Exposing The #wolfpack 's Lies & How I Knew $SPLI $MINE $FRTD Would Tank - Timothy Sykes

Exposing The #wolfpack ‘s Lies & How I Knew $SPLI $MINE $FRTD Would Tank

I detest stock promoters and pumpers who spread misinformation and lure in suckers and newbies to their penny stocks to get the prices pumped up for any number of evil reasons.

To help guide newbies I offer free video lessons HERE and a list of 60+ key trading rules here all for free.

As I show EVERY single trade I make HERE, I am doubly disgusted by those who claim big/predictable gains but fail to prove it over and over again as I do…which was the inspiration for Profitly, a place where the best traders can prove, day in day out, that they are profiting…and create longterm track records.

Several Profitly gurus do that and today on a day when the markets are red and I’m getting hundreds of sad emails from people who are losing big (not following my rule #1 of cutting losses quickly as I’ve been forced to do the last few weeks on MOBI, MVIS, SMSI, YOD, EKSO) today I’ve locked in several thousand dollars in profits and so too have these multi-millionaire traders:

Because we’ve been around for over a decade and know how to trade in bear markets…which sadly many of the current “trading geniuses” don’t as they’re true newbies, only having experienced a bull market.

Bull or bear market, we don’t always win, but as I tweeted when we’re wrong we cut our losses and move on…the mark of veteran/successful traders:

Unfortunately as you see in that tweet I must correct the misinformation/TERRIBLE TRADING ADVICE from the latest group of pumpers the #wolfpack, a group of newbies — who might or might not be compensated for their picks by these companies — who have questionably banked on weed stocks and are now hurting the past few days as the bull market appears to be ending.

The past few weeks as weed stocks have risen exponentially, the hashtag #wolfpack dramatically rose in popularity on twitter as this group coordinated their buying together…very questionable to say the least…and they’ve attracted tons of poor people to their cause by tweeting about how they donate $50-$200 a pop to various charities (an interesting tactic, making six and seven figures pumping worthless companies and making it appear okay by donating a few bucks to lure the naive in, cute trick!)

(PS I don’t donate $50-$250 a pop, my donations are $15,000+ as you can read HERE not to mention dealing with and teaching the poorest, dumbest, most degenerate people in finance on a daily basis makes me the Jewish Mother Theresa!)

It’s funny/sad that the #wolfpack is even dumb enough to say “We’ve built these solid relationships across the country and now across all the social media forums!!! That’s the beauty. We are all working together” and “u guys have no idea what we are doing behind the scenes for support” which makes me think the worst of this group:

My guess is they’ll delete that tweet once they realize it basically violates several laws so I’ve taken a screenshot of it too:

support copy

When dealing with people like this, I KNOW HOW THE STOCKS WILL PLAY OUT BECAUSE PUMPED UP STOCKS NEVER END WELL…as I warned last week BEFORE these crashes today:

As the pumps crash “out of the blue” — nope, it’s not out of the blue, it’s the exact same pattern as detailed HERE — these pumpers and their followers naively thought (or more likely pretended to think) financials would help keep a pump like SPLI afloat:

Nope, THIS is the kind of research that matters

…this #wolfpack group is trying to hold strong, and like past penny stock pumpers like Awesome Penny Stocks, which got shutdown and investigated, lie & blame the shorts for their losses (as my first millionaire student wrote about HERE):

I saw this all coming last week as I warned EVERYONE, tweeting repeatedly the same kind of message:

TODAY I’M BEING PROVEN 100% DEAD ON as these stocks dropped 20-40% just like pumps of the past.

In case you’re wondering how pumps fare in the longterm, watch this video of 77 old pumps and look up their tickers (hint they’ve all dropped 90%+)

So to those of you ignore me, you deserve your losses, that’s what you get for trusting someone who has only been trading a few months and has barely made any money compared to me and other multi-millionaire veteran traders.

You don’t want to pay the premium Profitly newsletter fees HERE, well, enjoy the “fees” you’re paying infinitely more on due to your following misinformation.

Ever hear of the phrase you get what you pay for?

To answer some questions, is today’s crashing 20-30-40% in these pumps my fault?

Of course not.

I didn’t put out any fake negative news report as suggested this BULLSHIT image (which got taken down off Ihub but which was quickly spread by the #wolfpack (and yes wolfpackies I’m gonna see several of you in court, I hope you don’t lose all your money in these stocks because I’m gonna take whatever $ you have left for BLATANTLY LYING ABOUT ME)

imgur2 copy

I didn’t spread lies, hell, I didn’t even short any of these plays (so as not to be biased with my commentary in any way) although I should have…see my one actionable commentary on this group to my newsletter subscribers HERE near the market open:


Short FRTD here at .07 and make a penny or two, not worth my time

Posted Apr 07, 9:38 AM
/ $

So what now?

Well if you lost that sucks, but it could get worse as these pumps are all still up exponentially on SHIT.

The #wolfpack leader still hasn’t sold as he posted and quickly deleted (why, what do you have to hide you scumbag? Guess we’ll find out in court soon enough right?)

didnt copy

…tomorrow and the rest of this week is gonna suck as today’s drops will likely continue given my PennyStocking Framework 7-step pattern is at work perfectlyyyyy here…see this video lessons I made

Losers and winners alike go signup for my newsletters HERE so you can dig through my video lessons and see why I’m so confident and why I’m right FAR more often than I’m wrong…and best of all I teach risk management which newbies like the wannab wolf of weed street don’t know because they don’t have any experience!

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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  1. one4themoneyag

    Right on Tim, these wolfs (sheep) don’t even understand and by the looks of some of their posts they never will (illiterate). Almost feel bad, NOPE!

  2. Mike Belleggie

    Wow lol, every billionaire trader teaches cutting losses quickly in most cases as a general principle. And that mistakes are part of the process.

    From the #1 billion dollar hedge fund himself, hahaha:

    β€œThe elements of good trading are: (1) cutting losses, (2) cutting
    losses, and (3) cutting losses. If you can follow these three rules, you
    may have a chance.”
    Ed Seykota

  3. Mike Belleggie

    But I guess the “wolf pack” knows better than those billionaires… The fact that they don’t advise ever taking a loss is just blatant evidence they are confident they can manipulate a stock to make it a gain eventually no matter what

    If these guys make any serious money or maybe even not, they will sadly be behind bars soon most likely. Or at least shut down by the SEC, if they were big enough to even matter

  4. .

    I don’t follow this WP, but I can say you’re a piece of shit, Tim. Go make more money off of your sheep followers you scamming scumbag. Your ‘program’ is absolute garbage and the biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent. I’ll urge everyone to stay away from this site, nothing but a waste of money.

  5. Derrick Coley

    The WolfofWeedStreet…This promoter had trader’s eating from his hands, quick to buy up a stock upon his demand. Bursting with excitement, and gripped greed, the flock followed the shepard to the pasture to feed..but alas, they held agasp in total amazement as they gazed upon their stock hitting the pavement. But, ole’weedywolf’s got our back, that’s just a fact, he said they’ll bounce after that Tim Sykes short attack. Besides, why else would he bail when those stocks went KA’ SPLAT?? Another Promoter, another lie, another group of suckers hung out to dry! Damn, I’m gald I get Tim Sykes video lessons!

  6. JB

    Both sides look foolish IMO. Tim, you’ve made your career off “dirty, ugly” pennystocks. When did you become so discerning as to not trade “garbage” like SPLI MINE etc? Every stock is a POS is my rule 1. Cutting losses quick is a great rule too. I emphasize risk management within my trading group frequently. As well as many lessons learned from you, Tim. But this silly war with a guy and a group of his buddies that have a little niche in one sector, is futile. In this case you should practice what you preach and cut losses, because there is nothing to be gained from it.

  7. John Wayne

    I remember during the Dot.Com days and there was some trader don’t remember his name who was pumping up all the tech stocks, everyday and every trade was a winner he was the face of the tech stocks. dude looked Alfred E Numan, he was on another show talking about trades and such and another trader called him out and destroyed him on the air for promoting those tech stocks like they were easy money. He is still on the air but I don’t listen to a word he says. Lying sack of poop.

  8. Truth Seeker

    Tim ran a hedge fund for some years and since losing his behind trading he is now teaching others to trade for a fee. LOL How many videos he sell now? 10,000? 50,000? 100,000? Don’t know his exact numbers but do the math. You take than many people and have each toss $10,000 you’ll get a couple guys hitting a mega millions lottery. Yet this “gift” from god is making us a favor turning us into millionaires? Give me a break, he taking everyones money running to the bank. If he could make big $ trading he would, sadly he makes majority of his money peddling his videos to clueless newbs.

  9. nightowwl

    Was it Ryan Jacob of the Jacob Internet fund by chance? It was the first all-tech fund and it took off like a rocket. I remember watching some show where a bunch of old white dudes were telling Jacob he had a loser fund that would go nowhere. He insisted his fund would be a success for many years to come. The next month the bubble burst and it dropped like a rock. Just like the old dudes said it would.

  10. nightowwl

    I don’t like your style, but that isn’t an insult. Extreme bravado and arrogance mixed with a dash of hostility are part of the total Tim Sykes package. But this attack is just so childish; it really puts you in a bad light. I was reading some of the back and forth tweets the other day (hard to avoid), and found it refreshing when a wolfpack comeback to one of your tweets (you were bragging about your massive wealth) was to point out money isn’t everything. He’s right. Character counts.

    Unfortunately, your petty and shallow attempts to prove your e-peen is bigger than the Wolf’s hurt a lot of new investors along the way. They knew there were risks involved in the stock market, but they never expected their biggest risk would come from another trader leading an organized assault against their picks.

    I won’t even mention your infamous ‘bitch’ tweet to the woman who got caught in the tweet crossfire. Oops, guess I let that cat out of the bag.

  11. timothysykes

    I expose promoters but only shorts pumps that have gone truly Supernova…the wolf isn’t good enough of a pumper to make me want to short, but i do enjoy exposing his lies/terrible teaching

  12. timothysykes

    I love that people think I’m “responsible” for the collapse of pumps? Tell me how exactly did I do that, all I did was say these patterns look EXACTLY like http://tim.ly/sykestrades be prepared…I didnt do any big expose on SPLI (already done before me) and I didnt even short…what I do is teach people and I did it well here, so I accept your apology for your ignorant and vicious lies

  13. JB

    Tim, I respect a lot of what you’ve done in the OTC. We’ve spoken before on the CNN millionaire article, where I defended that you weren’t a scam. I’m also a profit.ly member and run a small trading group myself. I just don’t see this bearing any fruit, right now.
    So he’s a “pumper”. Every stock is essentially pumped or bashed. None of em have any real value except the value the investing public assigns to them. Aren’t Tim alerts essentially pumps, honestly?
    I would agree that some of the advice I’ve seen is questionable. I’m not a fan of the going “long” jive. I always try to recommend profit taking and point out resistance targets etc., personally. But at the same time, you’re making the guy more popular the more you “expose” him. Isn’t that counterproductive? Like I said earlier, he’s a guy that has a niche in one sector. When that sector cools off or the bubble bursts, the gimmick is over.
    If you’re confident it’s going to result in failure, why not just sit back, wait for the fall and capitalize on the wreckage when the dust settles? I think it would work out better than painting yourself as the villain or antagonist, now. Just food for thought. GLTY

  14. timothysykes

    i dont give a shit about the wolf’s stocks, i care about the the thousands of people emailing me who will inevitably get crushed following a set of shitty trading rules…i make a big stink so they are FULLY warned ahead of time, just as i’ve done with biebers and shaq’s pumps…i wish the wolf would pump up these stocks more to make them worth shorting but for now my priority is saving his newbie followers who dont know how to manage risk

  15. Erik

    Dude you are a freaking joke. The reason these stocks specifically tanked was for one reason… YOU. I am sure that you were holding a huge amount of shares on all of these and because you are looking to discredit others you pulled everything and then blamed the crash on the #wolfpack. You need to grow up a little bit buddy. You can only compensate for your shortcomings so much…

    In the long run you will really hurt yourself when you can’t recommend people to buy into these stocks that people will be making huge returns one. Yeah, you can buy them yourself and try to make the market fluctuate with all your shares but it doesn’t matter at this point. As long as you continue to talk about this the more you discredit yourself.

  16. timothysykes

    tell me HOW did i make these stocks tank? I didnt short them, i didnt write any expose on their terrible fundamentals, i dont do things in the background to support my stocks like the wolf…tell me why did they tank EXACTLY like http://tim.ly/sykestrades and hundreds of other pumps…answer my questions ya dumb little bitch, lets see what u got

  17. JB

    It’s not my business what you short or don’t short unless you choose to share it. I just saw a tweet that said wolfpack & JB. Hope that’s not me. I’m not here to spread lies and I’m not affiliated with them. I’m just trying to have a reasonable dialogue with you.
    Like I said, I respect the things you’ve done and usually think you’re a pretty cool guy. It’s just my opinion this is a bad look for you to keep beating it to death. I’d much rather see some solid trading tips, personally. I think you’ve accomplished your goal. Everyone seems pretty well informed you don’t approve of the wolf of weed. Can we please get down to some trading advice, or vids, or something productive now?

  18. SK

    i support Tim 100% on his words. This is just like what his dvd says about Jesse Livermore, getting blamed for being right. They just need escape goat for their incompetence

  19. nightowwl

    I’ll speak to you in terms you can understand. I would never pay for your course – even if you could promise the sun, moon and stars. If you have lost one potential customer, you have probably lost others.

    I can predict your response, so no need to take time from your busy schedule to hurl insults.

  20. nightowwl

    You bad-mouthed the stocks to a wide audience, repeatedly.

    ‘answer my questions ya dumb little bitch’ Ugh

  21. sparkholiday

    There’s trading, and there’s investing. Tim, you look for charts fit for trading. Wolf looks at companies fit for investing in. One method’s long, the other is short. It takes traders of both styles to make the market work. One without the other, and it would be a boring, crappy mess. So, best of luck to both of you.

  22. sparkholiday

    I think he’s been trading for much longer than the Wolf moniker has existed. I’m holding a few of his picks long term, but I’ve already locked profits on them, so I’ll be alright if they all get slaughtered. But, unless the entire MJ sector crumbles (which, yeah, it’s always a looming possibility), I think they’re likely to slowly uptrend, with violent swings along the way. I think penny stocks can act kind of strange in the MJ sector, you have things like TRTC, MCIG, ATTBF, etc that have behaved much healthily than any penny stock ever should. I mean, we’ll see, and I could be wrong, but the MJ sector is pretty strange, with some potentially powerful companies still trading under a dollar.

  23. sparkholiday

    I don’t think there’s any way you could prove that, nor I disprove it. He doesn’t really use his real name. All I can really go on is what others I follow in the MJ sector that have personally known him for years have said about him.

  24. timothysykes

    doesnt even matter if they make new highs, as the wolfpack will learn the hard way u cant subject yourself to 30-50% declines and get away with it forever…in time u’ll realize i’m right, for now doubt/hate me all u want, same suckers ignorance in every pump, i try to help but u’re all too stupid to take the advice

  25. sparkholiday

    I think it’s highly unlikely that he’s a kid that has no trading experience. It’s not like I can pull up his LinkedIn and prove it, but it’d be an extremely complicated hoax if it turned out that way. Anyway, just had some funds transferred, time to look at a bazillion tickers and pick one out for tomorrow (wish I had the patience to keep cash positions at the moment, but I’m stupid and I do not).

  26. Guest

    Damn dude you spend all day and all night posting and tweeting ever hour bitching, whining and complaining more than a little school girl. I just can’t get over the fact of you having so much money yet stoop to 3rd grade tactics. Well done young one, well done.

  27. timothysykes

    When this latest group of pumper’s stocks drop 90-99% you’ll appreciate my warnings, for now, just like every other pumpers’ minions in the past, go ahead and hate me, I’ll accept your apology whenever you lose enough $ to realize i’m right πŸ™‚

  28. Urat0wel

    It’ll be the major cigarette co’s like Phillip Morris that make all the $ if it goes legal on a large scale anyhow, not sketchy little halt-prone companies that buy a piece of property somewhere & everyone thinks they’re the greatest thing since LEXG. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Linkedin is not a reputable source. I’ll take the time tested methods in all markets with the broker verification level transparency, thank you.

  29. Rick Kinnunen

    go ahead, throw the donation thing out there. tell everyone how you made fun of a little girl with leukemia today, then tried to buy forgiveness with a $100 donation yourself, that the family returned because you are a monster.

  30. Rick Kinnunen

    anybody supporting timothy sykes is supporting a man who made fun of a child today, read his tweets

  31. Rick Kinnunen

    which also means you lied in this article, you did donate, and only $100. if you lie about donations to charity, what else do you lie about?

  32. Jared

    Kind of reminds me of the land scams in Florida back in the day. “Buy this swamp land today and one day it’ll be condos”… people are still waiting for their returns and that was the 1950s. I’ll wait until weed gets decriminalized and buy then… maybe it’ll be less profit, but it’ll sure as hell be safer.

  33. Jim

    LMFAO!!!! Your not looking for new students. Are you high??? Get the pipe out of your mouth!!! Every hour of the day, you are posting about your videos!!!! You will eventually fall and crumble. Karma is a bitch!!!

  34. Jim

    Keep on talking about stocks on twitter and facebook that you want to go down so you can make money. You will end up pissing the wrong people off with your remarks and they will find you one day. You are playing with people’s livelihood for your own benefit. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a breaking news report that someone got so pissed and hunted you down.

  35. Buck_O

    That’s not bitching & whining, that’s a non-stop work ethic that speaks the truth. Thanks for all you do, Tim!

  36. Bostonbruin

    My take on spli, frtd, mine –

    1. had already peaked after big run ups and were already starting to trend down; should have been selling longs aggressively and or going short.

    2. the general market has been and is turning weaker; should have been lightening up on longs, not aggressively buying.

    3. if you looked at these stocks as sound financial investments then you must learn how to read financial statements which takes about 15 minutes per company using the internet; my takeaway was investing in these companies equals financial russian roulette.

    4. keep your losses small.

    5. stop blaming other people for your mistakes and mis-fortune; bust hump and learn.

    Remember those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it and those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.

  37. JB

    I made bank on FRTD twice. Had .0017’s flipped for .01 Came back in recently at .015 and flipped at .07 Just gotta take profits while they’re there.

  38. Abdalla

    10 months from know, all of you folks who disrepect Tim, will end up broke and hugely embarrassed…. when this cannabis bubble has bursted. Then, you will be in trouble and beg Tim for his teachings. He will certainly forgive you, because he knows that you don’t know what you don’t know

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