been to help others when possible, Now I need to help me. I don’t have to be rich, just happy. I will try very hard to make this happen, God bless you for helping people. Looking forward to this adventure.

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