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Do You Want $1,000?

URGENT: You have 48 hours to save $1,000 on Tim Grittani’s study guide ‘Trading Tickers’ here and there are exactly 12 spots left for his on-time only live trading webinar…once they’re gone, they’re gone so PLEASE don’t whine to me afterwards, we’ve given you several days to secure your spot for that incredible webinar and to lock in crazy savings on his upcoming DVD here

I’ve been incredibly fortunate with my trading gains HERE and my teaching success HERE and now my top students and I are giving back to you since we’ve become millionaires, so we’re giving you the opportunity to put $1,000 in your pocket by following my instructions…and I know how useful an extra $1,000 can be, especially when you’re starting out.

I’ll explain…

I am still working on my detailed ‘Trading Tickers’ review, but since this DVD is 16-hours and probably the single best educational guide ever created (even better than this classic), it’s taking me a bit more time…I’ll have my 3,000+ word (so far) review up on Tuesday, but I wanted to post these videos below because not enough people saw them and this is your FINAL chance to save 60%+, or $1,000, off the regular price which will NEVER happen again.

…trust me, once more people see this study guide from a guy who turned $1,500 into $2.7 million in 4 years and shows you EVERY step of the way, you’ll realize just how helpful/crucial it is to your trading career and you’ll be paying much more $ in the future and you’ll miss out on his one-time only live trading webinar where you can see the master work in realtime.

I know I sound like a dick by telling you to go to and pre-order your copy, save $1,000 and secure your spot to his one-time only live trading webinar, but I know you’ll be thanking me after it’s all said and done so I do my duty proudly.

Here are 2 MUST WATCH videos and we’ve transcribed them below for our valued deaf students:

Here is Tim Grittani. This is my top student. And you can see his profit graph right here. He has taken a few thousand dollars and turned it into $2.7 million now in just a few years since really 2012. Freaking crazy. He shares everything. Thank you again for sharing everything. He is so incredible. He is not just a trading challenge student anymore. He’s a teacher.

He’s coming out with his own DVD. I’m very proud to announce that you can now order at early bird pricing. You save $1000. It’s going to be, I think, 16 plus hours of footage, of video, a lot of live trades, but really just the rules and the strategies of how he’s done this. This is the dream. He’s very humble. I’m not as humble as him. I am proud to say that he has the single best track record of any trader in the world over the past four or five years. I’m sure that there are some other people who have done this. They don’t share every trade publicly and they certainly don’t teach it.

So I highly, highly encourage you to go to and lock in the early bird pricing. I know you guys want cheap study guides. This is $797 right now. When we sell it, when it’s actually complete in August, it’s going to be $1,797. That’s still a deal for somebody who literally has taken a few thousand and turned it into a few million, holds nothing back. I’ve been watching it. FYI, here are some of his live trades. Listen.

Tim: Now the COHI market maker comes in and joins him. I feel like I can’t get going so I add another 5000 shares. I’m up to 35…

Male: So you can see, he’s showing the level too and the time in sales, the charts, the charts, and he’s showing his position size. Several trades, I watched him make just 24,000. Let me see. Here’s one, AMD. He’s shorting it. He made 5700. Realized. Here’s a 1700 one. He has charts galore. Oh, this is the one where he made $200,000 in a day. This is just one chapter. He has 16 chapters.

I cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on it. More important than just saving money or learning, the reason why I’m making this video today, the DVD won’t be ready for roughly a month and a half. The first 250 people to get this DVD to lock in your spot for the early bird pricing, you get access to a live trading webinar that he’ll be doing. I think he talks about it in this video.

Tim: Hey, Tim Grittani here. First off, I’d like to congratulate you on taking action on joining my early bird…

Male: All right, all right. He goes into this whole speech. But later, he talks about how the first 250 people will get access to his live trading webinar. He’s only going to do one. He does trading webinars for my trading challenge students, but they’re not live trading ones. They’re usually Q and A. I think they’re always Q and A. So this will be his one live trading webinar for the first 250 people.

So we’ve been selling quite a few of these since. They just went on sale yesterday. I will tell you that you probably have, I don’t know, maybe 24, 36, 48 hours. You can’t predict sales exactly. But I will tell you, you have just a few days to lock in the early 250 spots requirement to get into the live trading webinar.

It’s not our choice. I would choose a thousand people to get into the webinar. This is the webinar software that we use. It limits it at 250 people to be able to do the webinar software and to do the live trading. It’s very difficult to do live trading webinars. I do them. So it’s only for the first 250 people.

Trust me, the DVD is going to be great but that live trading webinar is going to be priceless too. I don’t know exactly how many hours, but he’s like, “You know, you guys do these one hour webinars all the time, I want to do more.” I don’t know if that means two or three or four hours, but it’s going to be off the hook and it’s only going to be available to those of you who lock in to be one of the first 250 people. So there’s a little reason for you to jump on this, and also you get the $1000 in savings.

More importantly, I just want you to think about this and really understand it. There are a lot of people who are quick to rip on people who educate and people who make DVDs. I understand the industry. It’s weird. Like, “Oh, who watches DVDs? It’s like a used car salesman or something.” But what you don’t understand is that my DVDs and Tim Grittani’s DVDs, we share every single rule that has made us successful, and we share instances of our losses. We help you try and understand what has worked for us and what hasn’t worked for us so that we can speed up your education.

I’ve now made over $4.3 million in trading. He’s at 2.7 million. He has losses sometimes. I have losses sometimes. You’ll have losses sometimes too. But with these rules and with these examples of these live trades, you can structure every single one of your trades and investments better using the knowledge of self-made millionaires.

We all started with a few thousand dollars. I know it sounds crazy. Some people say we’re lucky. Some people say we’re fraudulent. Because we show every single trade and because we explain the rules and the patterns behind every trade, it’s not luck, it’s not fraud. It’s strategy and it’s being meticulous. Tim Grittani has literally 16 hours plus of footage that has made him successful; charts, live trades, and the basics too.

I know some of you guys are overwhelmed when you see a live trade. You’re like, |Whoa, wait. What’s going on?” The first few hours of Tim Grittani’s DVD are very basic. He takes you through literally how he’s taught himself and used some of my lessons to become the trader that he has. You don’t have to be worried if you’re totally newbie or beginner. Once you have the DVD and it’s streaming, it’s going to be on Once you have access to this, you can watch it over and over and over and over again.

It’s great. I’m proud to be a teacher and I’m very proud that Tim Grittani is a teacher. You trading challenge students know him. He gives better webinars than I do. It’s pretty crazy how good he is at trading and now at teaching. You’ve got to be very thankful, because he doesn’t have to do this. He doesn’t need the money from the DVD. It’s a little extra money. Sure, it’s nice to be rewarded for your hard work. He’s been working on this DVD for seven months.

But it’s more about what this education can do for you. Because the fact is, sadly, 80, 90, maybe even 95 percent of traders fail and they lose money. I’ve seen other chat rooms, other newsletters where you use the wrong rules and you don’t realize it until it’s too late. I mean, a few weeks ago, people were losing 30, 40, 50, 60, 70% of their accounts when they’re following the wrong rules and the wrong lessons and the wrong patterns and not understanding risks. So any education that you can get from somebody who has had huge gains and some rather large losses too helps you understand risk and helps you prepare better for every single trade.

So I cannot encourage you enough to grab this early bird pricing right now. Again, my guess is you have between 36 and 48 hours from the time I post this video before we sell the first 250 copies. If that’s not motivation to get into his live trading webinar, I don’t know what is. It’s going to be in a few weeks. It’s not going to be right now. So you’ll get notified of the upcoming live trading webinar. It’ll be just an amazing opportunity.

Then this DVD comes out, I believe he’s shooting for August 1, 2015. but he’s still working on it. He sent me all the chapters. But some of them, he thinks that he can do a little better and he can refine it. This man is meticulous. I’ve made millions but I’m not as meticulous. I’m like, “Okay, it’s not an exact science. He breaks everything down in this DVD into a specific science. He has spreadsheets galore. He shares those actual spreadsheets. For $797, I don’t think there’s any better DVD or any guide in the world where you’re going to learn as much.

I do have to repeat it. This is the single most successful trader in the world. I know that there are traders who make more, but they start with 10 million and they turn it into 50 million. That’s cool. This guy is like any other regular person with a few thousand dollars to their name, and now he has a few million dollars.

So please learn from him. Do not whine later when the price goes up. We’re still going to sell out a ton of copies when it’s nearly $2000. Because the value, it’s pennies on the dollar to what you can make and what you can learn and apply to every single trade. But then also, the live trading webinar, you have a day, maybe a day and a half or two to grab that.

So thank you again. Tim Grittani’s DVD here, this is going to be a game changer. Just watch.

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